Friday, August 8, 2014

Coveting a Cupboard

Primitive cupboard
Is it a sin to covet your neighbor's cupboard?

No, not if it is for sale!

But cupboard coveting has gotten me nowhere.

I have measured and measured, and this big, beautiful baby will not fit in my house.


Every time I am at Riverfront Antique Mall I visit it.  I am sure it will not be there long.

So large.

So lovely.

Satiny smooth patina.

From years of use.

The inside was painted at some time in its history.

Naturally cracked and aged.

Excuse Linda's foot.

She had to help hold the massive flour bin open.

It also has a pull-out bread board.

A secret compartment with a hidden door in the side.

I know someone who called this the 'shine hole.

Just the right space for Mason jars of moonshine.

 Don't ask how I know!

It is so large I could fit most of my pantry items in it.

Linda styled it perfectly - she always does.

A great price.

The history of this piece has been recorded.

If you are from Michigan, you might have seen it before it moved years ago to South Carolina.

I know this is a terribly photo, but I had to point out the circle of junk moves in mysterious ways.

See the maple leaf enamelware topped table in front of the coveted cupboard?

It was our kitchen table years ago. 

We switched for another table and I sold this one.  

A couple of years ago another dealer bought this table.

Then she sold it to Linda.

Linda had it for sale.

I had almost decided to buy it and put it back in the kitchen, but someone bought it. 

Oh, well, I trust in the circle of junk.

It will come back to me some day!

See y'all!

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  1. Love that cabinet and would want to take it home too!

  2. Such a fun post and what a cool history behind the big cupboard! I love the secret compartment...I need a secret compartment....I need a secret compartment! Neat story about the table too...:) Hope you have a fantabulous Friday....:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. I love the history of the cabinet.
    And the sisterhood of the traveling table, too. ;)

  4. That cupboard is just amazing. Love that it has a secret door. That's so funny about the table. Sorry you missed it this time around. Better luck next time. :)

  5. What a great story on the circle of junk. Too bad the cabinet has that provenance. I'm the kind that's more a purist, but maybe the top half could be cut or shaved at its sides (where the stepback meets the countertop), and then rejoined so it would fit in your house?

  6. Dagnabit, it would be much closer to me if it was still in Michigan - I currently have nary a shine hole and would truly enjoy this one. Love the story about your table. I have had similar experiences in the world of garage sales, fascinating how things are more attractive when you don't own them, even stuff you USED to own.

  7. Love the inside, but my small space could not hold it either. Sometimes I just like to wander around and dream. Most of my shopping makes up my "wish list."

  8. Love that cupboard ... too bad it is too big for your house.

    Funny story about the traveling table.
    Have a great day.
    Audrye Z.

  9. I would love your neighbors cabinet too. It's exactly what I 've been looking for for my bathoom. That's the only bad thing about small house, can't fit everything you want!

  10. Too big??? I'm surprised you haven't already come up with a plan to widen the doorways make it fit. So funny that you almost bought your own table back~

  11. The cabinet is fabulous, Donna! I'd love an old piece like this, but it is bigger than my whole house!!! LOL I know it will find a good home, it's lovely.

  12. I liked the circle of junk reference, Donna. I love cupboards, too, and that one is pretty amazing. ~ Nancy

  13. Oh my, that's a fantastic cupboard. Love that the history is documented. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  14. Oh Lord! There's a circle of junk???? I cannot have all of my stuff from my garage sale coming back to me!! Can't believe you got rid of that table and her cupboard is gorgeous!

  15. Circle of Junk!!! Love it! And I'm a believer, too. That hutch is wonderful...I'd be drooling on it, too. Thanks for joining the Thrifty Life Thursday link party at Revisionary Life!


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