Sunday, August 17, 2014

Final Fleaing Before College

thrifting, vintage finds
My brother and SIL gave us their daughter Olivia the week before she left for college.

He was not gone 30 minutes before Olivia and I were deep into a Goodwill searching for treasures.

We were determined to make the final fleaing before college count.

Tying up all the loose threads so to speak.

Here are a few of our finds during the week.  We also managed eating, shopping, crafting, swimming, and working out at the gym.

And a quite silly photo session.

Plenty of old movies.

Lots of tea - iced for me, hot for Olivia.

Quilt guilt.

I bought every last one of these quilts because they were priced right and Olivia wanted one to take to her dorm.

Two ladies came by as we were making our stack and asked if I planned to buy them all.

Of course.

I had a slight twinge of quilt guilt, but promptly shook it off.

A stack of flash cards.

One of my favorite books.

A 45 with a PROM label.

Red-painted sieve.

Three graniteware pans - one with a make-do.

A vintage photo frame.

A huge Villeroy & Boch Dresden (1852 J.) pitcher.

A foot high.

Ivory with gold.

Know anything about it?

Let me know.

I guess the model number is 1852 and the J. is the designer?  Those are handwritten next to the V&B stamp.

This black table is getting a makeover as you read this post.

I hope!

A lovely blue government box.

A black wire magazine stand.

An old blackboard with a tray.

Oak-framed mirror with delicious age spots.

Wood stepladder.


I have been looking for a dress form on a wrought iron base with casters for years.  I could never find one to fit my pocketbook.

BUT THIS!!!!!!!!!

She had just rolled into the shop with her sister.

I saw her from afar and fell quite in love.

Olivia and I rolled and carried her down the street and into the car before someone else saw her.

We had a wonderful time together.

It is hard to believe the baby of the family is headed to college.

It seems like yesterday she was headed to kindergarten.

This will be treasure week on my blog.

I have lots to show and tell.

I also have a GREAT swap in mind for the Swap & Tell party on Wednesday.


See y'all!

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  1. Oh what fun!! I'm just going to tell you that my good friend Ciree made the most fabulous Halloween witch on a dress form just like that.

  2. Great stuff but that dress form is fab!!

  3. Everthing is great but that dress form is the best - how lucky for you!!!
    Love the silly pics ( and love your hair Donna )
    Happy Sunday

  4. I know where you live, Donna. Fair warning. First, headless baby doll and now the dress form? It's simply too much to endure.
    Olivia looks like you, Auntie! Sounds like you two had a blast. :)

  5. The two of you are so cute! I agree, Olivia looks and takes after you! I know you were a teacher in your former life so will she major in education like her aunt? All of my father's sisters were school teachers and my three sisters became teachers too. I was the odd one and majored in business administration trying to break the cycle. Great haul, as usual! What's a make-do?

  6. That dress form is fabulous!!! I know you were in heaven when you spotted her. All of your other finds are great as the old flashcards! I said it on fb but once again, the pix are great and I love your hair. :) I'm glad you got to have a fun time with Olivia before she starts college. Have a beautiful day!

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. What a fun time you had! Great finds, too. Love the dress form....I know the feeling when you find one that is affordable........pure happiness!! Found mine in a bargain basement of one of my favorite junk stores. Have fun creating!

  8. Oh, Donna you are so blessed to have such a lovely young niece to share so many good times with! I can't wait to see what you do with some of your wonderful finds! I had a good chuckle about your temporary guilt over the quilts. Have a fantastic Sunday! Cindy from

  9. Hi Donna, It's wonderful that you had so much fun with your niece. I especially love the quilts, the dressform and the flash cards. The pitcher was part of a wash set. You can see a similar one here:
    Have a great Sunday!

  10. What a fun day you had and also found so many treasures. Love the photos of you and your niece! Nice to see folks having fun!!

  11. You are so lucky to have someone who enjoys the hunt as much as you do! That's how Maddie and I are. But fortunately I still have a while before she heads off to college :-)

    Love that dress form! I found one at a garage sale a while back. I didn't even know I needed one until I saw her. Her legs are aqua. Enough said :-)


  12. Wow! What a haul! Looks like the two of you had a fabulous time together. Your niece really seems to take after you... looks, quilts, and all :)

  13. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that dress form. It's fabulous!! It looks like you and Olivia had a great time. You always find such fun things. I love the colour of that blue box,

  14. Be still my heart on those quilts, but I swear I'd organ for that dress form. I do a ot of sewing and have been looking for one for the longest time. Never within reach of my pocket book. You always score do and you tease me big time!

  15. WONDERFUL finds. Especially that dress form. I haven't been able to get my hands on a decent priced one, either.

  16. I bought a table at a thrift store just like the one you found. I painted it and use it as my nightstand. You found some great stuff!

  17. Wow! Some lucky and fabulous finds!!!! The quilt stack - amazing!!! Jane

  18. All I could find was that "Villeroy and Boch" marks had "Dresden" written between 1856 and 1945. I hope it helps!

  19. I am so envious of your dress form!! I too have been looking and looking for one with wire or cast iron....not to be found yet! Lots of lovely finds you two came up with. Going thrifting with my 9 year old granddaughter on Friday. I hope to turn her into an adult thrifter!

  20. You hit the Mother Load!! Especially with that bird cage dress form~~~Blessings! Roxie

  21. Donna, I am in awe over those amazing quilts. They are simply gorgeous! I love the blue government box, and that dress form is fab! I have one, but would love one like that. Mine is not nearly as unique. Glad you two had so much fun together! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Thanks for linking up to TTF! After looking over your post again - I noticed you got not one, but THREE boxes of flash cards. You LUCKY duck, you.

  23. Hi Donna, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  24. I see the family resemblance! What a good auntie you are, Donna. I LOVE that pitcher, but know absolutely nothing about it. Congrats on your dress form, dear. You deserve it! All things come to she who frequents Goodwill. So glad you came to Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Linky! Have a great Thursday. :)

  25. Oh, my goodness! I love all of those quilts.


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