Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Pat's Post

When a blogger friend wants you to do a St. Patrick's Day post and St. Patrick's Day has never really been a thing you celebrate, you just trick that blogger friend into doing the post for you!

That's right, folks.  I managed to talk Danni Baird over at Silo Hill Farm to do my post for me AND she did not know it was happening.

I decided to issue a craft challenge to Danni.

It started with some postcards I made from images that Karen at The Graphics Fairy has generously been posting for us.


I sent one to Danni with a warning that the St. Pat's were coming.

Next I bundled a group of the postcards, some distressed tags I had made of abstract shamrocks, some twine, some green tissue paper, and some green French seam binding.  I attached the above challenge stating she had to use all the craft supplies in a project.

Now I will admit she was fast on the draw.  She made a wonderful project from the warning postcard that was a well-liked feature.


Here are the postcards and ribbons Danni received.

 Go read My Irish Rose Warning and see what Danni created.

The picture says it all.  Danni was already ahead in this challenge.

Then she finally received the package and swiftly acknowledged she would definitely be accepting this craft challenge.   Looking at the final product below makes me realize that though Danni did do my St. Patrick's Day post for me, she also out-played and out-witted me.

"UNCLE!"  I am crying "UNCLE!"
Danni rose to the challenge magnificently.  I think I even heard her feet doing a jig to the Kerry Dance.  Her eyes were smiling.

However, she did do my St. Patrick's Day craft project for me.  All I did was make the postcards and mail them!

See y'all!

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  1. She's pretty incredible our Danni Girl, isn't she?
    She keeps popping them out like an assembly line!!!
    Once again to knocked it right out of the ball park - she's starting to give me an inferiority complex actually LMHO

  2. Ah!!! You are such a smarty pants! But...YOU did not do a St.Patrick's project and next year, I will be relentless girl! Both of those projects were fun to do and I never would have done them without your challenge! Thanks for the inspiration! (and the major shout-out)

  3. I know exactly what you mean Suzan!! Danni is incredible... and I don't know how she comes up with all of her ideas!! You managed to get away with not doing a project this year Donna, but next year??? Oh I can't wait to see what's going to happen!!! lol.

  4. Hi Donna, love the shamrock tags. I do not celebrate St. Patrick's day either-it is Easter all the way for me. We did drive down Broad street this morning and all the fountains are green for the parade. xo, Olive

  5. Donna, you sly little devil, you! :) Very cute!!

  6. You are so sneaky, but I like it! Danni has creative mojo!


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