Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Primitives In The Raw

primitive furniture, tool caddies, water cans, vintage finds
 It stopped raining this afternoon long enough for me to pull the primitives from the truck.   

I bought these treasures two weeks ago and have been hauling them around. Read here.

They are too dirty for the house and too big for the shed.

Notice the wet driveway?

More rain.

So I give you primitives in the raw. 

Ones that will be cleaned, painted, distressed ,and waxed.

Just not right now.

Unfortunately, they went right back in the truck until we get both sunny and warm in the same three days in a row.

I have shown my radiator can, but will show it again.  It is coated with motor oil so extreme degreasing is in order.

The heavy metal white tool caddy with the weird slanted section.for something and a concrete mold for something.

They are sitting on top of a carpenter's bench with a bin for a whole lot of somethings!

 Notice the photo?

The sun just disappeared and clouds have returned.

A wooden tool caddy in need of something - paint, wax, or tung oil - something.  

It is very raw!

Porch slats in need of only cleaning - the cream, white, and gray chippiness is perfect.

 A hen roosting box desperately in need of cleaning.

A drawer front someone did something to - not sure what.  It will get some love.

A homemade washboard worn down to the ghost of a washboard.

 The washboard has seen a bunch of scrubbing in its lifetime.  

Its ribs have been rubbed flat.

 A close up of what the guy called a wall hanging thing.

It's the drawer front with three mismatched knobs and a coat hook.

It might need a whole bunch of love.

 I was stacking the porch slats to go back in the truck and had to take another photo.

I am on the fence - sell or keep.

Maybe both - there are several of them.

This last primitive in the raw is a large cabinet on its side because even for the glory of Blogland, I was not going to haul this heavy thing out and try to beat the rain to get it back in.

It is a cabinet made of old wood, new wood, and plywood.

As you can tell its design is quite something.

I found a wooden crate I did not remember buying.

Glad I love it.

So all of this plus a small mountain of stuff hidden around the house plus the Empress wardrobe sitting in the living room equals a week's worth of steady painting.

Mother Nature, please be kind enough to send me some sun and warm temps.  I work outside, you know.

Whoops, Olive just sent a text.  She wants to go shopping next week.  

Of course, I will!

See y'all!

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  1. wow! You found some very cool primitives! I am fascinated by those porch slats. Your truck is like a mobile storage unit! You're going to have to clean it out before you and Olive go again! LMBO that you found a crate you didn't know you bought!

  2. I am in love. There's not a piece that I couldn't use! I don't if I could let go of a thing! These are GREAT finds. I bought a little piece that I haven't shown that's like the little cabinet made of plywood and what else? Anyway, I'll show soon-before and after. The after may be awhile. Yesterday it was cold and rainy. Today it is wet and mucky!

  3. Love it. These things make me smile. I especially love the crate in the last photo, the one with holes for holding. Have fun shopping!

  4. Those porch slats are fantastic !!!
    KEEP !!!!!
    Too funny that you found something you didn't know you bought - I do that all the time - it's like opening a Christmas present, right? lol

  5. I have a carpenter work bench just like that. Are you sure you did not shop my storage shop? Anxious to see what you do with it, because mine is pretty cruddy and needs a makeover. The wash board is delightful as well as the porch slats.
    Great items and what fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Don't you love to think about how these old primitives were used and day dream? Like the old washboard that's worn. Can you imagine having to wash your clothes on a was board? It would sure ruin a manicure!

  7. Great finds Donna! I am loving those porch slats. I can totally see one of those added to a gallery wall or in lots of vignettes. So pretty...:) I don't see how you find such great things...:) Have a blessed week...Vicky

  8. Oh my mouth is drooling.....I want everything. Keep those old porch slats. So in love with your Primitives in the raw. I too find things I don't remember I've bough. it's like finding it all over again!,

  9. Donna, I want to go junking with you!!! Love, love the porch slats. So many possibilities. Everything is just fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I be thinking warm weather thoughst for you!

  10. Love all your great find! ; especially that radiator can!!!!!1

  11. Love the slats, the crate, and the washboard - what a lot of history that thing has in it! You find the best stuff. Take care - Dawn

  12. I love, love, love the porch slats - they'd be a cute headboard...or just an art piece on the wall...and the washboard made me feel all mushy...when I find things like that, and they're so obviously well used, just knowing the work that went into making them and wearing them down makes me very sentimental and full of respect. You get it... I know you do. Wish I could join you and Olive! Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday.

  13. It's a good thing we weren't at the same sales. Love everything you bought and would have grabbed it all in a second. Those porch slats are fabulous. Keep a few then sell the others. Good eye!

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