Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Finds

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Nothing thrills a teacher's heart as old supplies like this Boston sharpener.

It was a good day in the neighborhood when the maintenance guy brought a brand-new blade for it.

Teachers are easily pleased.

I was on the hunt for a selection of different sizes of these old metal frames.

I have now forgotten what I was going to do with them and evidently forgot to pin the idea.

Vintage ice cream churn in a lovely turquoise.

Enough said.

I have several customers who love any kind of hardware displays.

I actually missed this on Chucks and my Un-Valentine's Day thrift shop trip.

Chucks waited until we had loaded the truck and asked why I did not buy the hose clamp display.

Well, duh, husband of 34 years, obviously I did not see it.

He trudged back and bought it.

I probably missed the hose clamp display because I was so excited to find this rack which fits perfectly above my desk in my office space at the booth.

Three wire mesh and metal boxes and a frame with a wide metal edge.

I will probably cut these up into metal scrap for projects.

BTW,  that is a real studio photo of someone's real baby left in the frame.


A small tin for a Christmas gift.

A fish stringer.  Remember all the bobbers I bought a month ago?  Maybe a fishy garland.

I would not want to appear before Superior Court Judge Akers who gave away rulers with his name on them.

I am thinking bruised knuckles.

Just for you, Danni Baird.  (Silo Hill Farm)

A star colander filled with bison vertebrae.

I am amassing a collection of Madonna's and found two this week.

Also on the hunt for busts.

This guy looks familiar.

Anyone have a guess?

Maybe Lafayette?

A small display box with a piece of genuine coral.

This is such a sweet print and I love the chippy white basket which has handles.

Okay, all the odds and ends in this post, and tomorrow I will feature just the rusty, crusty, dusty stuff I found.

It is pee-turkey cold here, and I should not fuss since some of you are buried in snow and ice.

But I am complaining.


See y'all!

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  1. I would like so much such a pencil sharpener, I always look for them at the flea market, but I didn't find one yet. I am a teacher, too :).

  2. Hey Miss Donna;
    Gosh, you do find the Nicest things, in your travels!!!
    I cant wait to see just what you do with the old metal frames, and other metal pieces.
    Your display box is so nice, but the Gem is the Real piece of Coral....You might want to keep that, as it is now becoming Rare!!!! :-)
    That Bust is just going to drive me Nuts!!! I will probably come up with a name for you, latter in the day....
    Poor Dani......Bison Bones....LOL!!!!
    Please tell Chucks, to use the Lovely Ice Cream Churn and make some Snow Cream!!!! ;-)
    Take Care, and Please Stay Warm!!!

  3. Great finds! I need to go junkin' with YOU!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I always scroll through your found items wondering just what you will do with them!!

  5. Your husband is the best if he can see some great finds you missed!

  6. What great finds! I have a couple of colanders like that one and I still use them!

  7. Fun finds as always!
    My favorite is the ice cream churn....ah, the good old days.

  8. Pee-turkey cold?
    Are you amassing Madonna statues to care for the prior collection of Babies Jesus?
    Danni will appreciate the bison body parts.

    1. Cheryl in Wisconsin, where are you located? I'm near Madison, in Sun Prairie. Always looking for a fellow junker to talk junk with, exchange ideas, meet for coffee, etc.

  9. Pee-turkey cold…Ha! That's one I hadn't heard before! It's so cold here with wind chill in the double digits below zero, I even chickened out on an estate sale in a town 25 miles from me today, and that's derned cold! Love all your finds, especially the pencil sharpener, being a retired teacher, of course.

  10. Wow, what a fun haul! I need someone watching my back when I go junking. Good thing you didn't leave that hose clamp display behind.

  11. OMG! I want ALL of it for my new booth! lol! If you can't remember what you were going to do with those frames I can tell you that those sell like hotcakes in my Etsy shop! Rulers too!


  12. Great finds Donna! Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful weekend!

  13. You are such a good picker for fun things for your booth. I think you may be able to make a glass display house with the frames if they are all the same size. I love the old pencil sharpener ... and I am not a retired teacher ... they just gives pencils a good sharp point.
    I appreciate the one we have in the work shop.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Really great finds! I love those wire mesh boxes, and the colander. The pencil sharpener is cool.

  15. Oh my! We had a Boston pencil sharpener mounted to the wall in our home right next to the phone when I was kid! can keep the bones, but I am seriously coveting that piece of coral!

  16. Bison vertebrae! I love it! (er, them) Nice Madonnas too. It's always good when you can drag a couple of them home! Seriously cool finds.

  17. Great finds! I love going junking, just don't get to very often. My mother has an old pencil sharpener like that and still used it.

  18. Girl
    you did find a lot of goodies

    I use to have an old pencil sharpener, I'm going downstairs and Dig through boxes to see if I can find it

  19. all of your finds are just wonderful...I think they would all be at home in my house


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