Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Finds

suitcase, vintage finds, thrift shop, estate sales
It was the week for rusty, crusty, dusty stuff.

A few cobwebs, too!

Last Monday our niece Leia came to spend the day.

I was in the fog of Extra-Strength Tylenol.

No, I did not drive.

Somewhere along the way I left behind a bag with vintage Ideal magazines and other items.  I have no recollection, but I am sure they were fabulous.

I was so excited to find this brown toile tablecloth because of the number of different animals in the pattern.

Horses, goats, cows, dogs, peacocks, deer - just to name a few.

Steampunk chic.

Love the sculptural quality of this old piece of organ.

I will list this on Etsy as soon as I get it clean.

Found another brown suitcase - this one extra large.

Could not resist this $1 jeans jacket covered with hundreds of vintage buttons - front and back.

It weighs about seven pounds.

Fits perfectly.

And STINKS to high heaven.

I will have to soak it for days and dry it out in the sun.

The old coffin carrier is filled with a stack of frosted windows.

Another cleaning project. <sigh>

That's not distressing you see - it is mold!

A heart-shaped basket holding a darling paper mache piggy bank

A silver picture holder.

Another colander - I thought it was graniteware, but it is just dirt.

An unusual mold.  

Sell or keep?

A stack of numbered drawers.


Vintage round wall basket in delicious white and blue paint.

A rusty grater and eggbeater.

A floral frog covered in (?).

Six heart molds.

I am sure the tea tin is pretty under the crud.  

Love its shape and the lift top lid.

Not too often can you find a smoking baby.

See the tiny hole in his mouth?

He may be for string.

A roll of tiny jute fits in the back.


If you find a purple Publix bag packed  with some treasures, let me know.  

I am missing whatever is in it.

See y'all!


NOTE:  I updated my coupon code for my Etsy shop.  I was embarrassed to find out my coupons had expired.  There are new listings for you to browse.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Donna! I miss seeing you at Riverfront..I did go check out your new location last time I was there..the new booth looks so great! Hope to see you next time I come visit!

  2. Once again, you've found some interesting treasures for sure! That smokin baby is pretty creepy. LOL! Hope you find your purple bag!

  3. I'll keep my eye out Donna! You got yourself some great finds this week--love the blue handle on the egg beater, the gorgeous toile, the cake tin (keep for a while!), and the piece of organ, and oh yea, the drawers--they're awesome :)

  4. You had a great treasure day, foggy or not! This was the week for treasures....I scored a lot myself so now I need to stop!

  5. Great finds, as usual! I have a white heart shaped basket like that. I added mesh ribbon and used it as a wreath for Valentine's a couple of years ago. Hope your filled purple bag will show up one day where you least expect to find it!

  6. Great finds, as usual, Donna! The windows can be tricky, because if you scrub too hard, you're gonna scrub off the awesome white chippy-ness. I'm going to start scouring craigslist once the weather is warmer, as it is the time of year where people start replacing old windows in their home. Last year I picked up 2 truck loads that way.

  7. Those boxes with the numbers are amazing! You've got lots of work ahead of you with those windows but I'm sure they will be totally worth it once they are done.

    Feel better!!


    You may have nailed it with that one.
    Fascinating what people of yore used to think was reasonable to have string coming out of, hey?

  9. The suitcase, the drawers and the tin were my favorites. That smoking doll head is creepy. LOL!

  10. So many goodies this week! Love the drawers and the molds. That jean jacket is amazing! I agree with Danni, that smoking baby is a little creepy. I've never seen one before. Hope your bag full of goodies turns up.

  11. oh, no ! I'm SO sorry you lost a bag. Can you go back to where the sale was and see if they found it ? Maybe you stuck it in the garage as you were unpacking and forgot you set it down. I HATE when I can't remember where I put things ! I'm loving the set of little hearts, very cute !! Perfect for V-Day. I went to an estate sale twice yesterday, and there was a line outside both times so I never got in. It looked like a small house and probably not much room for a lot of people. I've never had that happen before and I was quite bummed that I couldn't wait around. Seeing your goodies makes me feel like I got to be there with you ! Thanks for sharing !

  12. Great finds, love the little smoking baby! lol! For the jacket you might try spraying it down with vinegar if all else fails! I did that for my headboard that I painted and it worked like a charm!


  13. I love that smoking baby, what a fabulous whimsical treasure. Love those boxes and all the rusty crusty dusty stuff too.

  14. Oh Donna - I love the smoking baby...don't ask me why but that sort of thing cracks me up. :)

  15. Wow...nice haul...especially for a drugged-up girl. : ) I LOVE the organ piece, and the mold would be a keep at my house. Kudos again, Donna!

  16. Great finds Donna.........too cold and snowy for me to get out
    and do some pickin'!! Hope you find the missing bag!

  17. As usual Donna, you have found some very interesting stuff. My favorites would be the numbered boxes. The jacket with all the buttons is amazing, but likely too heavy to be comfortable. Really neat idea though. Hope you find your lost treasures.
    Audrey Z.

  18. Once again, you found some great stuff! My favorite this week is the tablecloth. It is just beautiful! I love the heart molds as well...great for Valentine's Day! Have a great weekend. Maybe your Publix bag will turn up somewhere! Bummer...:(

  19. I always look for great drawers. These are perfect for sorting mail and art supplies, even my small devotional books. Again, you've found great stuff.

  20. Really excellent finds, Donna! Especially love the toile and heart molds! Have a lovely weekend, Cecilia

  21. You got some great finds! Love those drawers with the numbers. Thanks for sharing your great finds. Have a great day!


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