Friday, August 22, 2014

The Variety Show

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At the moment I must confess I have a crammed living room and two full-up trucks. 

It looks like we have gathered props for a variety show.


Friday is projects day.  I have my furniture and smalls lined up, my brushes cleaned, and my paint mixed.

I plan to start loading into the booths late this afternoon and continue through Sunday.

So customers of Riverfront Antique Mall, if you see something you like, run on over.

The first pic is a teaser.  A primitive wooden wonder and not one, two, tall green shutters with a tree design.

The wooden wonder is on the project list.

This week has been filled with posts of finds.

Next week I am promising completed projects posts.

In fact the first furniture project will be featured as a guest post Monday for Tuula at  The Thrifty Rebel.

This group of finds is a true variety show. 

A mish-mash of odds.

Primitive, French-y, and weird.

If you have ever seen Olive's French plaque on her mantel (see it here), this piece could be its companion.

She will be getting a fresh coat of old paint.

The angel, not Olive!

A black wood briefcase with steel handle - so industrial chic.

A magazine table hidden because of its horrid Santa Fe figures.

Three little shutters

A chenille footstool.

Barely seen in the bright sun - a heavy black frame.

An old sap bucket decoupaged with pet photos.

A ricer or berry strainer (no one could agree at the thrift store) with its pestle (or is it the mortar? - I never get those two straight).

A tall ladder to go with the previously posted small ladder.

Finally I got to shop a quarter sale like Audrey At Timeless Treasures is always talking about.

All clear glass items were a quarter.

I bought nine of various patterns and sizes.

I am proud to say they are currently half-transformed.

A sweet trio of a Japanese vase, a stoneware jar, and a cobalt pitcher.

A small jar for craft supplies.

What was being sold as a glass bowl is actually a Hoosier glass pendant light shade from the forties.

I am not that smart - it was written on the bottom!

A gallon-sized flask.

I am guessing it was used as a flower vase.

But think of the drinks you could mix in there.

Or potions.

An adorable hand-tinted child's portrait in a vintage frame.

Had to show his/her amazing smile.

I needed a mirror in my booth.

Saw this one and grabbed it.

As I drove home, I noticed it was actually quite old and better looking the more I looked at it.

I cannot paint it.

The wood is in great shape.

The small print - soldier on horseback.

The other day Suzan at Simply Vintageous revealed she wore her little black dress while painting her planks for her new/old kitchen table/island.

Well, when I am cleaning and painting and tagging I wear ...

See y'all!

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  1. Donna you are quite the character, tagging in the nude and the glass flask, the local meth lab will pay top dollar for that ;) good luck with your booth, I want the vases and the briefcase.

  2. Donna, too funny, girl! That is a cool mirror, and I would put the flask with the industrial metal & wood briefcase - very Mad Men-esque! I sold one of those stand up aluminum foleys/sieves with wooden masher (that's what I called it). I think it can be labeled for berries, rice or tomatoes from what I found. Nothing like a Monday deadline to be sure and get the wooden project completed, huh? Love all your stuff, Donna!

  3. You go girl.....what a haul. Love it all.
    Keep on havin' fun!

  4. Naked tagging...why not??!!! You are hilarious! Sounds like you have a busy day! Don't forget to get dressed before you go to your mall!

  5. I seriously wish we lived closer - because you have THE BEST junk hauls!! Can't wait to see what you do with everything. I always look forward to that. Be a doll and show sneak peeks on facebook this weekend! And, as always, you made me laugh with that last pic! :)

  6. I love project weekends! I have accumulated enough junk to keep me busy every weekend for the next two years. I love it!

    Have fun :-)


  7. My mother has had a conical strainer like that since I was a pup - she uses it to make tomato juice.

  8. Oh, Donna. You are something else! Does Chuck know about this habit of yours? And may I ask...why aren't those toenails your perfect shade of pink??? You have been traipsing about without your signature color on those toes? I think that's scandalous.
    Good finds for the week and like Danni said- don't forget to get dressed before heading to the mall.

  9. You are a wonderful piece of work Donna. You crack me up! I love that strainer thingy, and that mirror is very interesting. Happy tagging!

  10. You have been one busy lady! You found some great things as usual. The mirror is very pretty, but I think I would have to paint it. And oh my....are you cleaning and tagging in your birthday suit or some Daisy! Have fun....Vicky

  11. You are so funny Donna. Love how you get comfortable for cleaning, painting and tagging. One way to not get paint on your clothes. You should have fun tagging all those goodies. Anxious to see what you do with all those 'quarter vases' as my quarter sale has tons of them. Thanks for the link-back. Wish you could go with me sometime.
    Oh ... I thought of you today when this artist was selling a really freaky head she had made. I said Donna would buy that. Yes, you would have!
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. I look forward to your posts to make me smile! I love all the things you found. I sure wish you were closer as I would buy so much stuff in your booth. Hope you have a great weekend and get lots done! Hugs, Dianne

  13. Lordy! In your birthday suit?!! You have a delicious sense of humor Donna and as you can clearly see, we all love it. What would the world be like without Distressed Donna? I'm coveting the flask today. I've never seen one like it--

  14. And I thought I was the only one who did that! What a plethora of wonderful things. My faves are the green shutters, which really strike my fancy for some reason I cannot explain and that awesome mirror!

  15. Happy fixing up! It looks like you have your work cut, I hope you post after pics of the vases!


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