Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlotte and Her Dresses Shelf

Charlotte and her dresses wait patiently for the ball.  This art project/decorative shelf  started from another art project and inspiration from Valerie at Linen Chic.  See Valerie's wine crate cabinet here.

I have become obsessed with this color palette, the script stamp, and boxes.  I have several pieces in various degrees of completion.  

Including one which was submitted for Artfields, a Southeastern art event.  Unfortunately it did not make the final cut, but I will show it to you later with its companion pieces.

For now let me take you through the steps for this particular project.


I showed you this crate in another vintage finds post.  Read here.   It was already aged and distressed, but not the color and patina I wanted.

 I painted a wash of blue-green, sanded, and applied a dark wax.

I purchased some small oval mirrors from Hobby Lobby.


 Karen at The Graphics Fairy had these Victorian dresses in several colors.  I chose the black one and arranged a full page of them.  I printed out four sheets, though I ended up only needing three.


 With water color pencils, I colored in the dresses in teal with coral sashes.

I overstamped them in gold with a floral background stamp.


Overstamped again with an antique brown script stamp.

 I stamped the outside of the box with the script stamp - again in the antique brown.

 I cut the paper into strips to use like wallpaper to cover the bottom of the box (now the back of the shelf).

 Don't worry about the Mod Podge smeared around - it will dry clear.

I promise!

After it dries - apply two more coats.

Let this sit overnight.

I used a glass bonding glue to place three mirrors on the back of the box.  The piece has to sit in one place for several hours or the mirrors will gradually slide.  

Do check and make sure they stay in place.  My table is ever-so-slightly not flat, and the mirrors did have to be adjusted.

Since one of the inspirations came from the shelf I saw over at Linen Chic, I decided to use some pleated tulle she sells in her eBay shop.  You have to visit - beautiful shabby, Frenchy, chippy things galore!  I used plain white school glue to edge the mirrors after choosing the pink tulle.

The language I used while doing this cannot be published. 

Suffice to say, do not attempt this with two dogs wanting treats and a husband wanting to know what is for dinner while you are trying to glue pleated tulle around tiny mirrors.

It just ain't gonna happen, folks!

I recently received a new order of Frozen Charlottes from Germany and there was  a perfect one for this shelf..

A naked doll needs a dress, right?

Perhaps I should have given her a hat.

I glued her in place with the glass bonding glue.  

Notice: I got my steps out of order.  I did this BEFORE the tulle incident.

I think the tulle incident has scarred me!  Maybe for life!

 Finally everything is dry and in its proper place - no more sliding.

I love the way the dresses look as wallpaper, and Charlotte is still waiting for the right dress.  

Perhaps I should have given her a tutu.

A little fluffing of the tulle and adding a few things on the shelf.

I am loving the white bird peeping in the mirror.

 Looking great with the trunk tray with various other girls sitting pretty.

 I couldn't resist using the "angels" tiles with Frozen Charlotte.  Even though technically, she is not an angel.

Perhaps I should have given her wings.

Maybe that would be cruel - she has no arms.

This is one for the completion list.  There are others similar in style, but different.  I will let you peek at them later.  I am off to clean some more.  I have a vision for my craft supply.  Unfortunately Chucks and I found a small water spot on the wall.

OH, NO, MR. BILL !!!!!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh Donna... I remember Mr. Bill! lol. I'm loving the colour combination here. I hope you get over the tulle incident. You still have some battling to do with horror monster!

  2. You are a craft warrior! But in the end all is peace and beauty.

    1. Sorry, except for the water spot. That sounds like a new kind of horror monster. "Oh, NO!, Mr. Bill!" is right. Keep us posted.

  3. So cute Donna! Thanks for the shout.
    I have a trunk tray I acquired recently, exactly like yours in the background, it`s waiting for my inspiration....

  4. This is so pretty...:) I was intrigued by the frozen charlottes so I looked at your older posts and read the cool! They are really sweet to decorate with. How on Earth did you ever find out about them? So interesting...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. What a unique shelf! It is very pretty, love the 'wallpaper' on the back.
    My ex's name is Bill and we watched SNL faithfully back in the 70's...we loved the Mr. Bill skits! lol
    Debbie :)

  6. This was a long process, but it was worth the effort! Lovely indeed!

  7. This is so pretty too! You did a great job ;) Thanks for linking this up to Give Me The Goods party!
    Jamie @

  8. What a great job you did on unique and lovely.
    Over from Lavender...

  9. Very cute Donna! I love the dress print. I do think Char would look cute in a tutu to match :) Thanks for linking it and your rusty finds up to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!


  10. Donna, this is one adorable shelf! I think you definitely should keep dressing those Charlottes...they look less...I don't know dead? creepy? with some adornment! Nice job!

  11. Very cute! I love the Scrabble word!


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