Sunday, February 28, 2016


quick makeovers on vintage finds
One warm day was perfect for cleaning and waxing.

First up was this primitive cabinet door.

I could glimpse a bit of green under all the dust and grime.

The soda crate was filled with spider eggs and dried wood.

Both were scrubbed and dried in the sun.

Then two generous coats of Howard's Feed-N-Wax to restore their glow.

Just look at them.

And they smell right pretty too!

Yes, I found the green and a bit of blue and the heart pine underneath.

This is the back of the door after the waxing.

The door sold right away.

It was a beauty.

 The end of the road.

This old sign had lost most of its yellow reflective coating.

 I scraped off all the loose yellow.

Then again with the scrubbing and the waxing.

The sign had a great big dent so Chucks ran over it a couple of times to help flatten it.


Ready to go to the end of the road.

Scrubbed and waxed.

Forgot the before.

Oh, well.

Back to work.

See y'all!

My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. You were busy!! Love the road signs! Great job on the door and the crate of course!

  2. That Chucks... always willing to help. I bet he got some amount of satisfaction with running over one of your treasures! LMAO!!


  3. omgosh.. you find the best stuff! I never would have thought to wax them. Great job! Happy Sunday to you.


  4. Love the end of the road sign. Old heart pine is so beautiful ... would love that door too.

  5. That cabinet door is great! IT would've looked amazing as a headboard for a twin bed!

  6. That end of the road sign is so fun! Love the cabinet door too!


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