Sunday, May 11, 2014

Traveling Potting Bench

Upcycled wheelbarrow, gardening, potting bench
Several years ago our wheelbarrow rusted through in one tiny spot and was no longer able to do any heavy lifting.

No worries.

I usually plant the old wheelbarrows and stick them somewhere in the yard.

So I filled it up with my potting mix.  

(A secret mix involving expensive potting soil, cheap potting soil, mushroom compost, and peat moss.)

Before I filled it with plants, I noticed I could wheel it right over to the patio and pot plants from there.


I rummaged through the shed to find a discarded enamelware table top.

Yes, it fit perfectly over the top.

Slide the cover open and there is your work surface.

No dragging heavy bags of soil from container to container.

If I don't finish at the end of the day, I slide the cover back over the soil and roll my traveling potting bench out of the way.

The plants are set out on the top with a watering can and garden tools.

The pots to be planted are placed right in the soil.

I was working on this group the other day.

Most have been planted.

The traveling potting bench is still filled with soil for the next group to be planted.

See how compact and practical using a wheelbarrow as a potting bench can be?

Once I have finished using all the potting soil, I rinse the barrow out and turn it over behind the shed.

Or plant it.

Whichever comes first!

New Tweet:
This is my ladder birdhouse I bought last year at the Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering (Time to gather again - Saturday, May 17, in Ridge Spring, SC).

I never intended for birds to actually nest in it because the walls are very steep.

Before I could stick wads of moss in the holes, a pair of chickadees took up residence.

Raised three little chicks.

I was afraid they would die in there.

But Mama and Daddy chickadees got those chicks out of there somehow.

They played about in the azaleas for a day or two, and then took off to parts unknown.

The wrens have taken over our front stoop and refuse to let me plant anything in the containers there.

I am waiting for them to move out.

See y'all!

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  1. What a wonderful idea about the traveling potting bench! I need something like this if only I can find a top. You have so many interesting visitors going on at your place. I'm so happy just to see my hummingbirds arrive so much earlier than last year especially since all the harsh weather. They must have known I was missing them.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I have a 30 year old wheelbarrow that needs to be retired from heavy duty work and would make a great travelling potting bench. Isn't it nice to have birds in the yard. It's so nice to hear the birds, and watch them bathing in the pond again. We're still a couple of weeks away from planting here. Night are still quite cool. Your first group of flowers looks just lovely.

  3. You are so clever Donna. Love your wonderful idea and would copy you, but would be pretty low for me to work at. Maybe I could use a low stool or find a "rolling-something" that is a little taller. I do have something in mind, but it is stacked with wood flooring right now. Thanks for the idea. I need to get some color in my yard. Happy Sunday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. You’re so smart and very creative Donna! I love the wheelbarrow as a potting bench.
    It’s so cute that the birds used the birdhouse

  5. Well aren't you the brilliant one? Years ago when I lived on an acreage, I used a golf caddy on wheels to tote my tools around. Never lost a tool once!! I had my twine, scissors, shears, rakes, etc all at hand all the time. I wish I still had that thing... :)

  6. I always have trouble lugging soil around. Brilliant you are. I cannot function without my rusty wheelbarrow with holes. It is about five lbs lighter than the new now which I do not like,

  7. Great idea about the traveling bench - I am going to try it with mine. Thanks so much for this great idea.

  8. Adorable idea, and lovely Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Clever idea for a potting bench Donna! Love the new birdhouse and can't wait to see what you got this year. I had a yard sale at my home today. Went well. Thanks for sharing with SYc.

  10. Just wanted you to know that your post is featured this week on Fridays Unfolded!



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