Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gone Junkin' - Statham, Georgia

primitives, vintage finds, antique storesWhat in the world did Donna buy?

A covered bridge!?!

No, but Olive Out and I did buy quite the load last Friday.

We went to Statham, Georgia - about a 300 mile round trip for me.

First, a brief stop in Madison for a Goodwill fix and lunch.

Love the silver floral presentation basket.

Two valances of pink floral with pink ticking gussets.

Two utilitarian baskets.

Statham has one long street with door-to-door antique stores. 

We started at Antiques and More - a huge place filled with great stuff.

You can visit them at their Facebook page HERE!

Look at these four primitive yokes.

I have cleaned them and will begin to strengthen the wood and apply varnish as soon as the rain disappears.

I see them down the middle of a table with candles.

A wonderful green cupboard door.

Two buckets.

A watering can.

A street sign.

A plow head.

A Coke crate.

Tres Ases pear crate from Argentina.

Two sewing baskets.

The beginning of a small subdivision.

A pair of unfinished legs.

Very ornate.

When you walk in Antiques and More you are welcomed with friendly smiles and coffee or cocoa.

Next we traveled down the street to Second Hand Rose.

It is bigger than it looks from the outside.

Beautifully arranged booth spaces.

I bought the green drawer.

The market basket.

Ten tiny amber jars/bottles. 

It was getting late so we popped next door to Rusty Rose.

It was rusty, crusty heaven!

You can visit Rusty Rose at their Facebook page or their website.

I am torn about what to do with this primitive beauty of a table.

It has issues.

It may need a session on the couch.

A dilapidated crate.

A stack of berry baskets. 

A large Dutch sack made into a table runner.

Two rusty doll strollers.

They are in the midst of makeovers. 

Two bird cages.

We also visited Factory Antiques (Facebook page)
because Evelyn, the owner, has been a customer of mine.

Great architectural items!

Olive and I scooted out of Statham just a minute or two before the afternoon traffic from Atlanta hit.

That's when we took a brief rest at the covered bridge before hopping on I-20 East and home.

Statham is definitely worth a visit, though it would probably take a few visits to squeeze in all the shops.

At least you can visit their FB pages and drool over the items posted.

So do I have enough for a Friday Finds post tomorrow?

LOL - Of course, silly.

See y'all!

My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. I'm going to Statham!!! Thanks for the info. Can't wait to go check it out. Have you been to Monroe? It's not too far from there. There's an old cotton mill there with an antique mall in it. I've found some great things there and there are always vendors with sales. Glad you had fun and got some great stuff!

  2. Great haul, Donna! Loving everything you found!

  3. I have seen the sign to Statham many times driving to UGA to see my daughter but never knew it was an antique haven. Even though she is long gone from UGA a day trip to Statham is definitely in order. All those shops are now liked by me on FB.

  4. So much fabulous stuff! Love love love those sewing baskets.

  5. You and Olive Out had quite the day! I'm going to visit Statham for sure myself. It's not far from me at all. More for Friday Finds please!

  6. Love the bird cages and the metal houses. I wish I still had the one I had as a kid!

  7. Love those legs, the table and the new subdivision!! I can't wait to see what you do with that table...gorgeous!!

  8. I would have love to see you buy a covered bridge, but I understand the car was already loaded with goodies!

  9. Hi Donna,
    Goes to show you that we junkers will go the distance for a great treasure or fabulous junk! Love all your good stuff.


  10. You "done good" Donna. Love the little tin houses and the toy strollers. Old wooden yokes are interesting and the table is just waiting to be given the "distressed-Donna" look.
    Hope to see what Olive bought. What fun you two must have had.

  11. Nice junk haul! I especially like the Coke crate.
    ~Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  12. Oooh, it looks like you had so much fun!


  13. I love the unfinished table legs! I see 2 angels!
    There is a town in Oregon not far from me called Aurora and it is filled with antique stores and an architectural salvage store.

  14. There is nothing more fun than a day like that
    And I miss Olive Out's blog I always read it to see what she was up to

  15. Love it all!! I bet you could resell that covered bridge if you did buy it!!

  16. Donna, I enjoyed the trip almost as much as if I had been there too. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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