Monday, September 23, 2013

Churchill and a Chair

 Chucks, my other half, was a history major in college (which served him well as an engineer in a nuclear facility!).  As I typed his papers in college I learned everything I never wanted to know about military campaigns across the centuries.  He still likes to read about those events so when I found a stack of books by Winston Churchill at the thrift store, I suggested we drive over and he could pick out what he wanted.

There were twelve books - two sets of Churchill's books.  I set him to work packing all of them into a basket while I hunted treasures in the rest of the store.  My hunting completed, I found him sitting on the floor READING!

Now I am not one to dally during shopping.  I am a champion speed shopper.  I asked him why the basket wasn't filled with the books.  He said he was looking for the ones he wanted.

I explained this was a thrift shop, the books were dirt cheap (actually much cheaper than the potting soil I just purchased), and he could buy them all to read later.

I explained the covers looked very cool in their vintage graphics and I would use them to decorate his bookcase in his study (mancave).

"You would buy all twelve books even if I wanted just one or two?"

"Yes, I would.  That is the purpose of buying at the thrift store."

Finally we agreed.

The books look great in his study (mancave).

I have decided no more thrift shopping with Chucks.  

After nearly 33 years, I should have known that already.

On to other finds.

 This mid-century chair begged to be bought.  Someone had painted her blue-gray.  THEN painted the velvet-striped upholstery turquoise and gold.

She was hysterical in a queenly way.

The turquoise round case is for a hair dryer.  Remember the long hose attached to a plastic bonnet?

Two very neat rubber baby carriage wheels.

 Yabba-dabba-doo!  Two Mammoth Mugs marked Flintstones and RocDonald's.  These must have been premiums at some time.  They have the McDonald's logo on the bottom with "Made in France".

Really, made in FRANCE!  Flintstones mugs?

 These next buys were just too darn cute to pass up.

Two singleton S&P's - both bakers.

Pair of eggheads.

I should have put a ruler next to these to show how tiny they are.  The two pots are one-egg poachers!  In my favorite aluminum - softly gleaming.

Well, I also bought books because I was getting low on reading materials - no history for me - just blood, guts, and mystery.

Off to rearrange Churchill's books.

See y'all!

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  1. Now that's true love! It's the little things like that that keeps a marriage happy. Chucks must be in heaven! He owes you big time!

  2. I love to read at the shop, too! And then time flies so quickly...

  3. I know the two can not shop as quickly as one routine.
    I will say, OK, I am done (and ready to move to another shop) knowing I will be in this store at least another half hour.
    I've also used the buy them all, my time is worth more than what we will pay line.

  4. Tell Chucks I have been reading about Churchill all summer in one way or another. I bought a volume of his letters on Friday at an estate sale. These books you found would have made me very happy indeed. Not only did Churchill save Europe from Hitler he was a prolific writer. I admire him very much but have not read any of his writing yet. I wish I had been a history major. That turquoise chair is a hoot. xo, olive

  5. Crazy about old books! In my small home, I'm looking for a desk to redo and on it will, of course, be a stack of old books. I'm looking for a typewriter too. Right now, I am reading three books, a novel and an inspirational book, and a book I am teaching my students on Wednesday nights.

  6. I could not stop smiling as I read your post! lol! I can just picture the two of you at the thrift store....Chuck is like a kid in a candy store! those books will keep him busy for a while, I bet! And I'm loving the vintage covers of the perfect for a fall decor:) Thanks for making me smile, (love the way you write) and for taking the time to leave such a sweet note:) Happy week! Hugs, Poppy

  7. My hubby would love those book. He loves reading about history too. I adore that chair! I know you'll do something amazing with her.

  8. Okay...I have a very, very old book written by Winston Churchill. I need to dig it out and see what it is. I have a lot of old books. Chucks can have it, when/if I find it! Funny about the Flintstone mugs being made in France!


  10. What great finds! I simply love the Churchill collection ~ I'm totally jealous. lol And I bet they do look wonderful in his mancave.

  11. Amazing! You found a whole set of beautiful books to read and to decorate with. Perfect. I am your newest follower on GFC.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  12. I love your thrifty finds! Especially the egg poacher!

  13. What a cute post. That chair is a diamond in the rough, but I am sure you will make it shine.

  14. Your hubby is so funny! I think that chair is so cool. I would love to recover that in drop cloth and paint the wood in AS linen! Great finds!

  15. Funny! They do look great en masse, much better than just 2!

  16. Just wanted you to know that I chose your story about the Churchill books as one of the features at The Scoop this funny! Thanks so much for sharing! ...Hugs...Debbie


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