Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cookie Box to Storage Box

This is a recycle project though it starts off "green" to begin with.  I took a cookie box and made it into a storage box.  We love a bakery in town which uses  cookie boxes made from recycled materials.  They use ingredients from local sources.

 Has cookie monster eaten my last peanut butter cookie?  No, Chucks has!

I have limited cookie buying to every three weeks.  I buy six cookies and two brownies.  I cut mine in half so they last longer.  (I'm the ant.)

Chucks eats all his in two days.  (He's the grasshopper.)

I have been saving the boxes since last fall and have several left to turn into pretty storage boxes.  Usually I leave them kraft paper brown and tie with twine.

Pretty storage boxes for my craft supplies is just  a ploy to keep me interested in the cleaning process.

 First I HAD to go to Hobby Lobby because I was out of origami paper.   I no longer practice the art of origami, but I love the patterned paper.

 Mod Podge was readily available in at least three rooms of the house.

I grabbed two of the boxes for a blue pattern and a red pattern.

 Watching Mod Podge dry is more tedious than watching paint dry.

S-O-O-O-O-O . . .

 The next four boxes I painted Sea Mist.  I got to be outside and the puppies loved the chase the acorn game between paint strokes.

  After the boxes dried I cut two parallel slits in the bottom to thread the ribbon through.

You can measure if you have to, but it is just as easy to eyeball and cut.

The ribbons are from the selvages of the calico I use to make the torn cotton ribbons.  So they are being upcycled!

Now let's fill these babies up.

An assortment of both new and old spools fill this box.

It is surprising how many spools fit in the small boxes.

I used washi tape to make the labels.

Vintage small spools fill the red box.

 In the painted boxes I chose things that are easily crushed.

Tiny baskets

Small silk flowers

Pearl stems and tulle flowers

Millinery flowers

A note about millinery flowers:  If you are someone who uses millinery flowers in projects, gifts, or cards, please be aware millinery flowers are disappearing.  Four of my sources for these vintage-looking millinery flower stems are no longer able to replenish their stock.  These are the last of my supply of millinery flowers.  Hope a wholesaler notices millinery flowers are still being used and begin manufacturing millinery flowers again.

Just in case the key word millinery flowers did not register with those unseen what-evers that scan blogs, let me repeat millinery flowers, millinery flowers, millinery flowers.


So this project began with kraft paper boxes (produced from recycled materials) and ended with some pretty and functional craft supply boxes tied with ribbon made from cloth scraps.

Okay, these are ready to put up on the shelf.

Wait!  Maybe I should have rediscovered just where the shelf is hiding.

I am trying, folks, to conquer Horror Monster, but he is fighting tooth and nail.

Chucks wants to know if I need him to run to the bakery to get more brownies and cookies so I will have some new toys boxes to play with.  When more do come in here, I am putting my treats in Ziplocks and hiding them.  Maybe on that shelf I can't find.

Remember if you leave a comment, say "millinery flowers"!

See y'all!

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  1. I adore these boxes!!!!! So pretty painted. Will keep my eyes open for hat flowers!

  2. I love the boxes. They turned out so cute. Have a great week. Rhonda

  3. Hi
    I'm visiting from the 7 Alive hop. These boxes are awesome. I'm your new follower. Hope you will visit my blog and hopefully want to follow back. Also I have a Blog Hop going on now and I'd love to have you come post your boxes link.

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    Okay, you get the millinery flower spam picture. Your boxes look like they would make great gift wrapping too. If I put things in boxes, I forget what's in them. I currently have 15 tool boxes full of surprises I will encounter next time I open one.

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  5. Well you certainly made those boxes look gorgeous for storing MILLINERY FLOWERS! I need to use some MILLINERY FLOWERS on a wreath sometime! Love the ribbons too!

  6. Smart and pretty way to recycle. Love the boxes.

    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. What a great upcycle Donna! Those boxes are beautiful! I've never used millinery flowers before, but they look very pretty.

  8. I love how you decorated the boxes! And love the cute ribbons. Great way to store your millinery flowers. I've never heard of millinery flowers before (I live under a stone), hopefully you can find a new source for your millinery flowers!
    Debbie :)

  9. Have Chucks try and say millinery flowers 6 times while eating his next stash of cookies and brownies :) What a creative and great way to reuse those boxes Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!!

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