Monday, February 3, 2014

The Way to Warrenton, Georgia

Warrenton, small towns, antique shops, old buildings
 The way to Warrenton, Georgia, is littered with places to junk.

You know from my last post, I had purchased a cast iron urn from Mimi T's on Facebook and Olive from Olive Out had the shotgun seat on the trip.

I thought I would show just a bit of Warrenton. It has a lovely downtown

First there is Mimi T's.  No, they do not still Christmas up in their window display.  I was just too excited about my urn to think of taking another photo.

Hollie and Laney run this place with all the vintage goodness you would want with a sharp technological edge.  They run estate sales from their Facebook page.  
Link to their Facebook page here.

You have to be quick to say "I want!"  Then the object of your desire is held at the store awaiting your instructions.

There are dealer booths inside with reasonable prices and the merchandise is varied.

I never leave empty-handed.

Olive and I were starving.  Hollie and Laney sent us down a block to Miss Jane's

This is the kind of town where everyone waves as they pass by. 

Or stop to tell you "hello" on the street.

In this case, people said to make sure we ate at Miss Jane's.

So we did.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old store front furnished simply with the smell of wonderful aromas drifting out to the sidewalk.

It is a meat with two or more sides kind of place.

DEE-licious food.

Warm friendly folks.

Miss Jane's Facebook page here. 

And a huge selection of homemade cakes.

Now I cannot eat grains of any sort so I had to pass on the cake, but I forced Olive into not only eating a slice, but taking a few home for dessert later.

I am a cake enabler!

 As we turned around to leave town, we saw the old theater.

Next time I go to Warrenton, I plan to ask if it is still used for special events.

 This building on the corner caught my rust goddess eye right away.

I fell in love with it.

It was rusty.

It was crusty.

It was charming.

 Looking into the main window there was a Fresh Strawberries sign - this place must be used as a produce stand in the summer.

The three doors with the transom windows above stole my heart.

My favorite combination of chippy white and gray.

I know some would think this an eyesore, but I am sure it is eye candy!

See y'all!

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  1. Such a charming town. I think that old building is eye candy much potential! Those cakes look delish! Have a wonderful day.....Vicky

  2. Oh that town is charming! I wanna go there and shop and eat cake! Maybe you should look into buying that old building??

  3. Oh, what a fun day out with Olive. I do love your urn. Love that old building with the transom windows too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. That last store would make the perfect place to sell antic items!

  5. I need no encouragement to eat cake! That red velvet cake was so good it made me cry.I would love to have the strawberry sign. I would love to go back some time soon.

  6. I love that last one. I would put a cottage inside it. I like the corner window. The building looks older than the 40s, but that looks like a glass corner window and that's a 40s feature..

  7. Oh I love charming little towns like this and that old building is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. I would want to open a shop in that building. It is so charming!

  9. What a great looking little town, awww! I love the theater and the old station, I noticed those doors and windows right away. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It

  10. oh Featuring on Pinterest board by the way ;)

  11. What an amazing building, it caught my eye over at Savvy Southern style. I wish we had places like this in New Zealand.

    Lee :)

  12. Oh yes, those doors with the windows stole my heart as well! Sounds like the best of the best place to visit! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Still can't believe what you paid for that urn. Good for you girl!


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