Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Collection - Tattered and Torn

vintage books
My book collection tends to be composed of tattered and torn volumes.

Mostly dictionaries and atlases.

Some Hungarian tiny books.

And, of course, vintage reading textbooks.

The Bedroom Companion - War Edition.

Slightly naughty men's entertainment book of essays and cartoons.

Headed for Etsy.

I often choose books for the inscription and the script.

Books with illustrations and bookplates.

A tiny size.

A wonderful cover.

This book had them all.


I taught seventh grade literature and creative writing.

A favorite poet of the students - James Whitcomb Riley.

They loved his rhyme and meter.

This is a beautiful collection.


Hoosier Pictures by Will Vawter.

Each poem has a bookplate.

I am keeping this one - I know there are those hungering to cut out these plates and frame them.

Not gonna happen even "when the frost is on the punkin!"

Niece Leia gave me two volumes of the Boys and Girls Bookshelf.

She knew I would love the covers.

I have been using them as photo backdrops.

Beautiful typography and illustrations.

A pen and ink of May Day.

Does anyone remember dancing around the May Pole?

I may have to use a copy of some of the silhouettes for stencils.

Yes, these are keepers.

I spied this treasure peeking out of a pile at Melissa's Antiques.

I once had this book, but lost it in a fire at school.

Melissa was kind enough to let me buy it.

Do your children know to go to the dining car to eat?

It fits right in with my tiny books.

I love this shelf.

Sometimes these older books are not PC.

I found a set of blackline masters. Old teachers know how thrilled they were when these were published.

The slightly plump girl is "more" and the skinny girl is "less".


One day at Riverfront Antique Mall, a young lady came up to me and said she was a fan of my blog.

She gave me this book as a present.

Turns out she and her friend just opened a booth on the other side of the aisle with wonderful vintage stuff.

The Gryphon and The Rusty Typewriter.

Thanks, Liz!

There will be a huge book fair in Aiken hosted by the AAUW the first part of March.

I can hardly wait!

See y'all!

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  1. I love old books and have a few boxes full! That silhouette one looks a little scary, like maybe that guy with the arrows is a kidnapper! LOL!

  2. I love all your old books! It's always fun finding ones with illustrations in them. They can sometimes be quite charming, or funny, or not PC. That poetry book with the plates is wonderful! There are old books in my post today too. Danni says we're starting to think way too much alike. lol.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Donna. I'm so glad you love Tom's Trip! Also, I remember in middle school having to memorize James Whitcolmb Riley's poem "When the Frost is on the Pumpkin." He's a big deal here in Indiana, for obvious reasons. :)

  4. I enjoyed seeing your books! I have once found a big pile of old books in Vienna, near the building where we were living. I just took 2 (an world atlas and a book on the education of young ladies). I don't speak German, my luggage was too heavy anyway and also someone else should be happy about such a find also :).

  5. Kindle's and I Pad's are nice, but there's nothing as special as a real book. I'd be lost without them.

  6. Cool books! I recently bought a few antique books for the lovely brown of their aged pages. But not to keep, but too use in collage...yes, gasp..I am tearing them up bit by bit.

  7. What a lovely gift Liz gave you! I love their Gryphon & Rusty Typewriter tags!
    I have quite a few old books simply because I find them beautiful and fascinating. I found a way this past weekend to use my computer's scanner to print a page from an old book, to use the artwork without destroying the book itself.
    Signed, a girl that is "more".

  8. Love your collection of old books Donna. Looks great on your shelf and i know you enjoy reading and looking at them.

  9. Nice collection of books you have there on the shelf
    and good finds to add to it. Love those little birds, too!

  10. What a fun collection you have, love the graphics. I'll bet that first book is great for entertainment...too funny.

  11. Sweet collection Donna! I especially love the blackline masters. Lol! Definitely not PC though! ;)

  12. Funny...we love the same types of books! : )

  13. What a lovely collection! I just love the illustrations in those old books.

  14. I love old books and love the way you have them arranged on your shelf. I collect children's books...especially readers... and love to 'hunt' for them! Enjoy your week!

  15. I had some of these when I was young. They were old then and I wish I had kept them. My mama got them from an old school library sale where she grew up. Sad that as young people we don't realize the value of what we hold in our hands.

  16. I love old books. They call my name when I am at sales. I sometimes buy them just because I love their covers and sometimes for the illustrations. I especially love old readers (books, LOL!) Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. I'm a huge book lover, Donna--old and new :) Thanks for sharing all your beautiful illustrations and covers and inscriptions (LOVE). Such an enjoyable post--

  18. Oh I do love old books but as a true book lover you don't even want to know what I do with them, lol.

  19. Another old book lover here...I wish I could remember the title of two books from my Mamaw's house. I loved them so much. No one knows what happened to them unfortunately. Love your collection!

  20. Aw! These are so sweet, Donna! So love old books! Even love to create with them! Cheers, Catherine

  21. What a fabulous collection you have Donna! Love the boy and girl bookshelves and the one you got from Melissa. Laughing at the more and less girl! I mainly pick up books for their color and sometimes titles. I really want a collection of old gardening and story books about gardens. Really not having much luck. I think I have two. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. You just made an insomniac book lover smile.


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