Monday, February 2, 2015

Horror Monster's Outdoor Living Section

rusty finds, vintage fencing, rustic outdoor decorating
Most of you already know my craft/supply stash is known as Horror Monster.

He tends to slither around the house - both inside and outside.

In recent weeks I have been working on downsizing his outdoor living section to a more manageable size.

Here is just one truckload.

A very large wooden box - more about it later.

A huge mailbox.  It was once used by the pool to hold towels.

There was a picket fence hanging on the shed for years.

The pickets were removed, cleaned and bundled.

A chicken cage.

Great for a layer of sheet moss, filled with potting soil, and then planted.

All clean now.

The mailbox is joined by two galvanized planters and a well-worn milkcan.

A roll of rusty, frilly wire.

I never unrolled this - I stuck a pot in the middle.

My neighbor worked for several weeks killing ivy entangled around a much larger roll of wire fencing in her yard.  Just when it was time for me to go and cut it out, someone came by and took it!

Well, it was right on the curb.

In 1990, when we moved here, the guy next door gave me four of his tomato cages made from the vintage wire fencing.

I managed to get all four rolls into the coffin carrier with the rest of the items for the trip to Riverfront Antique Mall.

It was a tight squeeze and one of the cages kept poking me in the back.

Thank goodness I did not have to slam on the brakes.

I would have been skewered!

The pickets were tied into bundles of four.

Perfect for shabby garden signs.

Rolling in Horror Monster's treasures.

I managed to squeeze them in.

I hung the wire cages up on the walls.

So they would not attacked anyone.

The milkcan held the pickets.

You will notice the giant box is missing.

I decided to keep it - read the next post.

Horror Monster has another three or four truckloads of junk, er, treasures for me to clean and take.

What about all the bareness in my yard?

Folks, there is always more junk!

See y'all!

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  1. The mailbox looks really interesting, I would have always wanted to have one myself, although I would definitely not have space for it :).

  2. Miss Donna; You have the Neatest, and Nicest looking things!!!
    How I wish, wish that I could buy half of what you show!!!
    If I did that, though.....My Horror Monster Stash, as well as my other things would be a right mess!!!! (Like it already isn't now :-O)
    I am LOL at you about the Vintage wire Tomato cages.....For heaven sakes be careful lady!!!

  3. Sometimes you just need a fresh look! Lucky for you, you have your booth to unload what you are done with. Can't wait to see what takes the place of the amazing junk you got rid of!


  4. Being skewered by bits of a horror monster would be a bad way to go, lol. I love the patina on the mailbox, so pretty!

  5. This is why junkers should always be up-to-date on their tetanus shots! The life of a junker can be pretty dangerous sometimes. I think those white picket fences with the shabby ribbon are my favorite. They display so nicely. Happy Monday!

  6. Glad you didn't get skewered! Love those little bundles of picket fence tied in their cute pink bows.

  7. Love your junk and this post! I have a horror monster or two myself.....maybe more!
    And, as I tell the hubby......I have plans......I just have to start using them! I must tell you a story......the boss where I retired from new I was somewhat of a junker and sometimes he would bring stuff from home and put it in the dumpster and would tell me that if I was interested in anything to take it. Didn't have to ask me twice!! His wife told him to get rid of all the stuff she couldn't sell at her garage and brought in a load of graniteware, different sizes and colors! Yes, I brought it home! Then he tore out a large picket fence from his back yard, cut it in 3 to 5 foot sections and asked me if I wanted that......loaded it in the back of my Durango and it took a couple loads.........still creating stuff from it! I got quite a few loads of junk from hubby thinks I am crazy! LOL

  8. I love junk too and all that you have will be perfect for projects for someone else if not you!

  9. I'm glad you didn't get skewered. Junkin can be dangerous sometimes.The pickets look so pretty with their pink ties. I swear pink just makes everything better. Love that old mailbox!!

  10. I sure would have fun shopping in your Mall store. Love the picket fence pieces ... cute to use as is. Yes, Donna, there is always junk ... mine just keeps growing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. I think most of us would like to come poke around in Horror Monster and see what kinds of treasures we could uncover! Have fun hauling! :)

  12. Great finds, sure wish I could follow you around! I so love that mailbox but I also love the pickets too!

  13. I want to meet Horror Monster. Oh I need that mailbox! Love it! I would love to see what I can do with the fence posts. That would be fun!

  14. oh my goodness I want to come and play in your yard. As you poste each item I could visualize it in my yard

  15. Oh yes, I would be buying those pickets right about now if I lived in the area. Junk like this is easily turned into treasures! And yes, I am so glad you didn't have to hit the brakes!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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