Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Finds

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Just a few finds due to the holidays.

Of course I was attracted to this white pottery bowl because of the brown spotting.

From the mark it was produced around 1900.

It is in my "office" at the booth for now, but may come back home.

Two chairs - a bundle deal.

I was lucky enough to be in the thrift shop when two truckloads of modern furniture was coming in and they needed the old stuff to go out.

I obliged!

The good thing about having the office/storage/studio area is I buy stuff, take it to the mall, clean and tag it, and put it on the floor.

The bad thing is the terrible pics.


She had an attitude I could not resist.

She will be altered at a future date.

She will be losing body parts.

A huge bag of bulbs.

A cloudy, indistinct idea forming about what to do with them.

I am sure it will be a light bulb moment.

Now is a great time to find vintage Christmas around here.

A Putz house in a bandanna pattern!?!

A flocked bird!?!

Aha, an Eiffel Tower!

A flocked Santa with an evil face.

Two pewter goblets.

A four-foot ladder in need of a little help.


You would not be able to lose this bright orange tackle box, but I bought it for the bobbers.

The only thing to come into the house was this Baby Jesus who had to be rescued from being tossed.


See y'all!

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  1. Love the brown spotted ironstone bowl - the spottier the better, I'm with you. Poor Baby Jesus - thank you for rescuing Him. I used to call my sister, a retired dollmaker, Jeffrey Dahmer, I guess you get the title DH now. I don't even want to go out right now because I know I'll find all sorts of stuff and I just want to purge right now! Timing is everything.

  2. That bowl is just wonderful ... you will enjoy displaying that one. Looking forward to see what you do will all those light bulbs and the fishing bobbers.
    Happy New Year.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Great finds! I have a Friday finds post up today too...:) Couldn't resist a little treasure hunting over my break. That little doll that will be disassembled has some thick! And that Santa looks creepy! He would give a child nightmares! Can't wait to see what you do with the bulbs! Oh...and that bowl is sweet! Happy Friday!

  4. I love that white bowl too. Now that you've said you might bring it back home, it will sell! Happy New Year!

  5. Great finds! Love the Eiffel Tower, I have a little collection of them in my craft studio.


  6. Gathering up the chairs...being the good little thrifter you are! I think I need to get out of the house and find some thrifty stuff!

  7. You find such interesting things. Love the bowl and of course the baby Jesus!

  8. Hi Donna...

    I am thinking those little light bulbs could be hollowed out and then they are ready for all kinds of fun...Get out the trash can and some needle nose pliers....

    Love the chairs too...



  9. I love your finds and I can't wait to see what you do with the lightbulbs! I am sorry I have missed so many posts. I am happy to be back!

  10. Light bulb are full of 'em! Thanks for rescuing baby Jesus. : ) "This child that you rescued has also rescued you!" Please excuse my "tweak" on Mary Did You Know? lyrics.

  11. I love the ladder... And so nice of you to rescue Baby Jesus ;)

  12. Love the goblets, and the bag of bulbs. I have an Eiffel Tower just like that one. Santa looks like he's been out in the sun way too long. Maybe that's why he looks a little crazed.

  13. Good pickins! I have two cane bottom chairs just like that that are painted dark green (not the caning) and will be painted in the near future to white or black. I love white ironstone, too........spotted, chipped, it all!!

  14. Great finds as always! Will be interested to see what you do with the attitude girl and the light bulbs!

  15. Of course you will be dismantling that sassy girl for body parts! LOL!

  16. Yay for finds! It's time to get back to some serious junkin!

  17. LOL that flocked bird! I am pretty sure I have that Santa around here somewhere.


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