Sunday, February 2, 2014

Out With Olive Out

Vintage finds, vintage metal, watering can, garden urn, photographs
Olive from Olive Out agreed to go across the river and down the interstate to Warrenton, Georgia, to pick up something I had bought on Facebook.  

Of course we first had, HAD, to stop at Uncle Junk's to see what we could find.

We took my Blazer which Olive calls the coffin carrier.

Actually I could fit a coffin in the back quite nicely.

If I ever cleaned it out!

I bought this wonderfully fabulous watering can.  

Not for gardening.

This was used at the old-time full service gas stations to fill radiators.  Some of you are old enough to remember never traveling without a jug of water to keep your car from overheating.

I have only seen a couple of these recently and was deliriously happy to purchase this one at a great price.

See all the primitive wood furniture in the truck?

Still there.

Blame the snow.

<Or me>

Bag of mixed silver and silverplate spoons of different sizes.

Large bag of iced tea spoons.

All kinds of patterns.

A large bag of mixed items from serving pieces to pickle forks.

All of these are perfectly tarnished and ready for crafting.

Most I will probably put on Etsy.  

After I pick through them some more.

At Mimi T's in Warrenton, I found this cute pink gravy boat, a milk glass batter bowl, and two small glass insulators.

 I bought this US Mint bag for the booth - I have several customers who collect them.

This dealer was selling "Time Machine in a Bag" - a large lot of old family photographs.  

I bought a couple of hundred.

I have already scanned a few for tags and other projects.

I love just sitting and looking at the people and wondering what stories they could tell.

Think about it.  Fifty years from now, what will people find to record our daily lives?

Primitive digital cameras?

A zinc scoop with two holes for a metal label, but that is gone.

The other scoop is handmade from a tin can with a handle soldered on.

I love make-do's!

A child's tiny skate with a green leather lace-up toe piece.

Just one.

A collection of glass stoppers.

Some good.

Some crusty.

Some missing pieces.

Imagine them in a type drawer.

This is the urn I bought from Mimi T's on Facebook.  The reason Olive and I were traveling.  Last Monday I lugged it out of the truck (It is solid cast iron and weighs a ton!).  Then I dragged it from place to place in the front yard to be able to find the perfect place for the snow to fall upon its loveliness.  

Molly the cat thought we were playing some kind of new game.  

Finally I decided on my fern stand with my footless angel guarding it.  (Chucks dropped her a few years ago.  How many years of bad luck is that?)  

My neighbors thought I was crazy.  

Until Wednesday morning dawned on this in the front yard with three inches of snow.

It made me happy.

No, I will not make you listen to the minion song again. You can find it HERE!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh what a fun time and some cool purchases! I love that bag from the mint. I have never seen one before. Is your snow melted now??

  2. Sweet stuff, Donna! That song has been playing over and over in my head. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  3. This sounds like the best kind of girls' day out...I had fun just reading this! Great finds...and love the urn!

  4. I just love a girl's day out and even more if it involves a little treasure hunting! Sounds like a perfect day! I love those bottle stoppers. I was looking at my decanter stoppers the other day and thinking how the stoppers are my favorite part. I even thought about taking them off and getting rid of the bottles but I hate the thought of separating them. The snow is so pretty on your new urn and sweet angel. EnJOY your Sunday my friend....Vicky

    1. I almost forgot to tell you.....I love the new header!

  5. Giiiiiirl! You did good! Whew! I wish I had the vision of what could be or the craftiness to make it happen. But I do like to do vignettes. Mr. H hates it! My car is full. (Well it does have the "JUnker" sign on the window. I don't know why he would be upset. He calls me Sanford ( you know of, Sanford and Sons.)

  6. What fun Donna. More fun when you have someone to go with you. Love the rusty urn and it shows up so nicely in the snow. Gas Station water can is unusual too. I had forgotten about that type of "water can" ... likely would have mistaken it for a watering can. I know you will be making everything pretty.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Sounds like you gals had a great time. Your urn looks very nice with all the snow and will look very pretty in the summer with some lovely flowers in it.
    Stay warm and have a great week. happy shopping.....

  8. Interesting to see what you gathered. I could get lost in the old photos.

  9. Goodness me Donna you have me in the title-I am blushing. Thank you. I found a gas station warring can on Saturday too. I love that urn.

  10. I played the minion song for my family the other night, and now it's stuck in my head again, thanks Donna! I seriously love that watering can!!! Fab!!! Also loving your new header, looks terrific. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It

  11. Oh my donna, do you know how much I am loving that urn? I have wanted a cast iron one so badly. Everyone I have found around here are at least $350. Not sure what you paid for it. Now you have a urn and a lamb I am coveting. lol! I collect old cans, watering, oil, and gas. That is a real beauty! Love that long spout! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Hi Donna. First time stopping by, I enjoyed seeing your finds. Where is Warrenton, Georgia? My family hails from way down south in Hawkinsville. Is that anywhere close? If so, I need to send my mom to Uncle Junk's! And I love the old photos, I love to look at them and think up what stories they may tell.

  13. There's nothing like a day of junking with a friend and you came back with some wonderful treasures! I love your weathered urn!

  14. Donna, your finds always excite me! Lately, I've been into metal things...and am feeling the urge to do a heavily industrial room soon...thanks for the inspiration, and for joining Thrifty Life Thursday!

  15. What a fun day and great finds! I had a pair of skates like those and I do love you urn!

  16. Hey Donna, I just wanted to let you know you're featured this week at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday! (And I visited Olive, too.)


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