Thursday, February 11, 2016



On Friday afternoon, February 5, our cat Miss Peepers went out for her daily walk and sun bath.

However this time she never came back.

Miss Peepers, beloved cat

 Chucks, the neighbors and I have a sneaking suspicion the previous owner's granddaughter has stolen her. She was at the abandoned house at that time picking through the trash left behind.

 I miss my cuddle buddy even though she hogs the heating pad at night.

We miss her playfulness and gentle nature.

Even Azalee, our other kitty, has been looking all over the house for Miss Peepers.

We have notified the microchip company and filed a lost report
Both the animal shelter and the SPCA have photos and files on her.

If the granddaughter returns we are to call the police since Miss Peepers is considered personal property.

 Would we do that?
Well, if she promises to take care of Miss Peepers and will keep her up to date with her shots, maybe we will forgive.

We just would like to know Miss Peepers is safe and warm.

See y'all.

UPDATE:  I finally found a way to get in touch with granddaughter who says she did not see Miss Peepers in the days she was working at the house. No one in the neighborhood has had one sighting of her.  We are hoping she is safe.

My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Miss Peepers, Donna--

  2. Oh No...I am so sorry I hope you find her soon. It's probably not what you want to do but I would call the police if you see the granddaughter...The only way you will know that Pepper is being taken care of is if you are doing it.
    Good luck,

  3. Oh that is so sad. Does anyone know where they moved to?

  4. Now that totally sucks. I'm sad and mad both for you, Donna. If there was a way to get in touch with that granddaughter, I'd be confronting her. I do hope Miss Peepers comes back.

  5. Poor Miss Peepers. I hope she is safe and warm.

  6. I'm so sorry, Donna! I know how it feels. Our Dottie got missing three years ago and I still often think of her. I wish I knew what happened. Hopefully sweet Miss Peepers will be back. Is there any possibilty to find out where the granddaugther lives? I'm very sad for you.

  7. Sorry Donna. I think the worse part for you must be wondering where she is. I hope if the granddaughter took her she is taking good care. Hope you get some good news on her soon. Hugs.

  8. Oh, no, Donna! This makes me so upset. I wouldn't count on the granddaughter keeping a promise. Hopefully a well-meaning person picked up your kitty and is trying to find her home. I hope so ! And kitties will find their way home if they can. I do hope The Peep will show up again soon, for her sake, and yours.

  9. Good luck with this, Donna. I respect your efforts.

  10. I am so sad. This is so hard. I had a cat go missing and I never knew what happened and like others have always wondered. I hope you find out about Miss Peepers. You are in my thoughts.

  11. Oh, how awful!! Your poor Miss Peepers is probably missing you guys terribly too! My heart goes out to you all and hoping you find her soon.

  12. This is so terrible Donna. I know how you must be feeling. Our Miss Fluffy, who has passed on since, went missing for 7 weeks a long time ago and we were so upset about it. We looked everywhere, put out posters etc. She somehow came back and we had a happy ending. I'm praying that you and Miss Peepers do too. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

  13. Donna,
    Just to give you hope, a few days ago I found the owner of the cat I had rescued a few weeks ago... So maybe someone is taking care of your cat. Fingers crossed.

  14. Dearest Miss Donna and Chucks;
    I am so very sorry, as I know how much you Love your Beautiful Kitty.
    I Pray that you will have Miss Peppers Safely back with you all at Home very soon.
    The people at the Microchip place should be able to help, so that she will be returned quickly.

  15. Donna ... so sorry that Miss Peepers is still missing. Just keep hoping that she is safe and being loved and cared for or if not, that she will find her way back to you.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear this...I hope you find her soon!

  17. My heart is broken for you Donna . At this point you have to figure that the granddaughter took her as she may have wandered over to the house . You and Chucks are such responsible "pet" or should I say over protectors of furry children who cannot fend for themselves. If she took her , she is feeding and taking care of her . When you see the granddaughter call the police and get Miss Peepers home where she belongs !!! Still praying and holding out hope for a happy family reunion :) TT ❤️

  18. Its terrible to lose a pet... Hope she comes home soon. Once our cat got out and we looked everywhere about a month and a half later she was walking across our sidewalk as I was carrying groceries in to the house. She had lost weight and clung to my arm. So I'll hope he does come back.

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Peepers! Hope she's safe somewhere. It's really heartbreaking when one of our fur babies go missing. I'm hoping for the best, Donna!

  20. It is so hard when you do not have closure for the loss of a Pet... that has happened to us with a few of the felines that have Adopted us over the years... some just disappear never to return and when you never know why or what happened to them it is heart-wrenching. I can always accept they just chose to lead the Nomadic Life again, since so many came to us as strays, Alley Cats or Ferals... but I always worry that something happened to them that was not positive and that is why. We recently Moved and brought our last two surviving Cats with us... Miss Priss has remained and loves her new Home even tho' she's no longer a Working Cat on Acreage like she was at the Old Homestead. But Fluff disappeared about a week after being brought over and it grieved the whole Family not to know what happened to her? We Hope she just chose a New Home and Family or went back to her Nomadic ways and is doing just Fine... but since this is near pristine Desert with many wild predatory animals we also worried she met with a worse fate. We will of coarse never know... she, like some before her, just disappeared one day and never came back. Thankfully you have Miss Peepers Microchipped and that might assist you in locating her whereabouts? I Pray she is doing Well, and that you can have some Closure about what happened to her. Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. Oh no, Donna, news of the worst kind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Miss Peepers is safe out there and may even come back to you. And a big big hug.

  22. It turns out I commented on Miss Peepers adoption, too! We keep our kitties indoors, because we couldn't bear for them to not come back. We are fostering those three cats I talked about last time. Their people-mom has had to leave her home for awhile, so even though we don't live close to her anymore, we are keeping the three cats for about two months for her. In order to keep them indoors, we had to get some testing done. They were outdoor kitties at the old house. We love them as our own. Things are tense right now, but we are getting some pheromone to help everyone settle down. We need this to work out while everyone is together. I hope Miss Peepers returns to you. Maybe someone else thinks she's a stray and is taking care of her. Did you put up flyers? I'm sure you've scoured the neighborhood. Best wishes that she returns to you safely.

  23. Oh Donna,
    I am so sorry to hear that Miss Peepers is missing! I can just imagine how hard this is on you!
    You are in my thoughts! Kimberley

  24. Donna, I am so very sorry and do hope that she comes back soon! I know you are heartbroken! Thinking about you!!


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