Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday, YIKES, Saturday Finds

Thrift shopping, vintage finds
I have been down with a bug for several days and totally lost track of time. So Friday came and went without me even noticing.

However I did have time to shop before getting ill.

Found this New York Trust ladder with metal extension feet.

I stay low on windows in the booth this time of year - I was happy to find these two.

A stack of backs to award plaques.

(Say that three times!)

The tiny distressed pink bucket could not be left behind.

An octagonal plasticized table which looks nothing like this now.

Two suitcases.

Paint?  Sell?

Paint?  Sell?

Decisions, decisions.

While out scavenging for food last Saturday, Chucks and I found an estate sale where the guy just wanted to load our truck with his junk.

I bought this table and a few smalls, and we escaped as quickly as we could!

On Tuesday I met Linda of A La Carte in Madison, Georgia.  

I will tell you all about the fun we had soon.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the items I found on our treasure hunt.

A painted grater.

A restaurant mug.

A candlestick table already painted and stenciled with a fern design.

A cherub door bucket.

Two film canisters - rusty!

A lovely silverplate basket with a grape leaf design.

A metal Easter egg basket.

A blue basket filled with cookie and biscuit cutters.

A mushroom planter - a twin of one I found a few months ago.    

An aluminum sieve - may keep this for fruit.

A small golf ball basket.

Yes, we shopped most of the day.

Yes, Linda bought some treasures too.

Yes, we plan on repeating the treasure hunt again.

Meanwhile I have a ton of things to get ready for the booth.

See y'all!


My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. I am so ready to get out thrifting! I have been down with a head cold since last Sunday and my overflowing supply of junk is dwindling! I would love to come across some of the great stuff you found. The windows, the suitcases, the metal Easter egg basket....!

  2. Wll for a gal with the flu bug you sure got a lot of shopping in .
    I just picked up 2 ladders like yours and don't even know why? guess cause they were cheap $5

  3. Nice finds, especially the estate table. xoxo Su

  4. Great finds, Donna! Hope you feel better and get to enjoy this beautiful weekend.

  5. Love the blue suitcase! I'd paint the other one :o)


  6. So happy to hear you are feeling better! I know we had so much fun on Tue! I need to share my fun finds. I have ladder love for that amazing one you found. Take care, talk soon.


  7. One idea for windows...
    One of my friends has a friend who does this and they are gorgeous!!

  8. Oh so much fun stuff here! I didn't go to any sales this weekend - but had a friend shop for me and I ended up with 4 small pieces of furniture to paint. I've always loved painting... and with graduation looming at the beginning of May... I better start stocking up on projects for this summer! :) I did spring cleaning at the booth all day Sunday and it is totally refreshed and somehow mom and I managed to squeeze EVEN MORE stuff in there. Sunday spring cleaning was the garage - everything out! Hubby and I hauled 2 truck fulls to goodwill. I was finally able to see what stock I had for the booth in my garage - it was like finding new treasures all over again! Next up: my office... I wonder what treasures await me there?

  9. You always inspire me to get out and shop. You find such interesting stuff. Love the ladder with metal extension feet.


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