Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Classic White

table makeover, Krylon Chalky Finsh paint, classic white
Remember I am adding white pieces to my booths for Christmas along with my regular items.

For most of the projects I am using Krylon Spray Chalky Finish in Classic White.

Once this table was a beauty with the fret work sides.

However someone at the estate sale slid down the last few stair steps carrying a projector screen which busted through one side.

So sad, but did I ever get a bargain! 

I carefully removed the damaged side.

I left the other side for interest.

I hated to take all her glamour away.

Classic White is a true white.

Most of the pieces I will not distress.

She is a stunner.

And very classy.

Beautiful styled with silver pieces.

I plan to use her for Christmas items. 

If she stays around for  awhile.

In Booth C-23.

She was headed to the dumpster.

I think she turned out great.

Even if she is a one-sided girl.

See y'all!

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  1. Love her Donna. You turned her into a princess. Gotta try that paint. I'm tired of doing the brush on.


  2. Quick question did you top coat? Love it love it.....

  3. Brian is always asking me why I don't use spray paint on my projects instead of brushing it on. I always told him "you can't spray paint wood!". So after years of reading your blog, I'm finally ready to get rid of that theory. I'm going to start with white. This piece is GORGEOUS!!!


  4. Nicely done, Donna, and I like the fact that you left the fretwork on the one side.

  5. Looks great Donna and glad you did not distress it. Let it get that way naturally.
    Love that you left the fretwork. Turn it anyway, but to the back opens it up nicely for use of the shelf. Good job.
    Audrey Z.

  6. She is way too pretty for the dumpster and gorgeous in white!

  7. So glad you rescued this beauty!

  8. HI Donna,
    You had me at Classic White in your title post lol! Loooove this.

  9. I am glad you left the fretwork piece that was okay. It can be the front and look so lovely!

  10. She is lovely in classic white. Shame about the fretwork getting broken but a score for you.

  11. She is absolutely gorgeous! Her being one sided just makes me love her more.

  12. The piece is gorgeous! ...turned out great! Got to try some of that paint... dying to! ~Rhonda

  13. Your little table looks great in white! Just lovely. Take care, Cynthia

  14. Beautiful! And don't forget, WHITE is the color for are trending before it is popular to trend! ;-)

  15. Oh doggone it, why can't I be closer to snag these awesome finds. WHere in heck do you buy the Krylon chalky spray paint? Not in any stores here, don't know what am talking about. Maybe I could go on their site to buy, have it shipped to me.To heck with Grand Junction. It is so frustrating here. Love your table with one sided fret work, what a shame one side got all broken. You made her look so pretty again, she should be feeling good about herself. Happy weekend White is right

  16. She is a beauty and great idea to leave the one fret work and turn it to the front. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. You turned her into a classy girl! That table looks awesome. Great job!

  18. Great save, Donna--she sure is perty. You've got a knack with paint :) Thanks for bringing your lovely table to Vintage Charm!


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