Saturday, May 17, 2014

When A Fellow Junker Asks ...

spider worts, dandelions, rusty finds
When a fellow junker asks me if I would like to drive down to see a house he is cleaning out, I jump at the chance.

When we drive up to the cottage, I am in awe at the whole yard - both front and back - filled with the beauty of spider worts and dandelions.


I have to take photo after photo.

My friend will have to chop most of them down to meet certain codes.

He has given me permission to dig up some clumps for my yard.

I can envision this cottage cleaned up and given a new coat of paint.

But it would be the yard that would sell it for me.

Even though his neighbors want it gone.

I did get a few things.

A Sears Craftsman saw box - just needs cleaning and waxing.

A gasoline can - for the rusty deliciousness of it.

Six red wire Pringles display shelves.

Always a help in the booth.

Thanks, Bart!

I am off to Magnolia Ridge Antiques and Art Gathering if I can get out of bed.  I have had a nasty bug I would not wish on my worst enemy.

I promise to take photos.

I promise to buy something.

See y'all!

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  1. What a great little house! I love the gas can. I hope you feel better, Donna!

  2. I am a big junk-in shopper...My friend turned my on to it over 20 years ago and I have not stopped.. Love this post .. Maria

  3. Aw I hope you feel better, what a crummy way to start the weekend. That house would totally fit in here in Portland. I LOVE the yard, why do the neighbors want it taken down?! Just doesn't fit the rest of the neighborhood? Poor sweet wild yard.

  4. Oh what lovely things to have gotten!! Such a cute little cottage, I can imagine a fresh coat of paint too, and how adorable it could be!! :) Love all the pretty flowers!! Wishing you a lovely weekend!! xo Holly

  5. The cottage seems to have lovely potential. I hope you'll feel better soon.

  6. I love the cottage and flowers. I hope you feel better, Di@Cottage-wishes

  7. That little cottage is very sweet. I love the wildness of the flowers, it's so English garden-like. What a great box! I hope that bug goes away soon, and you start feeling better.

  8. Sorry that you are sick. Glad you got to go see that cute little cottage. Love it and would love to restore it ... that is if I were just a little bit younger. You did okay on your 'picking' too.
    Hurry and get rid of that bug.
    Audrey Z.

  9. Beautiful flowers and that house is so charming! It would be too cute all cleaned up and painted! Feel better soon....:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. I'm sorry to hear about the bug, Donna. Hopefully you'll feel much better soon. Wonderful finds and I agree on the yard. It looks wonderful with all the wildfowers.

  11. I love the house. The spiderwort is lovely. I actually did go to Ride but it was after 1 PM. People were packing up at Magnolia Ridge by then. I was good and bought nothing.

  12. I went to Magnolia Ridge but didn't buy anything. I'm saving up for the Peachtree 23 yardsale on June 7! Can't wait! Hope you are feeling better!

  13. I'm just getting over a nasty bug myself...went thru the whole family. I hope you're feeling better! What a fun day you had- I'm with you- it would be such a shame to mow the lawn.

  14. I love "rusty deliciousness!" I love how you are able to write so poetically about junk :) Have a great week-end.

  15. I love old rusty things! They are what I decorate my back patio with during the warmer months.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. I would've jumped at this chance too! Thanks for linking up to TTF @ Melissa's Antiques!

  17. I'm curious how you use the Pringles racks...something clever, I know. Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Linky Party!


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