Thursday, February 18, 2016

White Primitive Cabinet

primitives, Riverfront Antique Mall
It might not sound like the most romantic Valentine's Day, but it was a sunny, chilly afternoon spent with Chucks at the Metro #1 Flea Market in Columbia.

So it was special.

Especially when I spied this beauty sitting in a trailer about fifty yards away with a fellow dealer heading in from the opposite direction.

Who would get there first?

We tied.  Luckily there were two cabinets and Linda wanted the other one.

On Monday I had about forty-five minutes between sleet and rain to clean and wax this lovely white primitive cabinet.

I have no idea why the tops of the shelves are not painted, but the underneaths are.

Unless there was liner paper.

I love the bin at the top - great storage.

All it really needed was a scrubbing with Fabuloso and some Howard's Feed-N-Wax.

 The back not painted.

But had great patina after waxing.

The sides have details which reveal this was a marriage of several older pieces many years before.

The shelves are different heights.

Drops of rain and a quick trip to the back of the Blazer.

Tuesday a trip to Riverfront Antique Mall to Booth W-10.

Stocked full of enamelware and other kitchen items.

Yes, too many pics of the white primitive cabinet, but I love it so.

So much I started to keep it.

But I did not.


I cleaned all across the front of the booth and down two sides.

Went back today for reclaiming another chunk of real estate.

It is beginning to look like a booth again.

It was nice to come home with Chucks, Willie, Scout, Azalee, and especially Miss Peepers waiting to sit in my lap.

Well, maybe not Chucks!

Update:  After all that staging the cabinet sold the next day!

See y'all!


My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. I love old white cabinets, too, Donna. Your waxing it made it look that much better. I bet it goes quick.

  2. Loving that cabinet! It looks right at home in your booth. The waxing definitely took it up a notch!

  3. That cabinet is wonderful, so hard to not keep it all at times I'm sure but then you would be a hoarder and not a dealer!! Hugs to you and so happy about Miss Peepers.

  4. Very nice ! I'm looking for a cabinet like this for two orphan doors that I have. I know it's unlikely to find just the right piece, but I can always make a few adjustments. Wish you were close enough to me for a shopping trip. I always love what you put in the booth. Welcome Home, Miss Peepers!

  5. Oh my yes, that would be the hardest thing for me - giving up something you really like. I can see that it's come in very handy!

  6. That is a beauty of a cupboard. I have a similar beauty in my back room given to me by my mother-in-law in the 80's. No room in the house for it so I am hoping to use it in my dream cottage by the sea (aka my next house! Maybe, someday).

  7. Miss Donna; I am so glad that you and Chucks had a nice day out, and being together on Valentines Day.
    I would have kept that cabinet!!! I Love how Beautiful it looks full of the primitives!!!
    I am such a hoarder....sigh, but I need something like that for ALL of my Cookbooks!!!
    I am so glad that Miss Peepers is back so that you can enjoy snuggling.
    Your Booth looks full and Beautiful.
    Take Care. XO

  8. I can just "see" how excited you got when spying that cabinet! Donna to the rescue! Well done!

  9. Great cabinet Donna. Great for farmhouse or primitive. Don't you just love a piece when it fits in so well in your booth and did not take much to clean it up?
    Glad you are taking time to enjoy Miss Peepers return home.

  10. Hey Donna! I was just thinking that maybe the tops of the shelves are not painted, because the cabinet is upside down! I love it either way though!!

  11. Congrats on the quick sale, Donna. Your booth is chock full of wonderful goods--thanks for sharing it with us all at Vintage Charm :)


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