Sunday, April 8, 2012






My Easter cards this year feature three graphics from Karen over at The Graphics Fairy.  She actually had so many beautiful Easter items it was hard to decide.  I went back and forth between rabbits and flowers.  Then chose the little girl holding a basket of eggs on a graphic of sheet music for the front .

On the inside I just had to use that sweet little bird.  I used Paper Studio paper and cards  and distressed the cardstock with a mixture of walnut ink and alcohol.  I cut out the bird and used silver glitter glue around the shape.  After I had finished all my cards, I realized how close to an egg shape the bird was and wished I had cut it that way!  Well, you always learn from your mistakes.

I went to the Habitat Restore and purchased two aluminum window screens with metal frames.  When spritzing with walnut ink stain, I place one screen across two bins (outside - I am too messy).  I lay all paper or cloth on the screen and first lightly spritz with a spray bottle of walnut ink (Mixed ahead of time and kept in bottle).  Then I spritz with rubbing alcohol(also kept in spray bottle).  I go ahead and turn to do the back.  The alcohol seems to make the items dry faster.  I use the second screen over the top to hold all in place in case a breeze comes around. Follow Me on Pinterest 

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