Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, old photos
Just a few finds - still sticking with my resolve to find items for a quick turnaround.

A gnome with a carrot to sit under your Christmas tree.

Really it was the first thing I thought when I spied him.

Another Brown Bag cookie mold.  

I plan to list several on Etsy.

An Irish cream pitcher with delightful brown crazing.

I found bunches of old photos this past week.

Two small gold frames.

This photo album - so brittle it fell into pieces when I took the rubber bands off it.

The first page is a drawing of their new home.

Lots of photos of couples - these in front of military barracks.

I love group photos.

Dated 1940 but not sure what club.

At Riverfront I found a bag of old photos.

Many children.

Two of my favorites.

The baby is so bundled she can hardly sit in the chair much less bend her knees.

This family photo reminds me of my grandparents' family photos - oodles of children!

Most of this bunch had been removed from an album, and some person carefully typed whatever information she could find about the people in the photo.

See how the black of the album page has remained where the glue was applied?

I have had some success gently sanding with extra fine paper or sponge to remove the black.

A sturdy industrial look desk.

An English toffee tin.

A lovely round biscuit tin.

It is a Nabisco tin from South America - made in Mexico.

It will be on Etsy soon.

I have a request from an Etsy customer to find cricket boxes.

I found several last week and a few more this week.

I dumped the flowers from this one.

(Thanks, Pamn!)

The customer is looking for the biggest one I can find.  With my friend Judy at Riverfront Antique Mall this behemoth of a cricket box will be going on Etsy if the customer does not approve.

It has lost its feet.

But the huge size makes up for that.

A chalkware of a mother and child.

I think it is perfect for Christmas.

Last I dropped a few bucks to purchase a bunch of plastic letters in black.

I was thrilled when Kathy sent them wrapped in an old Red Goose Shoes bag with various old ephemera added.

Including an old J.M. Barrie card - can you see him peeking out?

Check out the shop :

I think I will go catch some Z's myself.

PS  It's the thirteenth and my photos refuse to stay in the right place on the page. If this post looks wonky, blame it on gremlins.

See y'all!


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  1. Good, good stuff, Donna. Love the pitcher and the Madonna chalkware.

  2. My husband found a yard gnome at a yard sale last summer for only 50 cents. It has been sitting in my garden shed waiting for me.....he is coming inside to get some touch up paint and then spend Christmas with us. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Oh, those photos and that house drawing.... tugs at the heart strings.

  4. It's funny how brass is coming back in style . I decorated with it in my first apartment 30 years ago . I have to say the gnome is pretty cute too :) You know what I really like , the Irish cream pitcher !!! Where is that headed by chance , Riverfront or Etsty ?? TT

  5. Love the gnome! You found some great items for a quick turnaround. I'm trying to stay away from more projects and buy stuff that I can take directly to my booth too.


  6. You always come up with the best stuff. Love the old photos. I have that same mother and child and just love her. Cricket boxes ... interesting history and some are very valuable. Good collection.

  7. I call those old, found photos, instant family.

  8. I always love it when I find lots of goodies like you did. Isn't the hunt fun?!

  9. You're too funny, Donna! I always love looking through those really old photos. But it also kind of makes me sad that the family who should really have them, don't. You know? I like picking them up too, but I haven't seen many lately in my outings.....I hear you about the gremlins:) xoKathleen

  10. Just a few???That's a lot of fabulous finds! LOVE the pitcher and photo album the most.

  11. I have never seen a cricket box anywhere...except on your blog. LOL! They must not have been popular around here. You found some great stuff! The little pitcher is cute! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  12. Love your finds. Old photos of children are always so sweet! I can see that gnome under a tree. When we moved to a new home about 33 years ago, wow that's a long time, our neighbor gave us a gnome ornament. She said every Christmas tree needed a gnome. I had never heard that before. We still hang it on the tree.

  13. Great finds! My favorites are the old photos and album, what a treasure... and the chalkware mother and child! ~Rhonda

  14. Love that album with all the old photos and the drawing. Such a treasure! The tins are fabulous!

  15. I just ordered that religious ephemera packet you featured. I hadn't been on etsy in so long, I had to ponder my user name and password! Nice stuff. I love that desk. I've been looking for a work table for my junk room about that size. Do a Google image search for Madonna of the Streets. Your chalkware is inspired by that piece, I think. It is perfect for Christmas!

    1. PS Tell the gnome to whack the picture gremlins with that carrot! They'll behave. Gnome beats gremlin every time.

  16. I like that gnome. It is nice to see a gnome with healthy eating habits.

  17. Old photos are the best treasures of all! I love looking at them trying to imagine the time period and what they were thinking!!


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