Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Finds

Thrift shopping, vintage finds, Decor Steals
Or running with scissors!

I bought some more scissors to add to my collection.

I like the look of them hanging from hooks on the wall.

Then promptly decided I did not need to hang on to them any longer.

Then promptly tagged and took them to the booth.

Two small cricket boxes.

Two gold plastic decor prints.

Not staying that way.

I am stealing an idea from Diana of  Adirondack Girl @ Heart.

A set of copper canisters.

A resin gold decorative piece.

It will be going to Etsy.

In fact I have a list of things to add to my Etsy shop this weekend.

Thank you to those readers who stop by to purchase something.

PLEASE use the coupon below.

Small brass trinket box - will be added to the two above and head on over to Etsy.

Four silver servers.

Two monogram bowls - one for Amanda and one for Emily - Etsy.

I am thinking either baby gifts or bridesmaids gifts.

The cruddy thing in the middle is the bottom of a chick waterer.

A rustic red basket.

A glass ice bucket with a metal handle.

Two baby booties planters.

One rather cute angel.

A pair of rather frightening yo-yo dolls.

And that is all I bought in the thrift stores this past week.

YAY for me!!!

However two huge boxes arrived from Decor Steals, my guilty pleasure.

I thought the planter would look great for Christmas.

However as I was imaging just how LARGE they were, I missed by a country mile.

This one was supposed to slide under the jelly cupboard holding the TV.

Ain't gonna happen.

And this one was to sit on the full size trunk you can see behind it.

Ain't gonna happen.

Chucks questioned my sanity at buying these two. 

I assured him I had a plan.

And I will let him know just as soon as I think of one.

Also in the mail a sweet gift package from Diana from whom I will be stealing ideas.

I am so glad I received the library cards, tags and sweet angel before she found out about my thieving ways.

A big thank you!!! 

Join Diana for her link party:

See y'all!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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  1. I see those plastic frames all the time. I am interested to see how you transform them! Love all your treasures. I love D├ęcor Steals too!

  2. Those copper canisters are amazing, Donna! With all things plaid and cabin-like so in style right now, those will fly out the door! I was just at Target yesterday and saw lots of copper mixed in with their rustic holiday decor. Awesome find!


  3. Donna,
    You have some great treasures to re love. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful week end.

  4. I'm loving the collection of scissors. It would be a dangerous collection for me to have because I'm kind of a klutz!

  5. Love all your finds as usual! I think if we were ever to shop together we'd be fighting over things! lol! I find the clown dolls somehow quite cute and charming :o]


  6. Lots of fun things, I do love those canisters! Oh I laughed out loud at the comment of 'as soon as I think of a plan' we do what we have to don't we! They are cute planters, just BIG! Happy Friday.


  7. Wanted to let you know right off that the link to your etsy shop is not working.

  8. I'll be excited to see what you list Donna !!! The link to your Etsy shop worked fine for me three times in a row . I found a new creamer and pitcher, both from ironstone and from France !!! Woohoo !!! Locally though , it wasn't wrapped up all beauuuutiful like the item's from your shop, but they were dirt cheap :)) TT

  9. omg - your post just cracked me up today - did you take funny pills today??

  10. I always leave here laughing or at least smiling! Great finds! And, good for you...letting the scissors go! Hope you have a great weekend!! I'll be sending out partner information sometime tomorrow!

  11. lol. I know you'll come up with something great for those boxes. They're awesome! Ornate plastic and resin pieces are always fun. They make for great transformations. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  12. Cracked me up yet again, Donna. Thanks for the multiple shout outs--you're a sweetie. I can't imagine what you're going to do with those frames; you sure I was the inspiration?! Glad you enjoyed your little gift package :)

    1. PS Thanks for linking this post up at Vintage Charm--

  13. I'm obsessed with scissors :) I have a collection of my own, that I'm not willing to let go of :).

  14. Great finds, good plans. Those zinc/fence baskets look great as well as BIG. The yo-you dolls have such scary faces and pretty yo-yo's.

  15. I love scissors too, I don't think I have as any as you but at least 15! Love all your finds as usual...wish you didn't live so far!

  16. Scissors....interesting collection. Love the copper canisters. And I think it's okay to steal from long as it's justified, right?!? :-)

  17. Thank you for the Vintage Charm shout out! I love those zinc baskets and I'm sure a very creative idea will come to

  18. Oh you little thief you! lol! I have just a few pair of old scissors. They always seem to catch my eye. Copper is hot now, so the canisters should sell fast. My hubby questions my sanity quite regularly. :) Oh, and I have been known to be a thief now and then. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Oh doggone it, you find the darndest things I want, or at least think I want. Love that big red basket among so many others you found. As with so many treasures, don't know what I'd do with them until right project comes along.
    I do love that picket fence container, awesome, drool worthy. You said you got it at Decor Steals? I've been staying off there to keep myself from temptation, (and not spending too much money). Have surgery coming up Dec. 7th so will have one heck of hospital bill. Might be only 20% but when it's 20% of thousands then it's a scarey one. Each of my knee replacements came to over 60 thousand, ouch.
    Had to look out bit ago to see what hubs doing, something to keep chickens warm at night, he's very proprietary about his chickens. Brings out farmer in him from when he lived in OK as a kid.Gives me peace for few minutes while he's outside. It's chilly but not brrrr cold out. Have great weekend.

  20. AWESOME Scissors! I used to work at a fabric store and we had those for cutting. They're heavy and substantial and cut a great line. I'm super jealous that you have so many! Now when I'm in a fabric store and see people cutting with crappy little kitchen scissors I cringe.


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