Thursday, May 8, 2014

Restrained Shopping

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This past week I practiced a little restrained shopping.

No, Chucks did not put physical restraints on me.

I have hidden the straight jacket so he cannot find it!

I decided I had enough projects to do in the house.

Plus I was much more interested in working in the yard.

Regular readers probably will not believe this, but working in the yard is more fun to me than thrift shopping and painting combined.


I pinky swear!

Habitat was having Senior Discount Day so I had to participate in that.

Pair of lovely frames needing a total makeover to become something fabulous.

Already fabulous is the vintage tin red and yellow spool of cable.

After cleaning it, I will put this in my Etsy shop.

It has a cool industrial vibe.

Love the painted graphics and the paper labels.

It does have some cable left on it.

I am seeing it with a wire run through the middle and hung for a towel holder.

A wooden art box.

I now have a set of three in different sizes and a definite plan for them.

Another cool graphic on the box.

Also one long metal tray - probably meant for candles or a bread plate.

I see a sign - hanging by wire.

Things hanging by wire seem to be a theme here.

At 50% off at the SPCA Thrift Shop in Mitchell Shopping Center (a plug for my buddies there!), I could not pass up fifteen white hankies.

A lady asked if I was buying all of them.

Of course!

Some gelatin molds - not marked Jello or Royal so fair game for a crafting project.

A vintage lanyard with oh-so delightful vintage key chains with plastic and metal charms.

And a couple of vintage keys.

Hammered aluminum - no kin to Hammered Rosemary! (Read all about her here!) - three small trays and one small serving bowl with lid.

All will be on Etsy.

The tiny Made in Italy strainer is staying - love the yellow handle on it.

Last this rusty tin with "Hooks S J"
written on it.  Sorry, no S hooks or J hooks to be found for it, but I loved the patina.

The bird thing is a puzzle.

The globe the bird is sitting on does not open.

There is a hole in the bottom as if it once sat on something else.

It is rather pretty.

May need a little verdigris finish.

We'll see.

Can I just say Chucks was suitably impressed with me riding around in a somewhat empty truck?

There are only a few projects hanging around the living room.  (There's another reference to hanging.)

(Well, to be honest, the dining room table is piled with projects.)

As Chucks was commenting on how fast I was churning things out, the mail carrier came up to the door.

With packages.

With boxes.

With large envelops.

Yes, I shopped online.

We have discussed this before.

I don't think it really counts.

I better go and paint or plant something quick.

See y'all!

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  1. I love the lanyard with the keys and charms! Cute!

  2. Love the Bird and the lanyard, charms and key chain!

  3. That long metal tray will make a fabulous sign, especially if it's hung with wire. The bird appears that it would make a great post finial?

  4. Great finds, Donna. I am on the lookout for little metal molds like those. Set atop a few wooden spindles glued to a wooden tray, they can make a really cute "candelabra" for votive candles. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. Fabulous finds! Love the hammered aluminum pieces, and that bird thingy is awesome. Even when you restrain yourself you still manage to find some great things.

  6. You just always find the best stuff! Your whole blog is Good Stuff Overload!!!

  7. What a day of great finds... love the long tray and all the hankies... never able to find such neat stuff myself - guess I'm looking in all the wrong places... Cathy

  8. I thought I was the only one that like the old metal spools.
    Audrey Z.

  9. You sure did gather some fabulous finds!!...I do love the old wire spool...and thanks so much for leaving your gracious comment over at Coastal Charm today!...Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. You’re too funny! I loved seeing all the treasures. Have fun in your garden.

  11. Great finds. Just getting all this on Etsy will be a project in itself. I love the bird thingy no matter what it is. Very pretty.

  12. I love your finds! I really like the stamped trays. I had not seen that before! xoxo

  13. Such wonderful finds! Loving that gorgeous wire spool with the graphics and the hammered aluminium trays are simply fabulous:) Enjoy spending time in your yard, Happy weekend~hugs, Poppy

  14. Online shopping doesn't count???!! Good to know!! LOL! I love working outside too and am looking forward to that aspect of this project. I'm curious to know what your going to do with the art boxes.

  15. You did good. Love the aluminum trays and those molds. I agree, online shopping (I like to refer to them as supplies) doesn't count.

  16. LOL! Such a big day--thrift store finds AND mail--yipee :) That spool is pretty awesome, as is the bird thingy, and I love the lanyard with all the goodies hanging off it. Hope you have a spectacular week!

  17. I chuckled at the ending of your post. This sounds similar to me when the Explorer is empty my H is so happy. Then, there is the shopping at the thrift stores sounds so familiar. I love the bird treasure the best and I have post about a bluebird tablescape this week! Have fun gardening and thrifting!


  18. Love that little bird, and the aluminum are a visionary, Donna! Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life, girlfriend!


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