Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Chicks Mantel

Now that I have revealed Horror Monster, my craft stash, I can show you the more open and inviting parts of the house.  <See Horror Monster here>

Notice I said parts. 

The focus here is on the mantel in the den.  It is the most looked-at wall in the house because it is directly across from the sofa and next to the TV cabinet.

You will notice there are no bunnies, just chicks.  Very chic chicks.  

The paintings were created by my niece Olivia.  She started painting these for me several years ago because I am wild about chickens.  I wish I could have hens for fresh eggs, but we  are not allowed to have them.  So I have a collection of chicks.  Soft and fluffy - the perfect symbol of spring and rebirth.  I have been to Tractor Supply three times to look at the chicks and ducklings.  

 But I digress - back to the mantel.  On the right is a small pink Easter chick painting.  Next is a blue with white flower and yellow chicks.

In the middle is my Christmas present this year -  the "Careful walking..." chicks.

The small brown painting is "Le Chic" in which the chicks have party hats..

 A small ceramic quail chick found in a box at the flea market.

Another look at "Happy Easter".

One of my favorite vintage items is the cardboard of four nests with chicks on wooden picks.  It once had the 5c sticker, but it has been lost.

 The tool caddy on the left side holds vintage chick candles, a pink hen tin, and a chick cart.

I guess Olivia was in her Blue Period when she painted this one. 

I love it with my student art egg vase.

A closer look at "Le Chic".

A last look at "Careful walking . . ."

So, you see, I do have some clean places in my house.  Are there bunnies lurking about?  You know I fear bunnies, but I have let a few play around and I will give them a chance to show off.

Meanwhile, I am back at work reducing the size of Horror Monster.  I will post next week on my progress - if he doesn't devour me first.

A special thanks to my niece Olivia for the very special paintings.  If Olivia is reading this, she should know that a chick painting would be a very welcomed gift for Easter.  I'm just saying!

See y'all!

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  1. Awww... Olivia's paintings are all adorable. I especially love the careful walking one. Sooo cute!! Looking forward to reading about your Horror Monster progress. I have faith in you!!!

  2. It's always nice to decorate with sentimental items. Very nostalgic!

  3. Olivia has skills! I love how you are enjoying her skills and showing them off so we can enjoy them too. The little chick conversation is so fun.

  4. Well Donna ... I really love your decorations with the chicks. Olivia is quite an artist. Careful Walking is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your Mantel. Love the old chippy finial in the back too. I love time-worn wood.
    Happy days ...
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. That Olivia has talent! I like these type of personal vignettes. I followed you from Danni's blog and I look forward to hanging out here. I'd love you to visit me whenever you have time.

  6. What a sweet, sweet Spring mantel! The central painting with the fabulous blue background makes it all come together so well!

  7. This is the cutest mantle I've seen yet. Your niece is a talented artist! I love chicks, too. Way better than bunnies! :)

  8. Hi Donna, your mantle is so cute.
    Well done :)

  9. Super cute!

    Jenna @

  10. Olivia is very talented and I adore the Le Chics with their little hats!

  11. Great job, Olivia, on those paintings! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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