Thursday, April 19, 2012

Befuddled Bedsprings

It's raining and I had projects lined up for outside.  I did some decoupaging on some gift tags and note cards so they are spread over every available flat space to dry.   It's raining and  the dogs and cats are bored -no dog park -no kitty-chase-the-stick games.  Everywhere I go they follow behind -my own personal parade.  It's raining and my beloved Blazer has decided she will not use her blinkers or the headlights so she is visiting her mechanic. 

As I looked around I see those  bed springs in their plastic bags.  I had vowed not to make another votive holder with them.  What could I do -What could I do?  A friend had wanted me to make a centerpiece for her table on a wreath form so she could hang it later.  I had bought the green wire wreath
 form and sprayed it Rust-oleum Cinnamon, a favorite among rust goddesses.  So why not a bed spring wreath! 

I took the first spring and twisted it around the form - in and out the wires on the form.  the first went on so well I thought this is easy.. Next I started the second one up inside the first coil.  That did not work.  I backed it out and started the second coil just inside the large bottom ring of the first coil.  Carefully twisting until it was positioned where I wanted it.  I continued around the form twisting and positioning as I went.

 When I got to the next to last coil, I had to twist it way up the previous coil so I could fit the last coil in.  After the last coil was twisted on the form, I went around the wreath adjusting the twists to even them out. I used fourteen coils.
 I have needed something to hang on the inside of the back door, and I think I have found it.  Here it is naked - just can't have that!   So I gathered some odds and ends from the stash cabinet and started playing.


I grabbed this star made from shutter slats.  It easily slid between the coilsIt did not need any extra anchoring. 

 I thought of that doll with the pretty vintage dresser scarf dress and tried her sitting in the wreath.  She overwhelmed it, and the pups are way too interested in her hanging skirt.  I am afraid she would quickly become a chew toy!

 I take off the star and doll. I add a piece of round frame that has had many different uses over the years along with part of my collection of garden tools.  (I know I did not confess to a garden tool collection in my last post, but sadly that was just the tip of the iceberg.)  I think it looks lop-sided so I remove the frame - it doesn't mind. It knows I will have a future job for him.

I add the star back to the wreath and adjust the tools.  That red trowel will not cooperate. The wreath still looks naked. I am surprised how well each object fits inside the coils - no wiring so far!   I think the star a keeper, but the red trowel has to go.  Sorry!

Atop my stash cabinet sits my Raggedy 
Ann angel. I add her in front of the star.  I know some of you are thinking aren't those coils rusty?  Yes, they are, but I, as a rust goddess,  do not mind rust spots on most stuff - it adds character!  If it bothers you,  you can spray it with a clear sealer to keep the rust look without the rust stain.

Here she is hanging on the door .  The dogs can't reach it (though both Willie and Scout have tried.)  I am off to upload the photos for this post.  As the pictures load, I put away some things and check on drying items.
I keep coming back to the door and looking at that wreath - something is missing.

How could I not have thought of adding my torn ribbons to it.  Well, duh, everyone knows I put ribbons on everything that stands still long enough.  I know just the ones to use.  They are the end pieces of other ribbons that were soaked in my husband's left-over coffee and cheap imitation vanilla from the dollar store. (HINT:  That cheap vanilla keeps its scent just as well as the real stuff!)  I gather the pieces into a loose loop and slip it through the top coils. Finally, a well-dressed wreath!

It is done - at least for today.  I hope you enjoyed this rainy day project.  Remember - I have two box springs of these coils so there will definitely be more projects!  

Come back again, folks.  Please leave a comment if you have the time - all are read and treasured.

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