Monday, August 18, 2014

Ms. Thrift-A-Ton

Vintage finds, thrift shopping
I warned you about the series of posts about my latest finds.

I have been a regular Ms. Thrift-A-Ton lately.

Like gathering nuts for winter, I have been gathering materials for projects designed to use up the materials found in Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

He is on a strict diet.

This stack of divided crates I bought at Riverfront Antique Mall.  One of the dealers tries to keep a number in stock.  They are new, but cheap, and fly right out of the store.

Great for booth displays.

When I bought my little trunk HERE, I left behind this one.

And immediately regretted it.

It wore a blue tag so I decided to wait for half-price blue week, and I would buy it.

Well, I skipped going that week.

BUT it still sat there because the price was too high.

I tried to talk the manager into reducing it.

Finally, blue week came around again.

I snatched it right up.

Well, that's a lie.

It is rather heavy and they made me pick it up in the back.

It looks sad here, but I polished it and took it over to hold various items in the booth.

And the price is better than it was at the thrift store!

I love how the top lifts.

This was on the cart to the dumpster so I had to rescue it.

Yes, you still have to pay full price!

I bought these two metal tiles to paint, but when I looked closer, I realized someone quite talented had painted them.

Now do I paint right over them?

Or preserve someone's artwork?

I'll get back to you when I decide.

I never pass up vintage small frames.

Two dinner plates and two salads.

Blue Ridge in a pattern I have not seen.

One pink, the others white.

Swirly black design.

I am thinking fifties?

Taped to the Blue Ridge plates was this loner.

Pretty enough to hold a potted plant.

Chucks can vouch that I often can be seen running around the house swearing at the top of my lungs about missing scissors.

We own around thirty pairs.

I lose them constantly.

I may frame these so I can get to them.

But I will probably lose them too.

Pink shelf paper with cherubs. Yum!

Who could resist a pink fifties lamp with a gold deer?

And it has a pull chain.

And the two juice glasses?

Handpainted souvenir glasses from Hollywood, Florida.

More glass top Atlas jars for my lace and Frozen Charlottes.

Another old brush.

I seem to be finding a number of these and some customer buys every one of them.

There must be an avid brush collector out there.

Some are already at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, others are headed that way, and some will be showing up on Etsy.

See y'all!

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  1. Okay...I can think of about a million project to do with those crates! Bring some with you when you come drive the tractor!

  2. You had luck in the thrift department this past week. My thrifting/auctioning was kind of sad this weekend.

  3. I love seeing your treasures you pick, Donna. Those plates, I agree, must be 1950s - they remind me of the kitchen in our house growing up, and all the countertop designs and melamine dishes (we had pink, grey and white). I love brushes too, and we do pretty well selling ours. Mason jars - always a winner, and I esp. like the ones with the metal bales.

  4. Well I'm happy to see that you are having so much good luck at the thrifts! Our thrifts have been so low on good stuff lately. I'm hoping it's because it's the summertime and people prefer to have yard sales rather than donate. But there are some rumors going around in the thrifting world that the vintage goods are being picked from the back rooms and either being sold online or to dealers. Shady business if you ask me.

    Have an awesome week & keep the junk comin'!


  5. I saw a pair of deer lamps just like yours at the Alameda Point Antique Faire. They were actually black with the deer in gold. I tried to talk the dealer down, but he wouldn't budge. You have had some great finds!

  6. I need to hang with you!!! <3 your finds!

  7. I have some Blue Ridge plates in the swirly design but mine are Aqua. Great finds and the pink lamp with the deer is adorable.

  8. Hey! That lone Blue Ridge plate looks awfully familiar. I think I might have the matching saucer (used in a thrifty make up tray recycle project).

  9. Well Ms. Thrift-A-Ton ... you are the best THRIFT shopper I know of ... no junk bought this trip. Love everything you bought. I even love/no like the brush and buy them for our wood working shop. Good luck with your sales. Nice that most you got is ready to put up for sale right away.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Love the lone pretty. What are you planning for the cherub paper. I'm anxious to see! The little pink lamp is so sweet too. That trunk is awesome. I am on the lookout for something similar. Have a lovely evening.

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Your are definitely Ms. Thrift-A-Ton. No question about that. I love those crates and the trunk. One of these days I'll have a trunk table, but I need to find one first. There's just something about old scissors that makes me want some, but I never see any around here. The tiles are pretty the way they are, but I know you'd do something fabulous to them if you decided not to keep them the way they are.

  12. Donna, you found a lot of great things. I love the trunk! Have a good picking week! I am doing like you and gathering as much as I can for the season ahead when there won't be much to find.

  13. You have an eye for finding thoqe amazing items. I can't believe you find so many every time!

  14. Love the trunk, I have one but I'm not sure what to do with it, it currently stores my handbag collection.

  15. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Love the trunk and the crates, well I love everything. I've been junkin too but have not had time to post anything! I love to go picking, Mr. C calls me a hoarder and I think I am, especially in this small home we can't move around without bumping into things. Have a great day.

  16. Thanks for linking up to TTF. When I re-read the first part of your post where you compared your thrifting to gathering nuts for winter... I just realized I really need to start buying more now for those winter months when the auctions and thrifting is slow. Ugh, can't believe September is almost here.

  17. Always love seeing what you find Donna. Fun and unique stuff! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Love love love the trunk, the atlas jars, and those new crates are pretty darn cool. I think your metal tiles are lovely, and as much as I love the metal, I might try painting it to coordinate with the nicely-done paintings before painting over them. If you don't like, you can paint over them then. Thanks for sharing your goodies at RLTLT!


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