Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage suitcases, Pyrex, Sterling China, American flag, carved angel
A short vacation last week has overloaded Friday Finds this week. 

Two lovely brown suitcases - one monogrammed.

At Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, SC.

Hooked rug - keeping for the top of a blanket chest.

Laura Ashley valances are going to the booth.

These outdated Waverly custom shams will be washed a few more times to get them really faded.

I know someone wants these so I will take them to the booth.

A ruffled Ralph Lauren rosebud pillowcase.

Rachel Ashwell floral duvet cover and striped king sham.

Tiny springs will be kept for a project.  

They are about 3 inches high.

Two ladders have joined my dwindling supply at the booth.

This one has carpet nailed to the steps, but the wood underneath is in good shape.

This tall one is my favorite.

Love the V-shaped support in the back.

It is an old one with all kinds of make-do repairs.

Missing the Spring Blossom under dish for your gravy boat?

I have this one listed in my Etsy shop for $6.

A pretty little Sterling cream pitcher.

Look at the details.

Meakin for $6 in the Etsy shop.

Already sold.

Thanks, Tammy!

A 1940's glass candy container.

I did not realize how many different figurals there are of these.

This one is missing its lantern top.

It will be going to Etsy.

The prize of the week is this pair of vintage Ray-Ban aviator Bausch & Lomb sunglasses in the original leatherette case.

A pair of vintage round glasses. 

Four pairs of vintage Day Vue sunglasses with different magnifying strengths.

One pair still packaged.

Vintage coloring books.

Perry Poppitt has wonderful illustrations.

And at the top of every junking list are music books.

Bicentennial flag - stripes are sewn, but not the blue field of numbers and stars.

Where were you in 1976?

I was on the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina, watching the jets and later the fireworks over the harbor.

Books and books of S&H Green Stamps.  

As children if we went to the store for groceries, we got to keep the stamps to save for a premium.

I cannot believe someone did not redeem these.

This lovely hand-carved acacia wood angel was found back in December at a craft fair.

I have kept her on the mantel because she reminds me of my word for this year - Peace.

I needed a gentle reminder peace does exist in the turmoil of recent events.

See y'all!

NOTE:  I updated my coupon code for my Etsy shop.  I was embarrassed to find out my coupons had expired.  There are new listings for you to browse.  Enjoy!

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  1. Love those suitcases that are flat and great for stacking. The rug and textiles are great too. Great score with the Ray-Bans.

  2. Fun finds! I redeemed Green Stamps for exactly ONE item before they were was a sun tea jar! Looks like once again you made some great finds lady! Oh..and I was a Jr. in H.S. in 1976 and spent the evening in a small farm town watching some great fireworks with a cute guy who had a hot corvette!

  3. What great finds! I love it all - but my favorites are the springs - so many things you could do with them! Definitely check what those vintage Ray-Bans are going for on ebay... usually as much as a new pair! It's crazy!

  4. You can't believe the S & H Green Stamps weren't redeemed, and I can't figure out why they have been saved. Thank goodness they were! I love them and have some plus several other brands. I redeemed some to get my little daughter a riding toy when she was 2. I'm sure I redeemed some for other things, but I don't remember what. July 4, 1976? Hmmm... The only thing I can be sure of was my daughter was 20 months, on the dot. It was the bicentennial, and I have a couple of commemorative patches that I could put in my hands right now!

  5. To be honest, I hated those S & H green stamps. Never could save enough to get whatever. That person probably was in the same boat - of never having enough! They would be great to use now in decoupage for a retro look. And those Ray-Bans are to die for. Will do quite well on Etsy!

  6. Curious to see what will you do with the strings!

  7. July 4, 1976? I wasn't old enough to drive yet but somehow I found a way to get to the fairgrounds to watch fireworks. I remember it specifically because of the pomp and circumstance of 200 years.
    I recently found the case for a pair of RayBans in my stash... but alas no glasses inside. I believe it was the pair that I had run over with my car long ago. Long story. Sad.

  8. Unique and eclectic treasures! I would love to visit your booth someday!

  9. Lots of great goodies, especially the suitcases adders. Love the Waverly shams and the springs too.

  10. Great finds. I love the suticases and those springs!

  11. what a bunch of goodies for sure , love all the shams

  12. Oh, the suuitcases are just gorgeous. I bought a vintage artist suitcase for my cousin for Christmas and they don't come cheap around here!

  13. You sure found a load of great stuff! That hooked rug and the tall ladder are my favorites.

  14. Awesome finds Donna! I am always in awe of the vintage goodies you uncover. I remember when my mom collected the green stamps. I was just a little girl! I am totally bummed that someone else got to that gorgeous creamer before me! I was on my way over when I read it was already sold....:( So pretty! I am being more choosy about the ones I buy, but that one was special! Looks like you are selling a lot in your shop...over 100 items in a year! Congrats!

  15. Donna, just had to say the creamer and round 8 in.silverplated trophy plate were both WONDERFUL and what deal's !! I'm over the moon with both item's :) you had them wrapped so beautifully as you alway's do !! ( thank you for adding the great vintage postcard's) I'm curious to see what your creativeness doe's with the spring's !!! Tammy

  16. Great finds Donna. I love Meakin Ironstone so I'll be checking out the shop. Have a blessed week.

  17. You found some great stuff Donna! I need to check out your etsy shop!

  18. Well, these finds of yours are true gems !


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