Saturday, April 21, 2012

Repurposed Rust

 I was so fired up last night between HGTV's new shows featuring Lara Spencer and flea market flipping AND that super-duper Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special repurposed furniture posts.  I stayed up way too late browsing through the blog projects - boy, there are so many creative people out there! I had big plans for today after going to yard sales.  Then I awoke to find my hand and half my face looked like this. (I'll spare you the picture of my face - I look like a horror movie extra!)  Some kind of allergic reaction.  I took some Benadryl and went back to bed.  I felt better after lunch and those projects I wanted to do were calling (no, pleading) to be finished.  
Looking out in the backyard I saw a project past due for at least two years.  I found this lamp by the roadside several years ago and had used it as a candle holder by the pool.  I had left it rusty and stuck a candle in the socket. (I guess that was a two minute repurpose:).  It has since lost its socket to rust and age.  So I dug it out of its spot and surveyed the yard for a place to re-use it.  Sweet Autumn clematis was taken over my lavender bed.  TRELLIS!

This is the detail I love about this piece - the ball on the intertwined metal legs. I cleaned off the dirt and sprayed her copper.

Here it is drying in the sun.  (Yes, I do know pools are not supposed to be this color - its being treated as we speak!)

Here it is holding up the clematis vine away from the lavender which is blooming now for the second time this year.  I love the look of the copper against the blue and silvery green  of the lavender bushes.

By September when the clematis blooms, it will be completely covered in drifts of white blossoms.

Iotal time:  fifteen minutes.  Total cost:  about $1.50 in spray paint

 The puppies (Willie and Scout) stayed out of the way for once convinced they could catch the lizard that had been peacefully sunning.  Luckily for my beloved lizards, they are faster than the dogs and the cats.

 Here is a repurposed chair.  There is no before picture - it is twenty years old!  I found the chair by the road, spray painted it white, and was weaving a new rag seat for it when the front rail snapped.  I stuck it in the corner of the bathroom to hang towels over the vent in the floor so they would dry quicker. The basket holds extra TP.  In the summer bathing suits hang here.  Another faithful and useful friend saved from the landfill!

Willie and Scout were too tuckered to make it to the sofa.  So after they have had their afternoon treat, and I have had another Benadryl, it is off to nappy land.

Hope you come by again.  Please leave a comment if you have the time.

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