Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Hint Of Spring

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As I was walking around picking up more debris from the ice storm, I noticed there was definitely a hint of spring in the yard.

I was delighted to see my lavender standing upright again and putting up shoots.

The Queen Ann's Lace is growing into a beauty.

The Mexican Sunflower is popping up everywhere.

Got to tame that thing.

The stonecrop is fixing to shoot up.

I use the old stems to cover the new plants from winter weather.

More succulents - this one called Nasty Nancy around the neighborhood for her habit of growing wherever she touches.

I have miniature daffodils shoots, but this late I do not think they will bloom this year.

Tiny pink buds on this azalea.

The Sweet Autumn clematis is growing inches every day.

I swear, inches!

 A victim of the storm - a cabinet door used beside a plant table was flattened by a limb which flattened a pot which released Nasty Nancy who spread along the table top.

I do not know where she thinks she is going.

As I walked about taking photos and enjoying the sun, Scout and Willie were planning a jail break.

Silly boys, I know your tricks!

I am planning to enjoy what little spring there is this weekend before the cold hits again.

See y'all!

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  1. I have a couple of plants that usually stay "greenish" most of the winter. As soon as the snow melts, I am going to go take a peek at the dianthus and see if it is green. When I lived in Virginia I had so many periennuals that showed green early. That is much more rare here in this part of Pennsylvania. The only plant that I miss being able to harvest year round is rosemary. I had a plant in Virginia that went from being a small seedling to a huge, gorgeous bush that I could harvest all year. That doesn't happen in Pennsylvania!

  2. It's amazing how those plants can prevail through all that ice we had!

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to see our spring flowers..but unfortunately we still have a bout a foot of snow on the ground...... Yuck. I'm so over this. Ha. Thanks for reminding me it's coming!!!!!!

  4. My oh my Donna, I am so envious!! The only thing green around here is some cash in my wallet. Said we don't get much snow here in my part of Ohio, avg15 inche's, this year 56 inche's. I hope my perennial's didn't get killed off.
    Your dog's are adorable !! Take care & hunker down for that lovely weather we're gonna get this coming week.

  5. First Green! Love it! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. How cheering to find things growing in your yard!!!! Check out my post today to see what's growing in our yard - with a forecast of sub-zero temps every night next week! LOL

  7. Hopefully your over the snow and cold weather. It is always so rewarding to see the new shoots of plants peaking up through the dirt. My garden is going crazy - the roses are growing by leaps and bounds and the iris's are ready to bloom. I can hardly wait.
    Your dogs are just like mine - if they can get out I have to chase them down LOL. Jail break.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Nice to see some signs of spring! We're heading for freezing temps again this week too. *sigh*. I hope we don't have Nasty Nancy here.

  9. we've had a break in temps, and yesterday i noticed some daffodil's beginning to sprout...hopefully they will make it, b/c we still have snow on the way in pa.

  10. Is there anything more exciting to see than the first signs of SPRING?!!!! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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