Friday, April 13, 2012

Low Country Crawl

Leia's Gift
Every year my niece Leia and I go junkin' for her birthday.  This year she picked out a couple of new places and a few of our old favorites.  So I clean out my Blazer, selected a Turtles Greatest Hits cassette (Yes, I said cassette. My truck turns 16 next month, but don't say anything - she no longer counts the years!), and hit the road for the Low Country of South Carolina.  Those of you who have been fortunate enough to travel or live here, it is a beautiful place.
When I arrived in Summerville, the birthday gift was opened - vintage flamingo postcards for Leia's flamingo obsession.  And then we were off!

Left Behind hutch and chair
First stop was at the new Summerville Habitat Restore - clean and spacious.  It was loaded with goodies.  Right off the bat, the turquoise hutch caught my eye.  I took a picture and continued to browse glancing back.  After several inspections (some particle board, missing top drawer) I passed on it.  Leia and I unloaded a bin of at least 100 spindles and were able to match four sets of four. (This item was actually on my list!).  Leia found a vintage flocked Santa in a Christmas clearance bin and I found two paint scrapers with a lot of chippy paint.  A few more items and we hit the road.

Leia at the end
Containers overflowing

Rusty ladder would look great in the yard with pots of plants
As we were headed toward I-26 to go to North Charleston, I spied a cute little place off the street.  We could not stop to cross traffic., but vowed to catch it on our return. Down the road we saw a flea market sign pointing off the road.  We had to investigate.  Several hundred yards of gravel road through the woods emerged three buildings and huge shipping containers filled to overflowing.  Here we met Robert Durland who mostly specializes in store fixtures and accessories. The sheer amount of what he had boggled the mind.  I have a soft spot for mannequins and there were aisles of them plus shelves, wire baskets, wooden crates, and signs.  He started a pile as we searched through each and every building and container.  I have to go back again to investigate further.  As we shopped, Mr. Durland told us his story of overcoming a traumatic brain injury decades after it happened and how he spent years writing his story.  His faith was uplifting and brightened our day.  I have his book on my shelf ready to read.  (

Down the interstate we traveled to Rivers Avenue. Ever wondered where old Goodwill stuff goes?  To the Goodwill Pound Centers.  Long dump carts are lined up with containers and boxes of clothing, bedding, books, and anything else.  People are digging through piles and will usually throw something over to you if they know what you are looking for.   I dug in the book carts and came away with a pile.  Leia's sharp eyes picked out a number of vintage flocked and felt Santas.  We left with a shopping cart full!

Next was Community Thrift - one of our favorites.  It seemed as if every item we touched was $0.65 - who could resist that!  You have to make several turns around this huge place so you don't miss something.  Plus they are constantly putting out new items. 

Now we were on the hunt for that cute little place off the road.  Back up Interstate 26 to Exit 199, down Main Street toward Summerville, we spotted a yellow "antiques" sign.  As we turned in the drive an Eden appeared.  Beautiful yard art, plants, and furniture were all arranged in a magical way.  We had stumbled upon The Squirrel's Nest. It was a treasure for the eyes and that was just outside.  The inside was artfully arranged to draw your eye from the floor to the ceiling.  It was packed full of goodies.  I scored on a red table and a small chair  that in our family we called the telephone chair. This is definitely on our return list.  Michelle asked for no pictures as they were preparing for a professional photo shoot for the website.  HINT:  Always ask before you take pictures - it is the polite thing to do!  If you will be in the Summerville, SC, area on Sunday, April 15,  The Squirrel's Nest is having an open house and all are invited. (  or website: It is located at 110 West 9th N. Street right off Main Street (Hwy 17A).

We ended our day over Cajun Chips, Angus burgers, and pimento cheese at the Icehouse Restaurant.  What a way to end the day!  I piled into the truck, popped in my five cent Robert Plant "Taking Sally through the Alley" cassette (yes, I said cassette - see above!), and headed back home.

A Photo Collage of Our Finds

The Squirrel's Nest

Community Thrift -baskets, frames, tole tray

Goodwill Pound Center

Vintage Santas!

Who could discard this?

Tattered treasures
Lone Baby Jesus always brought home

 My favorite find of the day from the Goodwill Pound Center - seven heavy turquoise and lime green balls.  Don't know what sport they are used in, but I love them.  Someone suggested Bocci (spelling???).

Habitat finds-spindles
 Old photograph of a young boy with a smug smile on his face and bottle caps!
                       ( From a small thrift shop off Rivers Avenue)
 Finds from Durland's Warehouse:  wire baskets, white-washed shelves, and crates.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special
The Shabby Nest
Too Much Time On My Hands
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  1. Bocce. A tournament set w/ 4 each of two colors of large ball, and a small jack ball, instructions, rulebook, court layout, and wood carrying case, is $189 in Smithsonian catalog. Find those missing balls!!!!!! LOL Did you?

    Or did you sell them as decor items?

    You have great buying opportunities down in Somerville area. Well done.


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