Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An End In White

table makeover, Krylon Spray Chalky Paint, Classic White
Again with the Classic White Krylon Spray Chalky Paint.

An end table in white.

(I'm  using my pumpkins until Thanksgiving!)

This style end table from the forties is a good seller for me.

Someone had used black chalk paint on it, and then dry brushed antique white over parts of it.

A great paint job but very ugly!

One coat with just a touch up on areas I missed.

Used a satin clear varnish on her to protect the finish.

A brief moment of sun with her pumpkins.

Then whisked off to the booth where she is looking for a new home.

See y'all!

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  1. Turned out great Donna. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some of that paint. Hauled my project outside to start painting and the darn sprayer wouldn't work! Now, I have to take it back and it was the last one! Ugh.


  2. My aunt Colleen is the one that got me into all things vintage. She used to take me to estate sales for as long as I can remember. And up until a couple of years ago, she owned a wonderful vintage shop in town. When I moved into my first apartment, she gave me two of these tables. Now my son has them in his apartment. Luckily, he has grown up around vintage and knows how to take care of and appreciate them :-)


  3. Another beautiful re love Donna. Glad you gave this end table new life.

  4. Glad you saved that sweet table, Donna. It's very elegant in it's simplicity.

  5. Looks much improved! Now she will live a longer life.

  6. So much better! She'll be in a new home soon I am sure!

  7. I use my pumpkins through Thanksgiving as well! :) I remember having tables like these when I was growing up. Really wish we still had a few in the family. Love the white! xoKathleen

  8. Your end table looks great, love it in the white. I have one of those tables sitting out in shed waiting for me to get inspired. I can remember those tables at our house in Tucson in 50's and after. I find it interesting that style is becoming popular again. I like that upper level good for lamp and lower for any goodies, magazines, etc. to contain. Nice to know you're selling them often.
    Every time I read about somebody using the Krylon Chalk paint I want to scream at Grand Junction in general. Nobody here has it and don't know what I'm talking about when I ask. Duh. You'd think at least craft stores would know, not any of the 3 in town. grrrrrrr. Haven't checked with Hobby Lobby lately so might give them a shout again.
    I told myself to get on Krylons web site to order some, tired of waiting for it. After seeing your magic on table I really want some spray chalk paint now.
    Happy week

  9. Donna ... the change looks so good ... We likely had that style of end table on each side of our couch in the 50's and loved them. Not painted of course. We used a lot of "hand-me-down" furniture. Great job of bringing out the beauty of that piece.
    Audrey Z.

  10. That table is a real beauty! Love her in white. So classic and elegant.

  11. I love the table...color and style. It always amazes me how a coat of paint totally transforms the look of an older outdated piece of furniture. It makes it new and loveable again.

  12. Beautiful job and I love the orange against the white! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. She sure is purty in white--thanks for bringing her to the party, Vintage Charm, that is :)


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