Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Kitchen Cabinet

vintage furniture, Riverfront Antique Mall, kitchen cabinet
Remember the kitchen cabinet I bought on the online estate sale auction?
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Estate Sales here. 

Well, I am finally getting around to telling you what happened to it.

First, I never even took it off the truck.

The weather stayed nice enough to work on it in the bed.  

Though truthfully it was a bit much to ride around town with it back there.

When I picked it up, I thought it was the bottom of a Hoosier cabinet, but it was a complete cabinet all by itself.

Got a filthy, stained enamelware table top around?

You need Bar Keeper's Friend!

See the before and after?


There were layers of dirt on the wooden parts, but I could see some of the original gray and some creamy white underneath.

So I scrubbed and scrubbed with a scrubby sponge until the dirt was gone. 

A lovely chippy layer was revealed.

Oh, happy days!

The frame around the door panel had slipped out of place and was easily pushed back.

The sliding bread board was cleaned and replaced.

The bottom drawer is a tin bread box with a sliding lid - cleaned and slid right back where it belonged.

The top drawer was missing in action, but a shelf would be great in this space.

Sold or made by the Holtzinger Furniture Company of Tampa, Florida.

It had an old price sticker from a New York antique shop.

It is a well-traveled piece.

Once the kitchen cabinet was cleaned and ready to go, I decided to sell my vintage bread rack, too.

Both were hauled off to Riverfront Antique Mall.

I also decided to sell two of my birdcages.

The cabinet is out on the sidewalk with some lovely doors from another dealer.

The bread rack fit in nicely with rusty iron stuff.

Later I went back and added some old suitcases on its shelves.

All are now for sale or maybe they have sold.

I have been quite busy scurrying around the house purging all the junk I no longer want.

There are  closets with little in them.

There are spaces under the beds.

There are large areas of FLOOR!

There are many blog posts waiting to be written.

See y'all!

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  1. Still purging? Good for you! That kitchen cabinet has been quite the traveling lady! She should sell quickly...she's perfectly aged and chippy! We are knee deep in construction around here but are almost finished with our plank wall and I LOVE it! I am staining it today. We start putting the bead board up today too. Can't wait to share some pictures! Have a blessed Sunday my friend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Oh my stars! I would be so happy if I found a vintage bread rack! I found a small kitchen cabinet last year with a enamel metal top that I painted with chalk paint. It is missing the metal rack that slides into the unit to cool cakes, pies, etc. I carry the measurements with me just in case I come across a loose metal rack somewhere!

  3. Jealous of your purge! We've started an in-store purge, offering our customers 30% off our booth items. Looking forward to the purge myself.

  4. It feels good to purge, at least that's what they say. I purged a lot before I moved and now I'm starting to replace those items with more stuff. Is that what's on your agenda, Donna? Happy purging!

  5. Can I come help you purge? Love the hoosier. I wouldn't know what to do with the missing drawer. I'm so not a wood worker. I'm sure it will sell. Those are hard to find these days and the history behind it is great! Awesome find.

  6. I love the patina on that cabinet! Sometimes a good cleaning is just the way to go. Beautiful!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  7. I'm just sorry that I'm not close by!
    Good for you to let it go....let it go... ;)

  8. That cabinet is amazing with its uncovered chippiness. Purging can be so therapeutic. I love that bread rack!

  9. Gosh, I'm so jealous! My son had a party on July 4th and I was busy all day trying to "hide" my junk! Now I have to dig it all back out again and get it moving somewhere! Happy Sunday, Donna!

  10. Good for you! Sounds like you're unloading a lot of stuff. Keep it up :)

  11. Oh, you will not have a problem selling that chippy cabinet, Donna!
    It is probably already gone..
    I am going to try to start getting rid of my stuff, but it sure isn't easy!

  12. Thanks for the tip about Bar Keepers Friend. I have a similar cupboard like yours just waiting for a cleaning. Found it at a garage sale..........fairly decent shape too!
    That rusty bread rack is a real gem too. Have fun!

  13. I love that little cabinet and I also love that you don't even take that stuff off of the truck sometimes! Bar Keepers Friend is some awesome stuff!

  14. The cabinet is aboslutely lovely in all its chippiness...

  15. Ooh, I love it. All it needed was a little TLC and I know it will find a happy new home. Love the idea of putting suitcases on the bread rack.

  16. Sounds to me like you have room for more now that you have been purging!



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