Sunday, February 1, 2015

Miss Peepers

new cat, fur family
On Friday morning it became official.

Miss Peepers is now a member of our family.

I took her to the vet for scanning, a check-up, and shots.

From the microchip we learned she was born May 20, 2006.

She is very healthy.

She weighs a whopping 12 pounds - we have never had a cat this size.

Miss Peepers was the perfect patient.

No clawing or biting.

She did have to crawl up for me to hold while the vet tech shot two pills down her throat.

Unfortunately, Miss Peepers came to us because of our neighbor's declining health.

Here Miss Peepers is enjoying a gift from a neighbor who adopted the other cat.

Miss Peepers went wild for the little white mouse.

I have a sneaking suspicion the mouse is doused with catnip.

Miss Peepers has an insulated house on the front stoop.

Now she is vaccinated we will attempt to introduce her to the two dogs and the other cat..

Willie and Scout do not pay much attention to her when leaving the house for the dog park.

However Azalee is insanely jealous of her.

We think Miss Peepers can hold her own since she outweighs Azalee by four pounds.

 Miss Peepers is a cuddle kitty.

She loves to be held and walked about.

Welcome to your new  home, Miss Peepers.  We love you already!

See y'all!


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  1. Congratulations for adopting her! She is so sweet!! And I hope she and the other cat will adjust to each other soon.

  2. Welcome to your new fur baby and thank heavens for the purple passion being recovered!

  3. Welcome to Miss Peepers! My cats hate each others, they quarell more often than not, and still none of them wants to leave the Cottage!

  4. Oh how fun to have a new kitty! I have always wanted two but afraid to introduce a second because of jealousy. I wouldn't want my kitty to run away over the trauma! That is great that you have recovered the purple bag. It's like getting all new treasures again!

  5. Howdy Miss Peepers! You are so purdy! I know you'll give this family so much pleasure but you might have to go on a diet to keep up with the other four footed dwellers! Nothing like a fat, lazy cat.

  6. Awwwww! I love cats and Sam is allergic. I know she has a good home with you and Chucks!

  7. Miss Peepers is adorable and I'm so glad she has found a home with you. It is sad when others have to give up their pets due to declining health. Glad they found your missing purple bag!!

  8. It's wonderful that your family could adopt Miss Peepers. I know you will love her and keep her safe. We have 5 cats, and they don't always (or even frequently) love each other, but they all have us in common. We also care for the neighbors 3 outdoor kitties. We bring them in when it's below about 45 at night. She doesn't understand that cats can't withstand the cold like foxes, raccoons and bobcats. I don't know what we'll do if we ever move. I'm glad you found your bag, too. There are indeed nice people in the world. We all need to take care of each other, don't we?!!

  9. Donna, I'm so glad you went back to where you purchased the items ! The nice ladies will always hold the treasures if we forgot something! You're so kind to adopt Miss Peepers.... so sad that your neighbor could not keep her. She will soon be part of the animal family and no one will give her a second glance. What a lucky kitty !!

  10. She seems like such a sweet cat. Our family is desperate for a pet, but we are waiting until after we move this summer. I hope we can find a cat as nice as this one.
    I am glad you were able to find your bag of treasures!

  11. How sweet! She is a pretty cat and a good girl not to fight the vet!

  12. She looks like my cat who lived to 21 y/o. He also liked to be held & walked about! Your other cat will be jealous - you just have to make sure you give much attention to the 1st adopted too. Your neighbor must be so happy her cats found good homes. So nice you located the purple bag! Keep us posted please.

  13. Beautiful kind of you to adopt her and helping out your neighbor.
    Maybe Azalee will make up with her and they will become friends! Have fun!

  14. Miss Peepers looks like a real sweetheart. It can be so difficult to have to give up a pet, but it must have been such a relief to your neighbour that both her cats found good homes. I'm so glad your bad turned up.

  15. Very pretty cat Donna ... I know you and Chucks will give her a loving home.
    So happy you located your purple bag of goodies.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Audrey Z.

  16. Congratulations! She's beautiful~

  17. Well Ms. Peepers is an adorable cat, and is so lucky to find a home with you. It must of been hard for your neighbor to give them up, and also a relief she know they are in a good home. It's been two years since Bo died and I am thinking about getting another dog! While now I have to work on hubs.

  18. Oh Donna...she is precious! What a sweet kitty. She is a big girl too...sounds like my Farrah. She looks to be enjoying her new forever home. Have a blessed week!

  19. It's wonderful that you adopted Ms. Peepers, Donna. She's a sweet kitty and so lucky to have found a new good home. Have fun with her!

  20. So nice of you to take Ms. Peepers in, Donna. She seems like a sweet little lady. Hope the new fur-siblings will take her in just as easily as you did.

  21. aww, so sweet! i hope they all get along well.

  22. oh Miss Peepers is beautiful. Our two cats were so miffed when we adopted our 'grand dog' and now they all play this game of chase and oh you can't catch me. the cats tolerate each other but will sleep on either side of us at night with the dog somewhere in the middle.

  23. What a cute and fun-loving cat! And, I love her name... Miss Peepers! :) Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. :)

    Life With Lorelai

  24. I think Miss Peepers is going to love her new home. I bet they will all become friends before you know it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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