Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Finds

crates, dresser, silver tray, vintage finds
As most readers know by now, our greatest find this past week was our cat Miss Peepers who returned home after missing for eleven days.

(Read Lost and Found)

However I did find some things.

I have cleaned, sanded, and painted fifteen crates - will reveal the reason soon.

My next door dealer at the mall offered this beauty at a bargain price.

Thanks, Pamn!

She has been sanded but not painted yet.

The dresser, not Pamn.

A toolbox never finished.

A brass urn.

A binocular case.

A distressed metal file box.

All will be sold.

A big bin of cabinet paint samples.

I plan to make small signs with some and sell the rest for customers to create their own.

The problem is the giant sticker of info on the back of each one.

It took thirty minutes to remove ONE!!!

A stack of buckets from Hobby Lobby.

They will not look like this for long.

Guess who stopped by the other day with another bucket of horse shoes?


He promises to bring me something special the next time he is in the neighborhood.

I will have to look carefully at the marks on the bottom of this tray.

It might be real silver.

It does not matter - I am a sucker for engraved trays.

 Presented To
Mr. - Mrs. S.S. Westcott
By The Church School Teachers Association
Church Of Our Saviour
Roslindale, Mass
June 5th - 1925

A globe - sell.

A saltine tin - keep.

A blue suitcase - paint.

A Remington - already at Booth W-10.

Nassau Beach Hotel hanger.

An electric altar candle - even the votive has a bulb in it.  Great details.  I do not dare plug it in.

Whisk broom, dust pan, two rulers, tape measure, green sanding block.

Found in the trash at an estate sale.

A bag of cookie and biscuit cutters.

 A belated Valentine

If some of the pics seem familiar, it is because I have gone to the dark side after being coerced by friends to join Instagram.

I am not quite sure what I am doing, but I have followers and people look at the photos on there.

See y'all!

My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. What a wonderful bunch of finds! And you found some in the trash! It's so amazing what people will throw away.

  2. I love that tray whether it's diver or plated !! Go figure , that awesome whisk broom and dust pan in the trash !?! Those are hot items now . Olive and I are VERY happy you joined us on the dark side .😏 TT

  3. truly, the trash? cool! Did you do that on the sly ? or ask permission? I LOVE the tall skinny drawers...have been on the lookout for one of these. could you sand off the labels on the paint samples? Smother them with Goo-Gone? Good luck! Good finds !!

  4. Wow on finding those awesome items in the trash! Love the tray and the chest of drawers. I want one of those paint sample pieces, I'll email you! I'm still so happy Miss Peepers came home!

  5. You always find great smalls that are fun and interesting- one day I will live closer and tag along if Chucks doesn't mind me squeezing in! LOL

  6. Expecting to see some interesting makeovers!

  7. I'm gonna by pass home on my next trip to GA and head straight to the SC!

  8. Great stuff Donna. What are you going to do with all those horse shoes? Something creative I'm sure. sb

  9. You found "some" things??? You found a lot of great things! Looking forward to seeing how you paint that fabulous dresser thingy. I am on Instagram too and don't know what I am doing. People like my photos but I am not sure why!!

  10. Unusual electric alter candle. Have never seen one like that. Would be interesting to get it working again. Great stuff Donna.

  11. Gone to the dark side! lolol! It took me a long time to finally try Instagram, I still don't really know what I'm doing either.

    Lots of great finds this week! I have one of the cracker containers that I use too, it keeps crackers SO fresh!


  12. Love all the finds. Just waiting to see what you are going to do with all the crates!

    xo Dianne

  13. I always love all the junk you find.
    Those cabinet samples are neat.If you're having a hard time taking the sticker off, can you cover it up with something else? Like a piece of brown paper that's on the back of framed pictures? That's gotta take way less time than 30 minutes a piece.

  14. Woo Hoo for jumping on the IG bandwagon! Found and promptly followed you!

    Have an awesome weekend, Donna!


  15. Great finds Donna! Waiting to see what you do with all the crates and how you paint the dresser. Have happy Miss Peepers is back home!

  16. I read the post about how you found your cat, but I was in a hurry and then I think I forgot to come back to tell you how happy I was for you. Take care of her!

  17. I really love "shopping" with you ....great finds...and digging in the trash ..yep I have done that myself...oh the prim cabinet...catch you later....Sheryl RTI

  18. You always find the best stuff. I like everything! Where do you store it all??

  19. I cannot believe what you found in the garbage!! Love every single thing. Awesome typewriter, too :)


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