Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grabbed From Horror Monster

Vintage furniture, Christmas, Rockers, vintage eyeglassesThis is a teaser post about the things that I grabbed from the grimy fingers of Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

This is one of several vintage Christmas tins from Horror Monster's Christmas In The South section.  

Just right for rum-soaked fruit cake.

Keep or Sell?

Three boxes of very beautifully cross-stitched pillow ornaments.

Keep or Sell?

A brown pottery bowl - very old - perfect for my tiny gourds.

Keep or Sell?

A stack of zinc Mason jar lids with the milk glass insert.

Keep or Sell?

A collection I had no idea I had - vintage eye glasses.

Keep or Sell?

An easel - from teaching days - a parent made every teacher one with an apple chalkboard.

Keep or Sell?

A large handmade oak basket.

Keep or Sell?

The next two chairs are related.  They both have been in the attic for over a decade.  They once belonged to my cousin's grandmother on his father's side.  She was my grandmother best friend.  Passed on to me after my cousin's death.  

You may have to be Southern to follow this.

Ladies rocker - sometimes called a nursing rocker.

Keep or Sell?

An upholstered rocker  needing a redo - beautiful turnings on the legs and fronts piece.

Keep or Sell?

In the time capsule READ HERE, I found a stack of wrapping paper from my high school graduation gifts back in 1971.  

I had saved all the owl paper.

I guess everything old IS new again.

Keep or Sell?

The top portion of an old window from a historical house nearby.

Yes, that would be dust!

Keep or Sell?

Let's tally your score and see how you did.

I kept the brown pottery bowl, the zinc lids, and the eyeglass collection.  

Of course I kept the window, too!

I decided to sell the vintage tin, the pink ornaments, the easel, the oak basket, and the two chairs,

The owl paper?  You would not believe this, but I actually threw that darling owl paper away!

Well, I may have scanned a piece of the owl paper first.

The big reveal of the slash room is the first week in December.  A three-part mini-series called Horror Monster Versus The Slash Room.

You newbies out there might be wondering what in the world is a "slash" room?

I just got tired of typing out computer/craft/guest room.  Get it?

See y'all!

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  1. I was not surprised with the items you kept...they all seemed Donna worthy...:) Do you have plans for the eyeglasses or will you just display them in a basket? That owl paper was just too cute...I'm glad you scanned it before tossing it. I like that idea....may be I need to do that with some of my old stuff! Some day....maybe! When my craft room turns into a horror!
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. I think I might have kept that last rocker...said the girl who has never reupholstered anything!! Love the owl paper...probably would have kept it and never thought to scan it're such a genius! Adore the window and have the perfect place for it of course!! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  3. I think you should have hauled all of that down to the mall to see what goes and what stays. You just never know what might be hot. I do love the oak basket filled with beautiful flowers. And you could've decoupaged the owl paper onto something for nostalgia. I'm just saying. You did ask. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Donna!

  4. I definitely would have kept the easel, and the two chairs! I need to sort through some of my "stuff" too - amazing the things we hang on to. Have a great week. I am joining you through What's It Wednesday.

  5. I popped over from Ivy and Elephants: I would KEEP the chairs, refinished they would be beautiful. Connie from, a new GFC friend.

  6. Good call on selling the cross stitched pillows, they are lovely so I think they should sell well. Same on the chairs. Your clean out must be going well. I've been in clean out mode too since we repainted our bedroom. Feels good, huh? -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  7. wowzer...would have kept that window too!!!!! Talk about a horror monster..... I have not had time to put away everything left from the show. You should see my driveway. Thank goodness, portion of it is undercover, 'cause it's been raining for two days! I love the old Christmas tins and have a number of them that I use for storing cookies, etc. in at this time of the year.

  8. Hi Donna, You kept just about everything that I would have. Love those zinc lids, which I remember having some a while ago, but don't know where they are now. I tried bleaching some trees but it didn't work. I got the trees at $ store and also the bleach. Would it have worked if I had used Clorox? This was some off brand..Thanks for your kind comments to me..Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  9. Donna ... I have to admire you for trying to 'tame your monster' ... I know how hard it is to do, because I seem to have the same problem. I would have kept the brown crock bowl and the part of the window. Other things should sell in you shop.
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Love the zinc lids and the eyeglasses. I would have kept those too. I think I would have had to keep that second rocking chair. There's something about it I love.

  11. Hey Miss Donna; I absolutely Love the cross stitched Santa pillows!!! *Swoon* They would be so Beautiful grouped together hanging on a tree or else on a table with other Santa's. (I wish that I had them!!!!) Your brown bowl is very old and is worth some $$$. Are there any marks on the bottom? I wish that you had a spot for one of the Rockers, as they are Lovely. I would enjoy redoing the covered one!!! I hope that you and Chucks have a Wonderful, Blessed, and Safe Thanksgiving.

  12. I really loved the two chairs, but I understand how sometimes we must part with things, even if they are lovely! You really scored great finds.


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