Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage - Part Deux

 Remember I was too embarrassed to show all the treasures I snagged last week at an estate sale?

Well, this is part two of that post.

I could not leave this turquoise folding metal table behind.  Especially since I had to dig through three feet of broken tools, wet cardboard boxes, and who knows what else to get to it.

I just saw turquoise and it bedazzled me.  It could have been anything, but I would have brought it home for color alone.

Two zinc buckets.  I kinda remember seeing a third, but did not think about it for two days - too late!

The twig doll furniture!

They were hung from a nail up high.  I carefully hooked them with a fishing pole.

They are homemade.  There is a name signed on the bottom of the chair - barely visible.  I hope when I clean the three, it will be legible.

One little boo-boo on the back of the sofa, but it can be easily fixed.

The brown primitive bench was thrown in a pile of things  pulled from under the house.

I saw those beautiful legs and I figured it was worth the dirt and grime.

Also, there in the back is a slide down gate of rebar and wire. The big metal piece with a long handle is a paint shield for painting in corners.

A bottle capper.

A roll of wire.

A huge green wrench

Treasures all!

Two sash windows.

A Green Thumb rake head.

A rusty, crusty wheel.

A wicker baby basket for a scale.

An extension ladder for bunk beds.

A long wooden crate.

That gorgeous turquoise table, again!

And finally, from the Book Fair, a stack of cigar boxes.

I love the graphics on these vintage boxes.  The cigars were 9 cents each - printed on the box.

Yes, they are sitting on that fabulous turquoise table.

I know you are thinking she does not need any of that stuff.  You would be right.  That is why almost everything has been cleaned and repaired and taken to my booth.  Go to Riverfront Antique Mall (North Augusta, SC) and see for yourself.  It is there.  Even that most beautiful turquoise folding metal table in the whole-wide world.  It is even prettier now it has been lightly sanded and waxed.

Oh, no, why did I take that table to sell!?!

I may have to go bring it back.

See y'all!

I will be joining the fun at the Tongue-In-Cheek link party on Tuesday. See the details over at Silo Hill with Danni. Link Here!

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  1. I really love the twig furniture. So many possibilities with all of it. The bench and turquoise table too!

  2. Wild applause and fanatical jealousy erupt from the crowd!! Especially from me. Oh how I wish I could get to the antique mall and get there before you go back for the cool table. I hope you hurry. Surely someone will snag it. You were not kidding about that haul. What a day that was!

  3. Great finds, Donna. Love that turquoise table. I can't pass up a bargain either:)

  4. Your post makes me wanna go scour some estate sales right now! Fun finds - thanks for sharing! I found your post on Sweet Little Gals!

  5. WOWZA!!! Love the little table. So sweet!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. Wow! You found some great things! A lot of great things!

  7. Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us at my party. Luv that cute metal table and the old windows.


  8. These are all fabulous vintage finds.... Oh the fun you will have with those......!

    hugs x

  9. Love all your finds Donna ... You will have a lot of fun with all that stuff.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. I will arm wrestle you for that table.

  11. I am totally crushin on that wicker scale fave so far!

  12. Glad to hear some artist signed the doll furniture;) What wonderful finds! I love the Prim bench. Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  13. did great! I love it all! Thanks for sharing as always :) you rock! hugs...


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