Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Blog April 3, 2012



Tuesday,  April 3, 2012
I am starting my first blog.  I have been wanting to do this for the longest time, but kept putting it off and my computer was ancient.  Thanks to my brilliant nephew who built me exactly what I wanted in a computer system, I am up and running.  My name is Donna Wilkes.  I am in my late fifties and have been married for thirty-one years - all to the same man!  I have two cats -Molly and Azalee - and two dogs - Willie and Scout.  I am a retired school teacher who has always loved  repurposing old things.  I am a self-proclaimed rust goddess.  My motto is "If it has rust, it is a must!"   In the pictures, you will see a glimpse of my garden which is wild, untameable, and of course, contains lots of rusty objects.  In the second picture is a small corner of the den - I collect folk art, outsider art, and primitives.  In the third picture is my official stash of art and refinishing supplies.  I say official because it actually spills out over different corners of the room. (Let's be honest - the whole house!) I have never met a piece of fabric or cloth I did not like.  I have been described as eccentric and eclectic which I take as a compliment.  Until I started reading blog after blog, I did not know that such people who reveled in junk existed outside my small circle of friends and acquaintances.    I hope over the course of this blog to share my projects and ideas with whomever wishes to follow.  
Ah, yes, the last picture is moi - distressed - I believe with uploading decent pictures of a distressed table.

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