Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chenille Black Cats and Pumpkin Boys

Each year around this time I start making chenille stem Christmas ornaments, but this year I decided to create a few black cats and pumpkin boys for those who decorate Halloween trees.  

I attached three chenille ornaments to each distressed and stamped tag and off they went to become decorations at some one's house.

Since this was a favorite craft for several decades, I will not bore you with a list of instructions.

Fat and thin chenille stems in black and orange

Skinny stems in stripes

Wire cutters (do not ruin your scissors cutting chenille stems!)

Pumpkin face and cat face images from the Graphics Fairy.

Cut  into pieces for the legs and arms.  Use the striped pieces for waists, tails, and hangers.

Cut out all those teeny little heads.

(This may be why my pics are blurry!)


A headless black cat!

Another blurry pic - must be allergies.

I actually thought these were in focus yesterday.

I need my eyes examined.

Oh, yeah, just did that, but my eyes were just too blurry, I could not take the tests.


 A finished black cat ready to party at the All Hallow's Eve Ball.

Joined by his buddies.

A finished pumpkin boy along with his pet owl.

I attached their heads with double-sided glue strips.

An easy craft for children after the stems are cut.

OOOOOOH!  Spooky!

I know you think I am being a slacker with the painting and the organizing, but you are going to be so surprised.

I promise.

See y'all!

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  1. These are so cute, Donna! Uh, I must have been under a rock when these came out. They're new to me! Quite adorable!

  2. Cute as cute can be, Donna! Thanks so much for commenting on my dad's suitcase. I hope I don't miss your post about your grandmother's sweet that is! ~Zuni

  3. OMG! My friend Judy and I made these a few years back and I sure wish we had your tutorial! Yours turned out so much better!!

  4. Really cute Donna ... you make the most unusual tags.
    I am sure your customers love them all.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Sooo cute! I found your project at the Graphics Fairy site and am looking forward to all sorts of fun with these guys, but tell me...where can I locate the bumpy chenille stems?

    Looking forward to a response before Halloween - ha!

    1. I get packs of the thick and thin chenille stems from Hobby Lobby. I am replying here because you are a "no reply" commenter and do not have your blog or email listed in your [profile. Contact me if you would like to change that.

    2. Purr-fect! I am so glad you responded...thanks!

  6. Yes, bring back memories!
    They would be cute as a garland or banner as well.

  7. They really turned out cute! I need to make some for my Halloween tree:@)


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