Thursday, February 26, 2015

Estate Sale Times Three

estate sales, vintage finds
It took one determined woman, two trucks, and three trips to gather all the treasures from last week's estate sale.

I will admit I did not think it was a promising sale.  The house was on a corner three blocks from us - a small ranch with one small shed in the back corner.  Very neat and tidy.

I searched through the online pics and saw a couple of things.

I like this estate sale agency - it has fair prices and clearly marked items.

There is no order to my photos. 

And many things did not get photographed.

The first day I stayed in the house and returned for a second scouting.

I noticed no one had been in the shed.

I asked it there was stuff for sale and was told a few things.

Like this willow basket, metal BREAD embossed tray, and the old tire pump with a wooden handle.

All sitting on a orchard basket.

I found this in the pile of fishing stuff.

It collapses flat.  I think it might be a minnow bucket.

Any other ideas?

Yes, that is my green hand truck - I took it with me the second day, third trip to pick up the green cabinet I posted about yesterday.

A large stack of salt and flour sacks.

Always buy old rakes.

The adz is rather unique.

Someone honed a tree limb to make a new handle for it.

Three Victorian frames with the original glass.

The morning glories print is probably original, but the other two are mid-century.

The green tole magazine rack is lovely.

Wire freezer baskets.

A gas can.

Two shoe lasts.

A tin of canape cutters.

A blue-tined tiller.

Two wrought iron hooks.

I see the red wicker - that is for Friday Finds!  It came from the thrift store.

Stacks of aluminum molds.

Yet another colander.

Silverware in a wooden bread basket.

A neat old fruit crate - unfortunately the mice had eaten the paper label.

Oh, yes, I did forget to tell you about the mice.

Only dead ones.

A stack of Riverside Classics

And collars.

Two packages of linen shirt collars for men still in the paper envelope.

I found a Madonna planter.

And a collection of shoes.

The hightop is a souvenir with the label still attached.

The white cowboy boot is a small wall pocket.

The others just decorative.

I love tiny things.

Except for estate sales - I want them in the ginormous size.

So I went three times to the same sale.

I could have gone a fourth time.

See y'all!

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  1. Yes, that is a minnow bucket. Reminds me of going fishing with my grandfather. Cool finds, as usual. I love the adze with the tree limb handle. Oh for the days when you didn't throw anything away and found new uses for things and solutions to problems. That looks like the larger-sized tin of those canape cutters. I usually only find the smaller one. I am so itching for a good sale that I can't stand it!

  2. I'm heading to a sale that looks to be right up your ally this morning. Lots of good junk! Rusty, dirty, distressed....wish me luck!


  3. You got some great things - don't you love it when you stumble on a hidden treasure trove like that?

    The minnow bucket/net is really old - I've never seen one quite like that and I've been fishing all my life. I'd love to find out a year on that.

  4. I had a sale once that they held every weekend for a month. I was able to go every Saturday and Sunday and find something new... there was that much stuff!

  5. Wow, great stuff! I want those aluminum molds, and the fruit crate, and the sacks, and...well, you get it. :) Super sales, lucky you!

    My Mom had a collection of those tiny shoes and boots. So stinking cute!

  6. Score! I'm excited about the metal bread tray. And confused about men's linen collars.

  7. Well, Miss Donna; You really did so well, at this sale!!!
    I have been Hunting for a Minnow Bucket like that one for a long time now!!!! All of the ones which I stumble across are "Wonky Looking" Most of the time, they are kinda smashed, and if you tried to use it for fishing, all of the fish would escape!!! LOL!!!!!!!
    The sacks look so nice....What do you plan to do with them??!
    I am in LOVE with the Green Tole Magazine Rack!!! :-D I wish that I could find one!!!
    I am Always looking for Wire Baskets and Fruit Crates.....The wooden crates are hard to find with the paper still attached!!! I have a tiny one which is in mint state....
    The Shoes are so Beautiful!!! I have never seen the high topped one before, or the two clunky looking ones in front of the wall pocket....This Collection looks old!!! I would keep the set, and add small plants and enjoy them!!!
    Take Care and Stay Warm!!!! :-)

  8. Donna, what a wonderful sale. You picked some great stuff. I would have been in junk heaven. I don't get to go to a lot of estate sales but I've got to up my game.

  9. You are the best shopper on the planet for sure! THat "minnow bucket" is a bird feeder. I have one exactly like it and it was all shiny when I bought it from the bird store, but now it looks all rusty and crusty like yours.

  10. Great finds and I love that you kept going back! The little canape cutters are charming and I always love that crate!

  11. What a great sale. My favourite thing is that red wicker piece. Love the aluminum molds too.

  12. I have a few of those molds I got in MT at antique stores on west side of Helena going out of town. What fun you had snagging awesome treasures at that sale. Nobody around here does sales like that. No antique shows either, ever. So happy for you to have such good luck finding wonderful treasures. Love that red wicker. Will you keep all of your finds or sell some of them?
    Hm, think I'll go ask hubs if we can go to Habitat. It's a drive for us as it's on southeast side of Grand Junction, we live several miles Northwest of Junction. Today is either senior day or veterans day discount. Don't usually go unless it's a discount day. Went to Goodwill yesterday, got a nice haul, was senior discount day there and we were already in town anyway since it was payday. Love going to Habitat. Would love to find an old fashioned ornate mirror someday. There are several thrift stores in Junction but most of them few miles away from us and have gotten to be too high for my budget.. We have one thrift store in town closest to us, about 6 miles east. I buy lots of hard backed books there for my, whatever in heck it is, love cause it's different.
    I love stuff for birds, buy the wire bird cages at Michaels and Hobby Lobby on sales, have quite a collection of those I use all over house for different decorating ideas.
    Enjoy your lucky sale finds. Happy weekend

  13. I love that axe handle. That would live in my house, propped next to the fireplace....except I've got wild little boys, so that's probably NOT the best idea. But I'd definitely hang onto it if it were mine. :-)

  14. Looks like you found so many vintage goodies!
    Mary Alice

  15. WOW Donna ... you really found some neat stuff. So much I would love to have. The minnow bucket for one. The adz, because I like old tools and the handle adds a lot of interest. Will be nice to see how the bread tray turns out. Love the blue morning glories and the green magazine rack. Is it metal? If I lived near you, I would be your best customer.
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. Some great finds! My favorite would be the magazine rack I think. I love the wooden fruit crate too though, and the wire freezer baskets, and , and, and. LOL! As usual, great finds! Have a happy hunting Friday...:)

  17. Fabulous! what a great sale! I came upon one of those by accident down the street. Loved everything there and everything I got has since sold! That's the best part!

  18. Great finds. I love how the red desks goes with the truck!

  19. A few things you got I had tried to sell at garage sale and ended up donating them (like the canape cutters!).

  20. Oh, my my my!!! You made quite a haul, love. And of course, I have a couple of things you got - a wire freezer basket (did not know that is what it was!) and an iron shoe last. What will you do with all the linens, Donna?

  21. Wow, you found all sorts of fun things! Isn't it fun?
    Thanks for visiting my St. Pat's post and letting me know you did so.
    Have a great week,

  22. Looks like you had fun and some successful buying.

  23. Wow Donna, talk about great treasures! I love so many things that I don't know where to start. lol! All of the little shoes are so sweet. I have been chomping at the bits to go to an estate sale. Haven't gotten any notices for a while. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. Wow, what great finds. I was exhausted just checking them all out.

  25. Don't you just love a sale like this? How exciting! Oh yes, check the shed, always check the shed. Love all your goodies especially the California Fruit Exchange box. Thanks Donna for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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