Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time Capsule

 I am dragging furniture from the attic - old family pieces.  I showed you the Lowery blue desk  here. Now I will show you what was in another piece.

My childhood dresser was in the attic complete with my treasure drawer.

Did you have a treasure box or drawer growing up?

The one where you saved things just for the memories?

Here is the drawer as I opened it - the first time since - wait for it -  

1976 !

My last bank statement as a college student.  Gamecock checks of course!  Most interesting were checks for $7 - the cost for two steak dinners with salads and tea at Vella's - a popular place for students.

Yes, the bank sent your checks back to you in the mail.  

It was a paper world.

 For my high school graduation, my Great Aunt Roma tatted 20 pairs of flowers in different colors to affix to informal note cards and envelopes.  I never would use them.

 Regular readers know I am an annoying over-achiever.  These are the badges that would not fit on my Girl Scout sash which I hope is in my mother's cedar chest.  

I was in Scouts from second grade to tenth grade.

There is one Girls' Auxiliary badge - a church group.

 School Memories book from third grade.  I could name at least half of my class from 53 years ago!

The pink book is all student photos from elementary school.

Chopsticks from the first Chinese restaurant I ever ate at.

My high school discipline code - so tame!

My peace sign patch from the seat of my jeans.

A keychain from my father's job.

A tiny pocketknife.

 I have every high graduation card, a list of the present given, and a book to record all.

I received a lot of silky nightgowns and panties and travel kits.

It was impolite on both sides of the family to leave anyone out from receiving a graduation invitation even if you knew they could not attend or afford to give a present.  I received many cards with a dollar or two, with very nice notes.  I think I treasure those most of all.

 This is creepy - very creepy.  I cut my hair once in elementary school and saved it in a heart.  I cut my hair again in in the first year of college and coiled it in a basket.

Now if only I knew how to make Victorian hair jewelry I could braid this to leave for my nieces and nephew.

I know they would love the thought.

 My graduation memory book, the commencement program, and the hand-written list I made of the gifts, visits, and graduation attendees.  Every single one was sent a thank you note.

Just the way things were done then.

 Those of you with children in college will get a hoot out of this.  I had scholarship money which covered expenses for three years, but the last year I needed a student loan.  This is the repayment plan from 1976 for the $800 (covered tuition, dorm, and books for two semesters!)  I was to repay them $23 every quarter for ten years.  It was a stretch but I managed to repay it in four years.

 Autograph book and address book of the other girls at GA camp over three summers.

I wonder where they all are?

Camp Rawls - log cabins with bunks, a separate shower cabin, a fire circle, a lake, and a large log church.

One year our cabin counselor was a missionary from Colombia, South America.  She fried us some spiders one night for a treat.

Crispy goodness!

 The French Club in high school always attended the annual French drama after reading the book or play in class. 

Oui, ticket, program, and playbook!

Ending our journey down memory lane courtesy of my time capsule, we have my very first compact, a rain bonnet, my junior high locker combination, my Brownie badge, two Japanese erasers sent from Japan by my uncle in the Navy, and a wooden box made in shop from a forgotten boy.

The crepe paper red poppy is from 1968.  The American Legion would take donations for veterans and give you a red poppy.  So fitting for this weekend to find this.

If you are not familiar with the red poppies and their significance, look it up.

All that from just one drawer and I have closets more to unload.  I will not tell you which items were discarded and which were put in a "maybe" pile and which were kept.

If you can name everything in your house and the story behind it, are you a hoarder?

Don't hurt my feelings.

See y'all!

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  1. We recently sorted through my husband's and his parents's and granparents's "keepsakes." What finds, and we made a lot of siblings and cousins happy. And we still have lots to leave to our son. Wonder if he will ever look at all those bits? Fellow Hoarder, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. So much to say here.......what fun! First thing I noticed was that peace sign patch. I'm pretty sure I still have one packed away somewhere. We were so cool! My sister had exactly that pink and black photo book. (I was jealous!) I did not save my scout badges but have my gold brownie pin. (Make new friends, but keep the old.....) Your Great Aunt Roma was a gem to tat all of those for you! I'm bringing my rain bonnet when we dollar store bag "Mississippi Rain Bonnet" for me! I'm scheduling an intervention for you regarding that hair. And finally...was that boy really forgotten???

  3. Donna, you were born to be, shall we say, a "souvenir goddess"! So many great memories of times once was. How wonderful is this! When I started blogging I did a post on what my sister-in-law made with her daughter's hair here: I love it and it is a great way to save something so precious.

  4. This is pretty cool! I think I have a memory box somewhere....

  5. Those are all great treasures. I was a Girl Scout too! Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  6. Oh my goodness, what fun to see your treasures! I had a time capsule that I shared with a neighbor girl when we were in grade school. (um, a long time ago). We buried it next to the culvert that was halfway between her place and mine. I suppose it's time to dig it up.

  7. What fun, Donna! Unfortunately we moved so many times...and then I repeated the pattern even MORE times so my memory stuff is scattered everywhere. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. We truly are kindred spirits! I have all my treasures hidden away in my hope chest and it looks much like your drawer! I was in Girl Scouts for a few years but we moved a lot when I was growing up so I didn't go through junior and high school. My daughter however was a GS from kinder to 12th grade and earned her Silver award. I was a co-leader for all those years. We have such fond memories of those days! I enjoyed hearing all about your memories....:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. many amazing memories from one drawer! I'm sooooo loving that peace patch. And that gorgeous hair! had my long blonde hair cut so many times when I was little. I wish my mother had thought to keep some of it, because I was too young. Not sure why I'd want it now, but I do. There's something strangely appealing about having some hair from one's younger self. Love that you saved all those grad cards, and those cheques too. Sometimes I really miss the paper world we grew up in. You are not a hoarder my friend... you are a memory keeper.

  10. Hi Donna ... I like what Tuula said ... you ARE a memory keeper. Maybe you can convince Chuck of that. Love all you little keepsakes. I think I have a diary somewhere, but not much else. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrye Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. I wish I had saved things like this...I have a scrapbook, but your treasures are so wonderful! They really are a time capsule! Thanks for was like a blast from the past!

  12. WHat an awesome find, the memories, now I am going to scare you, I was born in 1976, that's a long time to not have seen that stuff.

  13. You ate fried spiders?! Well, I once ate fried turtle, so I can't talk. I loved this post! I feel like I know you a little better:) I esp. love the Girl Scout badges. I was a GS too, and I hate that I don't know what ever happened to my sash and badges. But I do have my badge books so at least I know which ones I earned. Some of the same ones you did actually. Oh, I'm sure if you Google Victorian hair jewelry you can learn how to make a nice gift for your nieces and nephews. Thanks for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up this week! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It


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