Sunday, March 17, 2013

Four Stools + One Tool Caddy = Metal Magic

 Last week when I revealed Horror Monster (READ),  I sorta forgot to mention he had an outdoor living section in the backyard.  Tuula's post on her garden shed reminded me. See The Thrifty Rebel's junk treasure here!

I (we) cleaned out all the leaves and winter debris from around the outside of The Shed (yes, it needs capital letters!).  I realized just how many metal stools and toolboxes and tables I had around the yard. 

And you know what?  I decided I really did not need thirty or more of them.  I have reduced the number of container garden vignettes in the yard over the last few years. 

So I collected four of the stools and one very lonely tool caddy - all perfectly rusty and crusty, all workhorses at holding plant pots, all needing a refreshing make-over, all looking for a new home.

You can see the gang above.  Sorry about the shadows.  There is not enough tools in Pic Monkey to make me a great photographer.

 I took the two kitchen stools first.  At some time in both their lives, they had white legs and a red seat, but I had let them gradually rust.  I sanded with both my electric sander and a sanding block to knock back some of the crusty rust to just the right rust look.

A light spray of blue Rust-Oleum and another sanding.

It was the day they chose the Pope so I chose  two designs out of nowhere to use a paint pen to decorate the top so I could multi-task and watch TV, paint, and whatever else.

No special significance of the "51" except it fit the space.

No stencil, no tracing no pencil - just painted it on.


I painted the obvious "plants" on the second with a poor pseudo-Gerber daisy.

Of course, another sanding to distress the black paint and let some of the blue and rust shine through.

 The two office stools were heavily sanded, but no paint.

I was busy watching for the white smoke.  (Remember the Pope.)

All four metal stools were waxed with dark Howard's Citrus Shield.

Though in hindsight I should have saved the expensive wax and used Minwax clear - there was not a lot of "dark" on the stools when I finished.

Last I mixed a watery mix of turquoise paint, water, and nonsanded grout - like a very wet chalk paint. I used a foam brush and generously covered the tool caddy after sanding the heck out of it.

It was then waxed and a torn calico ribbon was added.

So four stools plus one tool caddy equals to some metal magic.

They were quick to line up and march right off to the store where the two office stools were quickly grabbed and went to their new home.

So Horror Monster's outdoor living section has been reduced some.  Next I am on the hunt for excess little metal patio tables and toolboxes.  I know they are about - hiding in the shrubbery, no doubt.

See y'all!

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  1. Your free-hand work is killer Donna! I love it! I dont' know how you part with some of this awesome stuff girl!

  2. Great job!Looks like a lot of hard work to Me.Results are great though.Thank you for stopping to say hello on My blog :) Denise

  3. Hey Donna; I have been hunting for a metal stool like those!! Sigh.
    You sure made them look so nice.
    I am ever hopeful that I will find one in my near furture!!!!
    Thank-You so much for sharing, and Take Care :-)

  4. Wow Donna... you have some amazing stuff. I love those metal stools. I could never free hand like that. That turquoise is gorgeous!!

  5. Wow, great job! I love those metal stools, awesome find.
    Jamie ~

  6. Ahhh! Donna I love your stools!!!! I want them all!!! Great job on the redos!!

  7. Beautiful makeover on the stools! I wish I had room for some in my house. I'd probably use one as a plant stand.

  8. Oh... these stools are so beautiful! I wish they lived at my house! (jk)

    hugs x

  9. Those stools are so sweet, I love the different heights and I adore the way you painted the number on one and the wording on one of them, really makes the finishing touch..I am a new follower of yours, come on over for a visit when you get a break from those wonderful finds...

  10. You have a shed full of stuff, too? Wow! Great job on those pieces and I'm not surprised they found a home quickly.

  11. Very cute redos- and LOVIN' the blue!!!! Nice job :)

    Visiting from YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT linky party at Kathe With and E, blog

    Suz in NW Illinois

  12. What an eyeful! All that crusty metal makes my heart sing. What a great idea to sand and partially paint them and wax them. No wonder they got snapped up. You grow good stuff in your garden!

  13. Perfect stools and the transformation is wonderful. Love em'.... thanks for sharing at the cabin.

  14. I LOVE those metal stools...especially the natural ones. What great finds! I use an old stool as a side table. They'd be great in an industrial space as a small table...

  15. Great stools and a great job on them.

  16. LOVE those stools!! They look great with their "new look" :)

  17. I am envious. This weekend I decided I wanted to use the rusty stool that was sitting on the edge of my patio in the backyard... I had to give it a karate kick to release it from the ground, it was soooo frozen! So if you are simply looking for things in your shrubbery, it is evident that your weather is supremely superior right now.

  18. Love the stools and how you finished them. What a great find.
    Have a nice week,

  19. I love No. 51. Thank you for linking up at Fluster's Creative Muster. Hope to see you next week!

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  20. No stencils, no tracing??!! Wish I had that kind of talent! Your stools look great.

  21. These are so awesome! I love old stools like this. The No. 51 is my favorite :)

    Visiting from Creative Things Thursday,

  22. Love the rusty crusty looks. Great stuff.

  23. I love those metal stools!!! You did a superb job on the tool box and other stools! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  24. You are soooooo awesome!!!! Great finds...great redo's! Thanks for sharing...hugs...

  25. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful information,

    Metal stools



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