Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finds

Thrift shops, junking, campaign desk, suitcase, vintage hats
This Friday finds me with an almost healed gum surgery, but a severely pulled tendon in my jaw.

I cannot open my mouth much without pain.

However, I do not need my jaws to open to go junkin'!

First this regal lady in distressed white with a shabby purple skirt - only needed cleaning a bit.

A vintage aluminum colander - I do not have this shape so I will probably keep it around for awhile.

It is sitting on a lovely rosebud sheet.

A small group of those Made In Japan china figurines.

I thought they would make quite a display for my Valentine postcards at the booth. 


Great photo of a man on a horse.

Great plaid quilted flannel lap robe.

Or it could be a very clean horse blanket.

Since both photos came from the same estate sale, I decided this pretty lady had a torrid love affair with the guy on horseback, and he was riding back into her life after ditching his wife.

Do you make up stories for the photographs you find?

There's that rosebud sheet again - it may become a photo background.

A stack of tattered 1890's books on a silverplate pedestal.


This little orphan table had attitude though it had lost its drawer and support rungs.

Painted gold and off to the shop - for just a few dollars he can be yours.

For fifty cents I cannot pass up a plastic bin of plastic fruit - both glittered and beaded - with a tangle of white lights.

Metal slide box with red dividers for the slides.

I've only pulled  a few of the slides to view.

They were Christmas photos.

I will list this on Etsy.

What could this be?

A folding campaign desk in excellent condition.

It has been stripped and refinished, but whoever did it left a small portion underneath so the original finish can be seen.

Always a good idea.

Another brown suitcase - a petite one.

Vintage hats!

I am off to try to catch up on things which do not require me to open my mouth.

See y'all!

NOTE:  I updated my coupon code for my Etsy shop.  I was embarrassed to find out my coupons had expired.  There are new listings for you to browse.  Enjoy!

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  1. You are a true thriftier....going out in pain and suffering! I would do the same because it doesn't help to sit around, right?! Feel better....soon I hope!

  2. I'm so sorry about your jaw! Glad it's not keeping you down. I love the old suitcase and the hats. I have my mother's old hats hanging on the wall in my bedroom. I should probably write a blog post about that sometime!

  3. That campaign table is so neat! I have never seen or heard of anything like that before.

    Hope you get to feeling like yourself!


  4. Hope you feel better soon.... No talking or eating...I would have quite the issues but you are a trooper. Great finds this week. Love that box for slides...

  5. I am so glad when I find beautiful old portraits of women at the flea market. I really like the one you have found (and the love affair story is funny :).

  6. Great finds! I am sorry to hear about your jaw. That sounds very painful! I hope it gets better very soon, I know what it feels like to deal with constant pain and I am glad you were able to go our junkin' anyway. I love all of the furniture and you have me going through my colanders to use for decor. Such a great idea!

  7. Donna what fun finds. You are right you don't have to open your mouth to find great junk!! So sorry about the pain...ouch!

  8. I love your finds this week Donna! I do a similar post with all my finds called Treasure Trove Tuesdays, last week's finds are up on my blog now. I am in love with that little table missing the drawer! If I lived closer I would totally buy it from you! I think it would be adorable with a basket in place of the drawer! I also love the photos and the story you gave them, fun!


  9. I actually HAVE and USE that colander every day! Nice finds.Feel better!

  10. I had to laugh at the horseman / lady story. Yes, my sister & I have lots of fun making up stories with box lots of photos at auctions, and there's always a jilted woman it seems. There's also an old trio set of prints that seemed to be in every Victorian home that included Jenny Lind. We refer to those as the wife, the husband & mistress. Besides the horseman, I love the blanket & campaign desk.

  11. You did good even with no voice for negotiations. Love the furniture you found and those vintage photos. That sounds like a good story and you should stick to it.

  12. Great finds Donna.......and hope your pain goes away soon!

  13. Well Donna ... you don't let anything stop you from going junking. (Me neither) ... Love all your finds. Hope your jaw will get better soon. I keep an vintage aluminum colander sitting in my sink all the time. Love them. I think the folding desk is very nice too.
    Audrey Z.

  14. So sorry to here about your jaw, Donna. I call 2014 the Year of the Dentist because I was in there practically one a week. Things aren't looking good for 2015. So far I've been in more than once a week-unbelievable. Love all your finds, but especially that silver pedestal stand; I can see why you're keeping it! Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Miss Donna;
    For heaven sakes, Lady!!!!! You should more than likely be resting!!! UGH!!!!! Can you use ice on the tendon??? It will burn, but will help so much with the pain, if you can do that!! Also, Please try and drink some Green Tea, Hot. As that might help, I Hope and Pray!!!
    Your chair looks like it is either Oak, or else Bird's Eye Maple!!! I know only as I have a Bedroom Set of Bird's Eye Maple that I have had since I was a very small child. The drawer of the desk likes like it is Bird's Eye Maple, also??
    I have your Colander, and I would be lost without it, as I use it to steam Dumplings, when I make Asian foods, and Veggies at home, as We Both enjoy Asian foods so very much.
    Please tell Chucks that I said that he must give you an extra $25.00, since you are such a Trooper!!!!! ;-)
    Please Get Well, and Take Care!!!

  16. Glad your jaw problem didn't slow you down from finding all those goodies. After being at the hospital today with my dad I told my mom we needed some retail therapy. Nothing like a trunk of junk fron Goodwill to make a girl feel better. Lol!

  17. Great finds! The horse riding gentleman definitely loved that lady, I'm pretty sure he was the one who gave her the pearl necklace! Take care of yourself!

  18. Were you able to keep your mouth shut, dear Donna? ;)
    Great finds.
    I'm looking forward to a day out soon.
    The flu has been here too long.

  19. Great finds Donna! Love the chair and that suitcase. Hope your gums and jaw feel better soon! Blessings, Cecilia

  20. Great story for those photographs. I love those hats! You are certainly a dedicated thrifter, that's for sure.

  21. That folding desk is awesome. Wish I lived closer, because I would definitely make it mine!!

  22. I can't resist buying old colanders. I have the same one you found. I only have four. My favorite one has feet and handles. The design on the bottom is a star and all around the inside are stars. I use them all the time for cooking and holding fruits.

    Sorry to hear of your pain hope it leaves you soon.

  23. Junkin through the pain! You are such a trooper! That folding campaign desk is the bomb!!!!! Did you sell it??

  24. Donna, so sorry to hear about your mouth! Hope you are feeling much better now. Junkin does seem to make us junkers feel a bit better. lol! You found some great stuff. Love the old books and had a good laugh out of your made up love story! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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