Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Rusty, Crusty Stuff

Vintage scale, vintage finds, horseshoes
I went last week on a trip to a favorite junk store with Olive from Olive Out who is taking a break from blogging at the moment.

Got several rusty, crusty, dusty items.

Unfortunately due to the extremely cold weather, they are currently residing in the coffin carrier awaiting a thorough cleaning.

It was love at first sight for this very rusty, very crusty old scale which to my amazement is still rather precise.

Look at that cute chick waterer.

This is a copper light cover or the world's largest flower frog.

Look how much bigger it is than the scale.

An orange drill box.

A vintage photo of two ladies gossiping.

A long, blue metal tool box filled with horseshoes.

A wooden clamp.

OOPS!  I just noticed my horseshoes are upside down - all my luck has run out!

One porch paling.

Two funnels (one is hiding).

Three iron shoe lasts.

A silver metal tool caddy.

And a whole stack of dusty, dirty bank bags.

I have a stack of laundry to do.

I am putting it off as long as possible.

I think I will do the bank bags first.

It's a small load.

See y'all!

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  1. Two ladies gossiping... seams like a nice photo!

  2. Hey Miss Donna;
    I do hope that Miss Olive and Family is doing well.....I miss her posts, as well as her Blog.
    I absolutely LOVE your scale!!! it is a large one compared to the little one that I have which is rusty and crusty to perfection like yours!!!
    (The man that I bought mine from said...."Lady what do you want THAT for!!!" Then, he promptly spit out his chewing tobacco and just stared at me!!! ROF!!!!!
    Your Copper light cover would look too Cool over a piece of "Wild and Wicked" looking Art work!!!!!
    Lady, I swear you find the neatest things!!! :-)
    Your blue metal tool box with the Horse shoes would look too nice hanging on a wall.....
    I would Love to get ahold of some of your Bank Bags, and mess with my Brother!!!!! I can think of several things to use those for!!!! LOL!!!!
    I hope that you and Chucks are Staying Warm, and are doing Well!!!
    Take Care :-)

  3. Wonder how old are the First Union National Bank of South Carolina bags? Is the bank still in business? They would look great in some sort of a vignette, along with all the rusty and crusty finds you found this time. I can see them hanging on a wall of vintage items!

  4. Great finds as usual, Donna. I especially love the box of horseshoes! Have a great weekend.

  5. Donna ... some really nice finds ... just perfect for you ... so no, your good luck has not run out. The up-side-down horseshoes look pretty neat in that old tool box. My favorite would be the copper gird light cover or huge flower frog. Interesting that it is soldered at each junction like a flower frog is.
    Glad to hear that Olive went with you.Hope all is well with her.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I recently went to an estate sale and bought a bucket full of old horseshoes. I really just wanted the bucket but they all came together. So now Brian has to make a horseshoe pit. It's not like I can let them go to waste!


  7. YOu call that a small load??? It would be a big one for me! I'll be curious to see what you do with that copper light cover or whatever it is!

  8. Okay, I am in love. With Last Fall while we were on a trip and I was on the hunt, I thought of maybe starting a bank bag collection (there were some in the place we were). I have a few local ones, and banks always remind me of my dad. I thought it would be cool to pick one up in places I go antiquing if I would see them, but I stopped myself. It's the local ones that remind me of my dad (he was just a good businessman, not a banker), so I decided to curb my enthusiasm for yet another collection. All that stuff would attract me in your booth, Donna.

  9. Great finds! I love the copper light cover! Your horseshoes reminded me that years ago I used to hang a horseshoe over my front door for luck. Then one day it fell off and hit a man I was dating right on top of his head. I should have taken that as a sign....he was an ass, lol!

  10. Love the horseshoes, and that copper light cover looks like it has a great patina.I love copper when it gets bits of verdigris.

  11. Your scale is amazing. I've never seen one quite like that one before. You totally had me googling what the heck a coffin carrier was and amazingly, it is just what it sounds like it would be :) Glad you had fun with Olive!

  12. You found some great rusties! What a fun crusty treasure hunt!

  13. Hi Donna,
    All that rusty and crusty stuff: Be still my heart!
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  14. You got some great stuff, Donna. I'm in serious love with the copper light cover, aka flower frog!! Awesome. Like the bank bags a lot too (and everything else!).

  15. Love everything you found Donna.........great pickins!!
    Hope Scout is doing better.....what a little trooper he is!
    Have fun with your finds.

  16. That copper light cover is too cool! I am going to sneak up there someday and follow you around! You always find some neat treasures. :) Hope you are having a good weekend and are getting a little rest!

  17. You found some good stuff,...but then you always do. Did you spend the money from the bank bags? If we don't hear from you in a while we now you've escaped for a while. I'd of bought everything you did..

  18. Donna, you found some great rusty crusty stuff. I love it all!

  19. Oh, lucky you - so many beautiful things! Have to got to the flea market next weekend - you are so right!
    Have fun and all my best

  20. What a great junking day you had. Love all the rust and those fabulous bank bags.

  21. You always find the best stuff! Hope you had a great weekend!

  22. Thanks for stopping by and also for the heads up on the paint, HomeDepot only sales the little containers you have to order the larger online. Found that out today when I went there...I bought the last small Carbon one it will get the job done though!

  23. All that heavy metal (heh!) stuff. You're going to be one buff blogger if you keep this up. I think the tool box probably caught all the luck from the horseshoes, so just pour it back in. Great stuff!


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