Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shopping The Shed

buckets, crates, vintage finds, collections, rust
I had big plans for Chucks to drive me to the flea market fifty miles away to find some bargains.  

He was ready to get away from here, but hesitant when he saw my list.

During the night I developed a terrible headache and could not sleep.

No sleep = No flea market

So I decided to mosey on down to Inman Grocery to shop our shed.

 An inside view.

I keep everything straight, but Chucks and our helper Calvin like to open the door and pitch stuff in.

Aggravates the fool out of me.

They will pay.

In a few weeks everything must come out for it to be renovated.

There were many bargains to be found.

All were FREE!

I only pulled out a few things.

Things I no longer use in the house or the yard.

Things I am willing to sell.

Sort of.

I will let the photos tell the story of all the treasures uncovered.

Calvin, Chucks and I cleaned, painted, and tagged most of it.

Loaded it in the truck to be taken to Riverfront Antique Mall.


Of course I did most of the work.

They say I am too demanding.

I am the Rust Goddess.

And they are my subjects.

Sometimes they forget.

Chucks only participated as long as I was willing to part with it all.

Which is why I was super-selective about which items were pulled out of the shed.

The bucket brigade - all cleaned!

Think of all the container gardens!

I would just hang this on the gate.

And I think I did that one year!

Muffin tins for tiny succulent gardens.

Rusty beauty

Some kind of metal dividers I used as trellises one year.

Willie was sure I hid biscuits in this pile.

No, I am not getting rid of my orange army cot.

 I put this kettle in the pile, but saved back about seven to decide what types of containers I will be using for summer flowers.

I am very low on windows.  These are the last four in the shed.

This screen was on the mantel a couple of years ago.  I loved the chippy white over turquoise.

But into the pile it went.

I will scream later.

The screen with a pile of rake heads.

I did sneak some of the rake heads back in the shed and left these three.

Don't tell Chucks.

Say good-bye to my little friends.

Did you see anything you would have kept?

Did I give up something I will regret?

Well, to his credit, Chucks was rather proud of my progress.

He promises we will go to the flea market in a couple of weeks.

I'm just glad he wasn't home to see what I hid in the attic the other day!

See y'all!

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  1. It is always rather sad when the royal subjects forget who is in charge. I want to shop your shed! Seriously...did you ever think of just putting an "Open" sign on it??? I always plant pansies in my tea kettle. What did you hide in the attic??

  2. I would have kept it all and repurposed everything... but then I'd have a shed full of repurposed items that I don't know what to do with LOL Great stuff in there!

  3. Wow! What great stuff. Who needs to go to the flea market when they have a shed full of treasures like those. I love the wooden boxes and that metal basket! I can just see many of those containers filled with beautiful blooms in a few weeks...:) So looking forward to spring. Have a blessed Sunday.....Vicky

  4. Those rake heads would make lovely foundations for wreaths. Add a bunch of hydrangeas you got last fall (if you have any left) or any other flowers and pretty ribbon to the mix and . . . you have some awesome floral décor. Hot, hot, hot!

  5. Now I see why you told me you had to scrape the dirt off you ... "dirty work-but someone has to do it". With all these inspiring comments, I see you putting some of it back in the Shed ... and what did you hide in the attic? I want a decorative window screen and to think we replaced 14 vintage window screens on our rental and I dismantled them. I did save the wood. Have a great week.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. More of us should "shop" in our own sheds! We have real treasures just like you. Linda@wetcreek Blog

  7. I go the garage and shop, but every time I clean out the garage and take things to SA I am sorry because I needed it. LOL Isn't that always the way. Found some great things for Spring - so better get ready and do a post.
    You did good.

  8. Your shed has the best stuff. Rust envy.

  9. I love, love, love to re-purpose and your shed is filled with so much marvelous stuff.
    What fun :)
    Have a happy week and keep smiling.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. What a great place to shop. I could have a hayday in there!!! Wow! I have got to make it down to your shop. Love these galvanized buckets and the windows. Two of my favorites.

  11. Oh yes... subjects do need to be reminded of who the boss is every once in a while. I really love all those buckets... and the rakes. I need to find me some rusty rakes.

  12. Dearest Miss Donna;
    Please promptly go and get that chippy screen. as well as the white enamel bowl!!!!
    I would Love to get my hands on some of your Buckets!!!!
    What Wonderful rusty goodness!!!! I would enjoy paining them and leaving some rust on them in places.....Sigh.
    Please retrieve those items immediately, as you can reuse them and hide em from Chucks!!!!! :-)

  13. Wow! Can I come shop in your shed? I try very hard not to keep the stuff I bring home, hope you don't have seller's regret like I do. Love it all.

  14. Oh my gosh Donna, all those buckets make me ever so happy!

  15. How could you give up any of these treasures couldn't you use or reuse all of it? you had to have had saved them in the shed for a reason. i would have been heartbroken to have to part with it.Oh well that is what antiquing is for right? Susie

  16. That is some great stuff but I think you should stick with your decision and sell, sell, sell. That way you can make room for the things you really really want. Good luck!

  17. fun post. just found you via Shabbilicious Friday. will see if you are on FB since I spend more time there these days.

    be blessed

  18. I love that metal trash can with the painted flowers. I'm sure it was hard to give the stuff up! Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

  19. Hey Donna. Just found your it! I am your newest follower.. I love junk!!! it is amazing what we can do with what many consider to be junk...Stop by for a visit and maybe follow along.. I just love visiting creative minds...Blessings!


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