Monday, July 21, 2014

Making A Vintage Bed

vintage linens
Of course if I buy vintage, collect vintage, and sell vintage, I must sleep vintage!

First I start with my vintage bed - part of a three-piece bedroom suite which was my grandparents' first set.

I have debated about painting the pieces and have gone as far as stripping the dark finish off the dresser - way back in 1980.

But that is another topic for another day.

Any time I go to an estate sale, I check to see if there might be cotton Percale sheets in good condition.  I love the crispness of them.

Here are two looks for summer.

First is the blue look.  I use a striped flat sheet for the base because I have a high loft mattress and vintage fitted sheets do not fit.

I am not a matchy-match girl.  I love pattern upon pattern.  You will not find designer anything here.

So next I add a floral top sheet.

Make sure you tuck in those tight hospital corners.

A vintage white chenille spread.

I was lucky to find three new in the bag vintage spreads years ago.

A blue and white cotton flannel blanket.

I used to have a stack of these, but they were so plentiful, I sold off my collection except for this one.

I do regret that decision.

For the very top, this quilt - you will remember from my previous post on my quilt collection.


Yes, I live in the hot, humid South, but I am lucky to have married a man who loves stacks of covers like me.  

We keep the AC low.

And if you visit in the winter, be forewarned - we keep the house at 58 to 60 degrees so we can add extra quilts.

Vintage pillowcases - hand-embroidered.

The only thing not vintage are the quilted blue and white shams, but they were thrifted.

Six pillows.

Yes, SIX!

I like the look of a turned-down bed as long as it is neat.

The quilted pillow was made by my granny when I was in college.

On alternate weeks the bed is made with a pink look.

First a solid pale pink flat sheet.

Yes, I notice the sheers across the windows are all wonky-jawed.

Azalee and Scout were chasing each other under the bed while I was taking photos.

A pink floral stripe for the top sheet.

Rose bud pillow cases that match the sheets.

Machine-embroidered cases.

I am not a snob, but I do prefer hand-embroidered cases.

I love the ombre effect of this quilt.

The flower basket quilt block pillow another by my granny.

When I took a break to go to the grocery store, I ran into the thrift shop and I found these floral shams.

I love them with this pink look so they were added.

I know this is not the high-end, designer look or French linens, but it is what we like - comfort and snugginess.

Snugginess: noun - the sense of being surrounded by a cloud of softness.


Sleep tight.

And God forbid the bedbugs bite!

See y'all!

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  1. Very cozy! They sure don't make sheets and pillowcases like the ones you have anymore. You must be on the lookout for them all the time. Did you ever consider having a bed and breakfast place? This is how a lot of people like to sleep!

  2. I'm just starting to get in to vintage sheets and such... but I do love the feel of my 800 thread count sheets I currently sleep on!

  3. ummm we are supposed to make our beds....Wink..Lovely.both versions are eccelctic yet shabby chic...I love those vintage sheets as well..they wash well and do not get rolly pollys on them..hate that...Love the post thanks for all the work that went in to it...

  4. That's a beautiful bed. I must have comfort and snugginess, too. I've had to change my bedding choices since Bruce arrived- no more hand embroidered linens on the bed!
    Your beds look cozy and inviting and I'm with you- you should not have sold all those blankets! Now I can't have one.

  5. Snugginess and wonky-jawed. My vocabulary additions for today.
    I make my bed once a week whether it needs it or not.
    I keep my thermostat at 64° all winter. Ya get used to it.
    My maternal grandmother used to embroider pillow cases and give them to us for Christmas. I still have every one she ever gave me.

  6. I love that you alternate the linens on your bed. That's a great idea! I think I will have to borrow it. I hope to eventually have time to make my vintage sheet quilt and place it on my bed. I have been steadily collecting and have enough to do it...just no time! Anywho, the remodel is getting close to completion....all walls are up and painted and the floor is done. Next up is the built ins, new doors, and trimming everything. I am so ready to finish and decorate! Have a blessed day...Vicky

  7. Love how you make your bed ... and we like snugginess too. I love a pretty made bed, but ours does not get made very often because it is used for daily short naps and I hate removing the crochet spread every time. Your quilts are beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs ... Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Cute. Reminds me of cozy bed and breakfasts I've stayed at :) My mom makes her bed the same way.

  9. I love the look of both beds. There's nothing like vintage linens. I've always thought that things don't have to match they just have to go... and all the pieces you put together for each bed go together just beautifully. In the summer we sleep with practically no covers, but in the winter we layer them on. There's nothing like the comfort of layers, and if the layers are vintage all the better.

  10. I love both of them - ( those blue pillow cases with the embroidery are just gorgeous )
    But the bed itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God that's one gorgeous bed Donna !

  11. I love quilts and need to lower my temps so I can use them year round. I too live in the hot humid south!

  12. i <3 your pillowcases. My gran used to make these:)

  13. If you seen what my bed looked like at the moment you would be ashamed of me, but I've been off creating! Don't take this wrong but you bed looks like a full, do you and hubs sleep in a full? We have a queen and can never find old fitted sheets to fit either, so I like the idea of using flats on the bottom. I love the patterns, quilt and cases. I'm a girl who loves it cold, hubs on the other hand loves it hot, when I wake up he actually under the top mattress pad with blankets all over him telling me he's freezing and I'm freakin hot. So no quilts on our bed in the summer.

  14. Those quilts are stunning! My favorite weekly chore is changing my bedding. I only use vintage! I post lots of photos on Instagram but maybe I should do a blog post too!


  15. I love all your vintage quilts and the way you put them together. The history behind them is so interesting. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


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