Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time to Drop It Or Swap It!

vintage photos, vintage postcards, swap meet
I am offering this package for a swap.

Three old photographs.

All came from the same estate sale.

I like to fantasize about the story behind these pictures.

A man in a hat rocking on the porch.

Mounted on black.

Measures 4 X 6 inches - photo itself is 3 X 5 inches approximately.

A photo of a steel bridge.

Mounted on black.

About the same size as the man.

A lovely lady on a swing.  There is a man sitting right behind her.

Mounted on tan.

Measures 5 X 6 inches - photo itself is 4 3 inches.

All are in worn, used condition.

I like to think these two were sweethearts and met on the steel bridge.  Maybe that's her father on the porch.

Or you may want these to be ancestors.

I am also throwing in five assorted vintage postcards.

The cards will be similar to these.

Some are written on and some are not.  

If you have a preference of occasion like Christmas or Easter, I may be able to honor your request.

I have postcards in groups of ten in my Etsy shop and have listed other new items too.

So for the Drop It Or Swap It, I have three old photographs and five vintage postcards.

Any offers?

See y'all!


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Drop It or Swap It


  1. Hi Donna,
    I love old photos and porch man and the sweethearts speak to me.
    So, yes! I would be pleased to swap for my towels.
    I'll email you my info.

  2. My dad always called these photos, found in antique and thrift stores, 'instant family.'

  3. Did you ever get takers o swap everything? Love them all and am terribly behind in catching up on blog reading....


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